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On the NGADM and Game Jam 10

Posted by Troisnyx - July 8th, 2014

Question 1: Are you taking part in this year's Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch?

Yes, I believe I am, and I auditioned for it. We'll see what happens. I'm just in it to see how I can overcome after having suffered so big a loss.


Question 2: Are you taking part in Game Jam 10?

That, I don't know. It depends on what I've got going on this weekend. While I have been known to participate in the midst of moving house just two years ago, I may not be able to do the same this time. I've got a weekend planned with friends, and whether I take part depends on what materialises.


Question 3: Why the dearth of works?

I don't know if I'm subconsciously saving them for the Audio Deathmatch. Perhaps I am. I am still writing, though -- and if you'd like anything to read coming from me, kindly visit the Writing Forums.


Responses to what you've posted here:

(1) I've seen you recover from bigger Problems: being pressed into National Service, relocating to a foreign Country, studying a Subject which did not allow you to play to your Strengths, and so on. Though your Nights have been dark, you've always pulled through them, and I trust that you will now. You may not see whence your Remedy will come, but I am certain it will be a lovely Surprise when it does.

(2) You don't need to do everything at once, especially while recovering. Though I trust you can handle one, I think you ought to give that your all, so that you can produce a new something of which you can be truly proud.

(3) Don't worry about your Lack of Postings while recovering — I'm sure all understand that you can't produce Works from nowhere.


Other Things:

I hope your private Circumstances are growing steadily better: though not everything has been perfectly sunny for you, I imagine that there are many good Things ahead of you. If you've ever Time and Inclinaton, I should like to speak to you soon.

I'm healing steadily. I'll be okay, God willing.
I've connected to Skype on the tablet, and while my responses are intermittent, I'll certainly try and reply and things.

The loss of all your files must be really devastating. But I believe in you!

You know, Yasonuri Mitsuda actually lost 40 songs from a hard drive crash while working on the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, but he persevered - it may have even inspired him - and he made something amazing. Maybe you can do the same. :)

I hope that this is the case. Regardless, since the results are out today, I hope and pray that whatever the outcome may be, I may take it well.