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But Troisnyx, I thought you never did A-rated stuff?!

Posted by Troisnyx - June 28th, 2015

Answering this question for those of you who found an adult submission coming from me in your feeds. I'm aware that this might come across to you as scandalous.

Let me rephrase myself: I don't do stereotypical A-rated stuff. The typical work in the adult category is pornographic, let's face it. But answering the questions honestly over an artistic nude subject would lead me to an automatic A rating. "Some" nudity falls immediately into M, while "lots of" (i.e. full) nudity falls immediately into A. And I speak from my heart here; it is terrifying to attempt to treat the nude human body with respect, and then have it lumped in the same category as the rest of the twaddle that can be found in the adult category. So, long story short, I crossed an unthinkable bridge.

But the few people with whom I confided the process of this drawing know that I attempted this nude subject with the intention of respecting the human body, treating it as something to be regarded with awe and Eden-like innocence, and not with lust and salivating. I probably suck horribly at trying to convey this, but I pray God that the intention may shine through, somehow... somehow...

Feel free to like it, or dislike it. Feel free to stay with me, or to depart from me. It is a natural process of liking and disliking a piece of art. My intention is that every piece, whatever its rating, conveys a message of its own, a message that can't be forced upon me by the people around me. I open myself to everything that may ensue as a result of posting this piece of work.



In other news, remember I said the long-awaited appeal hearing is on 1 July?

Well, that looks like it's gonna be postponed now.

You know why? Because the Home Office included the covers of two pieces of evidence, but not the contents. Excluding evidence that is vital to the trial? These were things that I had written, journals. The Home Office has the final version of one of them. Yep, that doesn't help matters. Welp, tomorrow, I find out IF it gets postponed, or not.... but just to let you all know, postponement seems likely. I'll update this post tomorrow as soon as I hear something about the date of this hearing.

Yes, it is annoying. 


Seems like quite the ordeal you're going through with this entire trial process. Hopefully it's sorted our sooner than later =/

On the side of the latest piece of art you created, I was going to review it, but decided not to. Drawing isn't my forte, so I wasn't sure I'd provide you with any useful criticisms that speak from experience, like I do with music. Nonetheless, I didn't find the nudity of it like any of the other pieces I've seen 'round these parts. It was handled with respect, and tastefully so, methinks. It wasn't really the subject that drew me in but the smaller details around her that made it pop. You draw well.

I'm flattered that you think so, but I'm the worst artist there is. I only pretend to be able to draw.

It is a T-rated drawing, not even M. You know why?
You did not depict genitals or anything which would make the nudity suggestive. Everything is either covered or not drawn at all. The immense respect that you show to the body also helps relieve the context, and so helps lower the rating further. People go almost naked (comparable to the level of nudity you depicted) on beaches, and that is OK for children, who go naked too.
Besides, you drew all the anatomy so misshaped, it bears almost no resemblance to how a real human looks. What you depicted does not even look fully human or looks too cartoony to be treated human. If it was high-quality drawing of anatomy, you would then have to put M.
In short, I believe depicting a nude body is not enough for A rating. You have to depict nipples and/or genitals/saliva/something extremely suggestive to deserve A rating.\
Best of wishes.

One, there are nipples. Two, full nudity without any suggestive themes automatically warrants an A rating; I answered that questionnaire honestly when submitting my art. Three, I am an absolute cop-out, I don't think much more needs to be said. >_< I'm just sick and tired of trying to make my body well shapely when I know I can't, no matter how many times I try.

Oh well... I have a good mind to flog off my art stuff on eBay or something so I can no longer pretend I have a drawing talent.