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Farewell to 2015

Posted by Troisnyx - December 31st, 2015

Some of you are probably already celebrating New Year's Day; for me, I have less than an hour to go before the clock strikes midnight. While I'm at it, and listening to an audio project of mine for the sake of ambience, I'd like to write my thoughts down here.


I was expecting 2015 to be my least creative year because of all the dealings I'd had not only with the Home Office, but also the tribunal system, to ensure my safety. (Those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, refer to this earlier post of mine.) This year saw two adjourned hearings and a whole lot of frustration and shot nerves. It was also dampened by Seán being diagnosed with essential tremors -- a progressive condition similar to Parkinson's, and a whole lot of other things besides that I probably won't go into here.

Yet, it has been the year where I've given the heaviest output, musically and otherwise. 2015 has seen my highest number of audio submissions and art submissions to date. I'd made some background music in anticipation for @CartoonCoffee's and @glitchs2d's game project called Eden Blue, as well as @Hoeloe's project called Song of the Firefly. I'd also gone down to Comic Con this year and hopefully, getting my music out there might draw in some listeners. My best track for this year, Uplift, was played by BBC Radio Lancashire, something I cannot help but celebrate to this day.

I managed to collab with @Squidly and @dlxrevolution on another game jam -- Ludum Dare 33 -- and we came up with the... uh... Japanese parody, if you want to call it, called Oni Yu Can Scare Them. The sound effects still get me laughing madly to this day.

Elsewhere, I've been writing for the Kingdom Hearts Wiki magazine project, and it has led to some reflective pieces from me. At least, it helps me brush up my writing.

I'd also started a collaboration thread for an intended game called Sheol, and I hope to add more details to it soon.

But most importantly, this year saw me and 119 others get involved in the NG 20th Anniversary Collab. I have been credited with the initial idea -- I still maintain that @Deshiel sowed the seeds, and I fleshed the idea out so that we could at least have something to go by. The project went into the capable leadership of @Whirlguy and @TharosTheDragon, and I am happy to see it finished.


Also, this may or may not have come as a surprise to you. It certainly came as a surprise to me when it was first told to me. I have been made audio moderator, as evidenced by the change of aura on my level icon. I'd been tasked with taking care of the Geometry Dash problem, among other things.

I guess I quite like it. I like helping where I can. That's all I know.


With the appeal date scheduled for 7 January 2016, I'm going to keep my head up, and keep positive and keep the prayers going.


Fourteen minutes have passed since the start of this post till now. I'd better end it here before I get carried away with typing. I can get that way sometimes. Farewell, 2015. You brought out the worst, and perhaps the best in me, yet. I am apprehensive about the new year, but I pray that God give me the strength to bear it.

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Farewell 2015... and welcome 2016 with the best wishes for everything!

To you as well. : )

Great year! Congrats on your modship, it's very well deserved!

Eh, thanks. I hope I'm not going to be one of the pariahs of the General forums just because of my newfound, uh, status. ^_^'

Oni Yu, you know what to do!

Aaaa it gets me each time! ^_^
"Finish your chores. ALL OF THEM." Or somesuch.

Happy New Year :)

Happy meepy new year to you too, meep! ^_^