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20th Anniversary Collab and other stories <3

Posted by Troisnyx - November 30th, 2015

The last post I put up seems to be quite favoured. Very well, I will dance and accompany myself on the drum -- whether this will comprise one single takes or two separate takes, I'll have to think it over, but I think I'd best start practising! Thanks for all the support you've given me, everyone.



Incidentally, the 20th Anniversary Collaboration, which has been released on Thanksgiving, caused a spike in the number of fans (again, for lack of a better word). Last night I did a headcount of the number of people who were credited on the sidebar of this mega-collaboration. I don't know if I counted correctly, but there were 119 people involved in this thing. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN. WOW. <3

Why am I talking about this project as if it were incidental to my last post? Well, it seems I got quite a lot of support with this idea, all in all. When @Deshiel sowed the seeds by saying, 'hey, let's make a collab for the 20th Anniversary,' I thought of how it could go. I took inspiration from Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga, a collaboration which went viral on YouTube -- possibly the most famous of the collabs from NicoNico altogether. It was a matter of thinking what each side of the portal could do.

The meat of the work was done in the summer -- at least, the Continue the Song Game was being hosted in the Audio Forums over the summer, and that would pave the way for the animators to do stuff. By that point I was preparing for my appeal against the Home Office (you know, the whole asylum thing), which was initially scheduled for 1 July. I was shackled with terror and all manner of nightmares, among other things. Seán and I did everything we could to get a strong case against the Home Office, and I couldn't take charge of it. The project went to @Whirlguy's capable hands, with programming input by @TharosTheDragon.

Some time later I was approached by Whirlguy, who asked me if I was up for composing the credits theme for the 20th Anniversary Collaboration. He didn't want to leave me out of this. I was touched -- by that point I was quite pleased to leave it aside -- and I said yes, and remade A Beginner's Harp Improv into the song it is now.

One or two people have reported back to me saying they nearly teared up at the credits. It's not fully my doing -- it's also the deed of at least 119, if not more, people who brought all that content to us. I'm just glad it's done. While there are some parts I wouldn't condone, I still recommend you take a look anyway, just to see the amount of hard work that has been put into this mega-project.


To end today, I'd just like to share a little anecdote which will appear quite nice to Audio Forum regulars... I hope... ^_^

@Camoshark and @Jiimaan are currently touring parts of Britain, going off the beaten paths, exploring and meeting people, and seeing the sights. Over yesterday and today the two of them were in Preston, and Seán (@IrishChieftain) and I had them. It was wonderful. The weather was horrible because Preston's been on the receiving end of two storms, and honestly, 50 mph winds are not a common occurrence in these parts -- but the four of us were pushed around by it quite a bit.

We had a jam and got to know each other a lot better over yesterday, shared jokes and anecdotes, and this morning, Seán and I took them to our little, humble, familiar hangouts -- the Harris museum, the Miller Arcade and St Wilfrid's Church, which I proudly call "my second home." The Harris was where my art was first exhibited, last year. As for St Wilfrid's... some of you may have seen part of the interior of it -- at least the organ loft -- from any videos of me playing timpani that I'd linked in my music thread on the Audio Forum.

It was absolutely lovely meeting them and hearing their stories, and in general having them.

Here, have a photo.


From left: Camoshark, Jiimaan, myself and Seán. I still maintain that the camera doesn't like me.

Comments (3)

Oh hey, glad you enjoyed that little visit, thanks for having us for the evening, as well giving us a visit of the area! :)

T'was a blast, let's make sure this happens again at some point. ;3

That would be absolutely lovely. ^_^

If it's on our end, then hopefully in future it won't just be limited to the city of Preston proper, but also the surrounding areas -- Avenham and Miller Parks, Beacon Fell, Fernyhalgh, and a ride around the Guild Wheel which spans some 21 miles. Then a jam for old times' sake, and a hop, skip and a jump to Lancaster and/or Blackburn. I never know what we'd be doing by that point, but if there's some sort of project that needs a hand by that time, you're most welcome to jump in.

If we ever come to Québec, I trust you'd show us lot round. Meep!

Have a safe journey to all your other stops, as well as back home. Lemme know all about it~

yeah, im proud to also be a part of the 20th anniversary collaboration project, even if its a small part in the art section of the collab.

still, its quite awesome!
i feel honoured.

also, you did nice stuff there!
good work! :D

Thank you <3 I never thought an idea like this would snowball to something so huge, oh my~

I remember the groundwork started from audio and then went on to animation. I didn't take part in the writing bit, and I don't really know how it went -- but hopefully in future I might be able to ask people who took part in it, just how it went.

oh my friend, the writing contest was good.

too bad that i didnt got in the writing contest as well, because, if i did, i could (possibly) get +1 more spot of glory in this legendary collab.

but still, with 3 submissions of mine included in the art section and having the chance to draw some iconic NG characters, i cant complain! :)
im happy! :D

lets wish big for the 25th collab of newgrounds! ;)