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Troisnyx is on Steam!

Posted by Troisnyx - December 3rd, 2014

Hey everyone. Just a quick shout to those of you who have Steam (especially Audio Portal users and commenters who have Steam) -- I'm on Steam, and I'd like to add you.

My username is PrestonLass. Yes, because I had a previous account under the name 'Troisnyx' and that didn't go very far.

Hope to see you all there!

And on the subject of Steam, I would like to ask if anyone (especially @matt-likes-swords) can help solve this problem.

Now, I have been playing the Steam version of Epic Battle Fantasy IV on my fiancé's computer. I was gifted it as a result of doing some fanart, like a few of you have been. Because I didn't have a computer suited for running Steam but Seán did, I ran it on his computer, and got a lot of medals on it.

Just yesterday or the day before, he gifted a copy of EBFIV to me, and I now have it on Steam on my new computer.

Trouble is, that version of EBFIV comes with the saves that I had on his computer.

Which means I have the saves on Epic difficulty, and am in the middle of my third run of the game.

Which means I have been locked out of a bunch of medals on my profile which I am supposed to get when I start a new game.

There is no method of deleting these saves or starting over. Matt, can you please help? All the information given on Steam's helpline about circumventing this problem is backdated, because Steam's layout has changed so drastically.

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Did you run a search for "EBF4file" on your whole hard drive to identify which directory contains the save files?
You can copy save files manually between computers. And they'll get synchronized with Steam cloud.
Here's a detailed article written by Matt Roszak explaining all the steps:

Yes, I did a search for the files. In particular, on my desktop and in the actual SteamApps folder, because those are the two places where the files were saved on my computer.

The desktop has been completely wiped apart from the Recycle Bin, and the SteamApps folder for EBFIV no longer has .meow files (including autosaves) -- yet Steam *still* registers the save files. Why is beyond me.

Thanks for the link by the way, I'll give it a read and see what I can make of it. Will edit this response in due time.

EDIT: The post is about moving saves from Kongregate to Steam. I'm afraid it doesn't cover removing Steam files which seem to have already been synchronised against our will.

You mean that Steam cloud synchronizes with a directory not on your computer, but on a directory on the hard drive of computer on which EBF4 was installed before it was gifted to you - meaning Sean's computer - and is still synchronized with that foldier and ignores all contents of the folder on your PC?

Apparently from what Seán tells me, Steam makes 3 saves: two for the computer, and one for the cloud. Steam does seem to be ignoring my PC contents, yes.

I wonder if making a Homegroup (networking 2 or more computers together) has anything to do with it... Seán's and my computers are part of a homegroup, and could Steam be reading files off his computer and not mine?

I believe if he shuts down Steam on his computer (to disable Steam Cloud from reading saves data from his folder and sending to EBF4 on your computer, all of this happening through Internet, and not your home network) or if either you or him or both turn off Internet access, then:
A) Steam Cloud will cease working at all and saves will not be synchronized.
B) Steam Cloud will cease working online and saves will not be synchronized anywhere but will work locally.

If B happens that might be a solution.

Before trying this you need to make sure that Steam Cloud synchronizes with Sean's computer instead of yours by adding or deleting files in his folder on his computer and seeing if that affects your game and/or folder with saved files.

Synchronization takes place only when EBF4 is launched.
To properly delete a file it must be deleted while EBF4 is running.

I sent you a Steam friend request. I am "Karob".

Added you! ^_^