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New equipment + Old mic needs a loving home

Posted by Troisnyx - July 26th, 2015

As I have alluded to over on the Audio Forums and maybe a few places elsewhere, I have recently gotten a new (read: second-hand) mic. It's a Blue Snowball.



I've taken to recording some new audio with it, and some of my tracks in progress are using vocals recorded with this. The main reason why I got this is because it's going to be the first mic in my possession that records low frequencies well, in addition to highs.



So what's going to happen to the old Samson Go?

I feel a bit sad, but I'd been torn between keeping it and selling it. And then, Seán gave me this idea... give the Samson Go to a loving home.


It's a nice entry-level condenser mic, and although it is not great in recording low frequencies, it is great in the way of lack of background noise, and overall sound clarity. It's seen me through a lot of sung projects, including fan favourite The GardenOceans Wide, Tsukikanade and Sound of Creation. I really feel sentimental about parting with it, but I think a struggling musician without a good mic for vocals could do with this mic for a start.

So how will this giveaway work?

Put down your case in the comments as to why you would like this microphone. Ideally, you will need to have some number of audio submissions put up on Newgrounds.

You have until Sunday 2 August 2015, 20:00 BST to do this. At the end of this time frame, I will select the most compelling case, PM the user personally, and ask for his or her mailing address.


Well, my only reason, as strange as it sounds, is that im becoming a music major in college
Double majoring actually, in music performance and education. It could possibly help in college if the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you so much for this generous offer, Troisnyx! :)

Anytime. Thanks for the comment! ^_^

i could use one. I'm broke. and a lot of rappers from st louis has been comin up to me to record some stuff. right now i just have a shitty usb mic.

Well, this is a USB mic.... I don't know what kind of USB mic you've got, and I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed by it. Thanks for commenting. : )

its still probably better than mine

May someone wants to become a voice actor? Or improve the quality? So we can hear more mouth clicks? Ha-ha, just kidding.
A voice actor with a bad microphone could need this.

Being a single father it has been a rough road to obtain anything to use for music production. I had to sell a lot of loving instruments at some points to make ends meet. I've been wanting to desperately add vocals to my tracks but I've had no real equipment to do so. I only have a gaming headset that would sound best to use for vocals but that's just silly. If chosen, I'd be honored to produce my first vocal recorded track with tribute to you. Thanks for hearing me out :-)

Greetings and felicitations, Troisnyx! I've been recording voice-over lines and vocals using a simple Logitech Vantage USB mic setup, which doesn't really do me any favours without any kind of condenser or even a simple microphone stand. Suffice to say, holding a mic in one hand makes the recording process awkward, and can create plenty of bumps and pops all on its own.

But you know what? While I would like have this lovely condenser mic for myself, please give it to someone else who needs it even more than I. Sequenced has been having a really rough time of it lately, so please let my request be for his benefit. Thank you for your consideration, and godspeed.

Your MIC could be very useful for me. I tried to record myself for trying voice acting many times but always with the same horrible noises. Your MIC seems to record quite well so it can help me a lot for my future works. =D

Hi! You must probably already know by now some of my musical works. I'm only using a webcam-based mic (A4tech), which is technically not a mic at all and there's a lot of noise. Even if I EQ it as hard as I can and turn off the fan and record in the middle of the night, I'm still really frustrated on trying to remove the noise and in some parts, it's still very visible and it results to poor vocal quality.

I rarely post here on Newgrounds but I think I have some songs here already before. Anyways, yeah if ever I win, I'd totally use it for making more music and improving my vocal skills as well. I'm not really a person with a lot of budget and my only non-laptop musical gear is a cheap MIDI keyboard that I got from a mall that's thousands of kilometers away from us.

Having a microphone for me is the only thing that can complete my music arsenal, if ever. I'm not really expecting to be the chosen one, but microphones here in our country are considered a luxury and I REALLY wanted to do a professional record for a change, so that more people could appreciate my music, and in addition, I might be able to record real instruments better (I have a non-MIDI keyboard too).

So yeah, I'm still keeping my hopes up! Thanks a lot troisnyx, for being such a great friend and musical companion when the rest of the world didn't appreciate my music. You're one of God's greatest blessings to me!

I don't have a reliable microphone -
I am using my laptop's mic. I have to slouch closer to my laptop so it'd sound like I am singing into it. I am also broke so I can't get one. I also get back pain from all this damn slouching. :(

I have two submissions of me singing using it, the hallelujah cover and I am in love with you rough draft preview. So yeah, that's why I am interested -

I got no mic besides this 7€ish voice chat mic that has a very... tin can-like sound. Would be nice to record vocals, sounds and possibly instruments, if there happens to be a great sound going together with this mic. I can't afford one myself for a long time (The time it takes for me to start and finish military service, then land a job), and this kind of early kickstart could diversify what I could do by a long shot. With the right amount of tweaks, I'm sure it could work.
THOUGH I'LL STRESS, I don't want to pursue a career in this saturated market, so if your idea is to help those who are already committed to earning their living being musicians/voice actors, this isn't really that kind of case. I can manage, it just would, you know, be nice to be able to finally record stuff in an acceptable quality.
Whatever happens, thank you for doing this :)

This is a good microphone for a starter.

I myself use the AT2020 USB+ microphone, it's very good for being a USB Mic. I only use it for let's play content. I plan to use it for voice acting in the future. It's amazing what kind of quality you can get with a bit of EQ and compression.

Amor Vincit Omnia, that song which you like a lot, was only partly recorded with the Samson Go, by the way. This was a sort of transitory piece between integrated PC mics, and then this. It's served me well for a good two years, despite me being far from "having just started", so to speak.

While I cannot help but muse on how it would sound if I had recorded it with the Snowball instead, ehhhh... no, I think it's time it went to a loving home, beginner or not. So many people out there deserve a chance, and yet this mic can only go to one home.