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NGADM audition results, and other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - August 4th, 2014

To begin, I received news today that I have been selected to participate in the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, along with 63 others. My group, in particular, has me going against @Jimmypig, @ChronoNomad and @Guylee.

The highest scorer from this group gets to top 16, and this is going to be possibly my toughest contest yet. At any rate, I'll take this news as stoically as I can, and chip away at the song over the next two weeks. I have Kingdom HeartsLocoRoco, a bit of Star Trek and various other things on Spotify playing in the background at different points of the day -- hopefully I may draw some inspiration.

Congrats to everyone who made it, and to everyone who decided to take a shot in the dark and audition -- it's a very brave thing to do.




I recently hit 300 fans -- I think it was yesterday -- and it's lovely to have reached another small milestone. ^_^

It may not be much, but I'd like to put in a quick thank-you to everyone who has stood by me thus far. Thanks for the support, for the mixing advice, everything.



Before I call it a day and decide on a piece of music to work on, I have a little something I'd like to share with all of you. You will likely not see this elsewhere.

Let's just say, despite being of Indian descent, I never wore a sari in my entire life... until not too long ago. Seán and I were invited to a wedding -- and in preparation for it, I was lost on what dress to wear (like any woman). So Seán suggested a sari, because he thought I'd look good in one -- and we spent goodness knows how long browsing catalogues, looking for the right one.

After three sessions with an Indian friend of Seán's, I was finally able to dress myself up in one. While I admit I do like how it looks, I will flat out say it's a pain to wear and walk in.


(*shakes fist at images not aligning to the centre*)


Alright. That's it. Tonight is celebration night; I shall not procrastinate for the next thirteen days. I'm looking forward to sharing my Round 1 song with you when it is complete!


Congratz! I do hope you get far (and win)
I didn't make it. But I'll try again next year.
At least now I have time to work on that collab and the other things on the list

Whatever you do, do not lose time crying. All the best, and if you need feedback or anything, please, let me know.

And... thanks; I appreciate it.

I would love some feedback and reviews and all that! Please? Ah, don't worry about me crying. I'm a multitasker

I trust you are. Also, was the please real, or sarcastic? Just need to make sure....

Good luck to you! I'm already panicked haha.

TBH, as am I. I feel as though I've got to trust my gut instinct and go right ahead with this piece idea I've got...

All the best to you too!

I have obviously been remiss by not introducing myself sooner, but it is a error that I can rectify here and now...

Hello! You look fantastic in your sari. The color scheme and patterns suit you very well. Huge congrats on hitting 300 fans, too! I'm only a little past the halfway point of that, myself. Just want to wish you the absolute best of luck, may your inspiration flow freely, and - maybe most importantly of all - let's all just have fun!

All the best to you too. Let's have fun!

I'd heard your name around NG in my earlier years here, but now here we are. ^_^ Thanks for what you said there though, I'm glad.

Wow that's a lot of good news! Congrats on making it in NGADM, 300+ fans and finding a sweet sari. Can't wait to hear what song you'll bring to us next!

I hope it'll be touching. ^_^ Thanks!

It was a very real Please :3

Alright. I'll be glad to help.

Thank you so much

You're welcome.

:3 hehe