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Posted by Troisnyx - June 30th, 2015

The long awaited appeal is NO LONGER ON 1 JULY! As for when it will be, we don't really know yet. But it seems like we're gonna have another wait.

In previous newsposts I mentioned that there was insufficient evidence submitted on the part of the Home Office, and that we, our solicitors and the tribunal actually pressured the Home Office into submitting the missing evidence.

Right up till this morning we were informed that it would either be on, or off. Then one judge made a blunder of a miscalculation and decided we should go ahead after all. And then (we guess that another judge probably pointed out said miscalculation, and tomorrow's hearing has been cancelled as a result. The excuse they gave? "Not enough judges." I understand, sometimes we cannot help but cover up our own mistakes...)

Anyway, right now, I am relieved to hear this. We're not going ahead with insufficient evidence. But the hotel room and train tickets have been booked to avoid any potential confusion or trains going on the fritz tomorrow morning..... what do we do?

Well, we use them!

Christo (@Merlyne) and another friend of ours are coming up to meet us in Manchester, and I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. We're going to have a break... a much-needed one. And perhaps they can all help talk me out of selling my art stuff on eBay...


Now, this is becoming a rather intriguing story! Coming straight from real life!
What you are going through is very inspiring, and you totally should record it.
As for selling stuff on eBay: as long as it looks colorful, full of detail and accurate - which is your style - you shouldn't have problem selling it. Children will most probably like your drawings.
Have a good rest.

You know, thanks for the encouragement. You've seen me through depressing times, anxious times and even more relieving times. I apologise for my anger yesterday. Thanks a lot for putting up with me. You have no idea what a smile you've put on my face after yesterday's episode (even had Seán comfort me and beg me to not get rid of my acrylics, my colour pencils etc.)

I do intend to record it; I've recorded some bits on my side Tumblr, but that's only scratching the surface on what Troisnyx's past has been like etc., meep. I have a first journal of anecdotes of things I've been through, and that's one of the sources that the Home Office failed to provide. I won't share that now, but when the time is right, I'll share links to it hopefully.

In the way of selling artwork, I don't know if eBay is a good place, now that I think about it. A lot of people tend to recommend Etsy, or even DeviantArt's art-selling system, but to be honest, DA hasn't worked for me in the five or six years that I've been on it. I am inclined to go on Etsy or take the personal approach -- but I'll only do so once this case has been settled.

Yeah I agree with @kkots, btw it's nice to have friends to help you out and back you up with this venture. I'm sure there's a really long story behind this post, but I don't wanna have to bother you by asking you to explain. I just wish you luck with your travels and it'll soon all be over, it'll just take some time

The long story can be explained in posts before this, but even those may not be sufficient as to how to explain it. It'll reach its conclusion sooner or later, and I think for now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Cheers, meep!

What a bite to have this hearing delayed due to evidence. I hope that you get rescheduled hearing soon.