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New appeal date, and other stories.

Posted by Troisnyx - July 9th, 2015

First and foremost, I have received the new date for this long-awaited appeal and it doesn't look like it can be brought forward. It's scheduled for 17 December 2015. Until then, I will heal and prepare and pray.

I know it's a longish wait, but much preparation and many other things can come from just waiting. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and good thoughts.



Remember the demo CD I prepared some months ago?

I recently had the opportunity to stop by City Beat (the local radio station formerly known as Preston FM) and slip them a copy of the demo CD. I was warmly welcomed, and I spoke with one of the presenters (not mentioning names) for quite a bit before heading home. Don't quite know what will become of this, but right now, it's out of my hands. I leave it to the Almighty.

It really got me excited though, when it was done, because this was the first time that I ever shared this demo CD with anyone who wasn't a friend or acquaintance (or friend of a friend). I know it's a process, and some might say it's nothing to clamour about. But I want to derive joy from even the process of using the talents which I have been given.



I have been drawing quite a bit lately, as some of you might have noticed on my page. I have also been trying to build up a stash of unfinished FL Studio files, to make up for the hardware failure I had earlier this year. There is no doubt that a good number of people are probably going to go "ehhhh..." over what I do. I suppose it's natural; it's the process of liking or disliking a piece of work and it's to be expected.

I am aware that these last few months (or at least this whole year in general), my work has taken a different turn. It's been leaning more on the electronic side rather than the orchestral side, more focused on colours rather than amazing anatomy and proportion. I am building up two talents which have largely been inhibited in my younger years, and I don't expect any pity or mercy from fellow musicians and artists. Not that I've received much to begin with. Those who do show me mercy, however, I'm grateful for it all.

This is the journey that I am taking. Awe and wonder over everything around me has inspired my recent works. It is through my hands that this journey will come to fruition. And through the hands of those who have sought to help me.


So it seems there's a long wait before the terrors arrive. I believe you will put it to great use, developing your skills (not talents, skills). What is a better way to prepare for the worst, than to do something unrelated to it? ^_^

What should I prepare for the worst for? I'm preparing to succeed! I do not believe this case is hopeless, and nor should you. If anything, I'm not taking my mind off the unthinkable by doing things I enjoy. No, I am healing and I am building my spirits up for the coming victory.