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Some critical updates

Posted by Troisnyx - December 15th, 2015

This time tomorrow, Seán and I will be in Manchester with a few other friends of ours. Thursday, the 17th, is the long-awaited appeal I've got going against the Home Office. I ask for your prayers and/or good thoughts; I would appreciate as many of you being with me in spirit on Thursday.

Those of you who wonder what this appeal is about, kindly read this earlier post of mine.

For this reason and this reason alone, try as I might to finish up my recordings, I cannot. Apologies to @Ceevro, @Step and @Bosa -- I'd wanted to fulfil these obligations and I'd begun recording in my usual home setup, only to be seized by panic and fear. Also apologies to @frootza, the person to whom I was meant to gift my Christmas song. I think it'd be a gift enough for me just to be safe and by Seán's side, always.


Those of you who have Supporter status can now view the first of my recordings from Soundskills -- the studio run by Lancashire County Council which is not far from my place. It is a rehash of a 2009 song of mine, Somewhere Out There, for which the original isn't on Newgrounds.

For this rehash, I did vocals, keyboard and drums. Two friends helped me on lead and rhythm guitar, and bass. The song was finished last week, but now I have a version which is ready to listen. I hope to meet these friends and ask them, this coming Tuesday, if they're alright with publishing this audio project. Until further notice, this isn't going to be published.


Two of my pieces are in the Harris Open -- you've heard me talk about this last year. My mind is just too shot to take photos or even appreciate that my art is there.

One of the pieces now in the Harris for this exhibition is Sweet Regina, a piece which was intended for @ReNaeNae's Bee Creative contest in September last year. Hopefully there'll be a time where my mind recovers from whatever it's going through, and hopefully I may be able to share pictures with you all. This time, I didn't enter as Annette "Troisnyx" Singh -- I entered simply as Troisnyx.


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Malaysia of all places, i had a friend who came from sibu once who never failed to cough up an anecdote of just how crazy it's supposed to be there whenever i moaned about certain aspects of the netherlands.

I think he was thai or khmer though, you'll have to excuse me it's all well over a decade ago now but i vividly remember a lot of what he told me had this absurd kafka flair to it.

Anyway, i wish you success with your appeal.

Thank you~

That friend from Sibu was probably right, I'm afraid. But it does not take me to explain what goes on in there, because somehow, the English-speaking world will get wind of the next crazy thing that the Malaysian authorities do, and broadcast it over the BBC or something like that.

Hi, maybe this isnt of much help, but i sincerely hope everything goes well to you, i wish i could do more honestly. Ive seen and commented some of your works recently, i find you a talented colourist and i hope you return with more works soon, in a brighter future.
God be with you, youll be on my prayers.

Thanks a lot. It means a lot to me. Every prayer helps!

In my prayers daily Annette, and my family and friends too. You are going to do great! Stay strong.

All the love to you and Seán! <3 Have faith, never lose it, do not falter. The Lord is with you always!