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NGADM: It is finished (for me)

Posted by Troisnyx - September 20th, 2014

And for a number of others too. For my part, I lost to SoundChris.

I have not taken the result particularly placidly, but I'm going to try to now. @SoundChris, I still ought to congratulate you for coming up with the winning piece in such a short time. Keep up the good work.

On a related side note, I have noticed that many reviews towards A Night in the Attic have come rather late, many of them after the results of Round 2 of the Audio Deathmatch have been announced. And I will openly admit to having been so bewildered, as to think, where were you lot when I needed your support the most, when I felt I was being abandoned? or even, three weeks of hard work have amounted to absolutely nothing! -- but these are not good thoughts to have.

I have received, particularly in recent days, an outpouring of support for A Night in the Attic, and it's good to have it at this time. Thank you, regardless of whether your comments came "early" or "late" -- thank you so much. (Inverted commas because what else defines early or late? It's superficial to most of us.)

Apologies also to those whom I have inconvenienced during this time, and thanks for your encouragement. A few people do come to mind; I'm not naming anyone.


* * *


Just a few days before the Round 2 results I have received word that someone close to me has been afflicted with cancer. So these past few weeks haven't been great whatsoever, with my days largely revolving around the hospital.

My reviewing for the NG Audio Underdogs Contest (NGAUC) has therefore been massively delayed, and for this, I am very sorry. I have done three reviews out of seven thus far -- because @MetalRenard is a judge in the NGADM, I felt it improper to judge his submission when he would be judging mine. So someone else has taken my place for that one piece. I'm chipping away at the finalists' songs, one song at a time, and listening to each one on loop -- my thoughts on them have not changed much from when I scored them some weeks back, and now that I'm seated by the computer, I can take this time to put more detail into my thoughts.

Once I have finished reviewing, you may probably be seeing less of me...... we'll see what happens.

Ta for now,

T. x


Sorry to hear that. :C
I for one will always be a fan of yours and supporting you! <3
Keep your chin up and keep making the wonderful music of yours!

~Phyrnna ^_^

Cheers, love. <3 A break is what I need -- I had been tempted to take a permanent break, but that'll ultimately never take away the little urges in me to make music. I think in light of what's been happening, the break is necessary. x

I somehow did not catch this when it first appeared, but do take any breaks you need: rest is a very important part of training — it wears you down so what was before can be brought back stronger, but regrowth happens during rest. And it's when you're not trying to create that inspiration can best be found, but I imagine you know that already.

I'm not sure whether I find you or Soundchris produced a better piece of music, but I think your recentest composition quite good.

I hope you start to feel better soon. Time to recover is very frequently necessary after calamitous events (Marianne Dashwood provides an excellent literary example — following her illness, she embarks on a course of self-improvement while she recovers and recuperates), and I think you've had your share of them recently.

Here's hoping something good is on the horizon, even if it takes a bit of waiting before it appears.

It's so hard to keep up with everything. If you ever want a review from me, feel free to PM me. I check my PMs almost every day.

Cheers. ^_^ The feed can get that way sometimes, I understand.