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Happy Christmas, everyone.

Posted by Troisnyx - December 24th, 2015


Happy Christmas, everyone. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate it, I hope you have a peaceful day today. My thoughts and prayers go out especially to those who aren't having a good Christmas due to hunger, destitution, loss of family members, depression, loneliness, sickness, whatever. I'm bearing that burden along with you all this year (just as I did last year) -- and I am with you in spirit.

To those who wish to read my thoughts, carry on. To those who wish to stop here, feel free to close the page right now.


The tribunal has set a new date for this asylum appeal, i.e. 7 January 2016. There seems to be a greater degree of confidence in my case than ever before. Yet, because my neck's on the line, I cannot help but feel scared at times.


I'll be drumming at the vigil Mass today, as well as the daytime Mass tomorrow. <3 I hope that it may somehow be used to bring joy to those who are present, especially those who come to Mass only on so-called 'days of obligation' -- Easter, Christmas etc.

Talking about the Mass and about bringing people joy makes me think about something very dear to my heart.

Regardless of who you are or what you believe in, those of you who have proven respectful have had good dialogues with me without necessarily understanding, or agreeing -- but without shutting me off. You have treated me with great dignity -- which is much more than can be said for a good bit of people around me. When I shared my dreams with you, you encouraged them, despite them being otherwise shunned and rejected by the vast majority of people. And most of all, when I told you about my situation, you never rejected me. I just want to say, thank you. You know who you are, and you have made my struggles bearable. You have put a smile on my face, and helped me to lift my crosses with joy.

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Well Merry Christmas and take good care of yourself.

Merry Christmas, Trois. :)
It's always a pleasure to share your thoughts and ideas, at anytime.

Nice picture there you put, I want to post it in my FB to share it to everyone! Merry Christmas and best wishes. (I know I came from somewhere else, but I just want to inform you...) Have a nice day.

Annette, you will be brighter than the sun and moon soon enough!

All the best to Séan (Jon)

Love and Light.

Michael †∞

Merry Christmas! i wish you peace and good feelings, will be praying for you.

''He has said, 'ye not be troubled for these things shall come to pass'
Then your life will be eternal when you dwell with him at last''
-Hank Williams-The Battle of Armageddon

All the best to you and yours Annette.
Always a pleasure to talk to.
Have a great new year.