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All Saints' Day, Song of the Firefly and other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - November 1st, 2015

While a lot of people have taken to making frontpage posts on Halloween, I thought I'd rather make my front page post on Hallow Day -- or in current terms, All Saints' Day. Halloween was just the run-up to my celebration today. Today, we remember those saintly people who are in Heaven before us -- but we also realise that everyone can be a saint too. So today is a celebration for everyone.

I cannot begin to explain the joy from today, but I can give you some anecdotes. I'm always Skypeable for this sort of thing.

The next thing I would like to talk about is Song of the Firefly, the game by @Hoeloe and crew which I am writing music for.


My previous post talks about my experience at Comic Con last week, talking about the game to crowds of people. I highly recommend you read it, because today, I'm going to be talking about the Kickstarter.

It has only two weeks to go, and at the moment, is about a third of the way through its funding. I would heartily, heartily appreciate it if you folks could support the game too. For reasons previously disclosed in my news posts, I cannot pledge -- but Seán has pledged quite a bit to this game as well, considering he's got me and his mother to support.

A lot of people who were present there at Comic Con asked if it wouldn't just be available on Steam, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You know, there's a reason why we set up a Kickstarter in the first place -- we need the licensing fees for that sort of thing, yes, well past development costs, fees and a host of other expenses. For my part: I believe in this game, which is why I signed up to be one of two soundtrack writers for it. And once you've clicked the link to it and seen the content in the brief of Song of the Firefly, I hope you too, may believe in it.

So what did I do for Halloween, you ask?

Nowt much, I welcomed trick-or-treaters, and a lot of them came quite early in the evening. The last batch of kids came at 8:00 p.m. and then after that, it was peace and quiet.

I did dress up, though -- and it's a costume that has made @matt-likes-swords and @Phyrnna quite pleased.



That's right, I dressed up as Anna from the Epic Battle Fantasy games!

Now, I sincerely hope that the 'darker' Anna look works. I cobbled this costume together with the little I had: a brown shirt, a brown skirt, tights, brown boots, a green-and-black wig, a bracelet with a cross on it, two brown belts and a Triforce necklace. This costume desperately needs its bow and arrow, and we still haven't found a way to make a sturdy one just yet.

Hopefully, if this costume gets enough likes, it may find its way into a music video, featuring a cover of two background music pieces from the EBF games. It'll be a fully-acoustic cover; I'd been planning this since before the summer and I'd let both Matt and Phyrnna know about it. However, it'll likely be next summer that I attempt this. It's going to be too cold to record stuff and take multiple recordings of me playing harp, bodhrán, pipes etc. in a forest.

Side note, I had hoped to take part in the Halloween Spooktacular but Comic Con really drained all my energy, and I had a lot of preparation for it as well.

There are two little videos of me doing some instrumental messing around. I'd been playing drums, yet again. They're on my music thread -- feel free to pop in anytime.

That's it from me for now. Hope to hear from you in the comments -- and take care!