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Easter joy in the form of ANOTHER RADIO PLAY

Posted by Troisnyx - March 27th, 2016

It's happened again!


Nightfall, my most recent NG upload, was played by BBC Radio Lancashire yesterday night when Seán and I were at the Easter Vigil Mass.

You can either access the fragment of the radio recording including Sean McGinty's announcement here on Instaudio, or on the original programme here.

This was really, REALLY amazing news for me to get this morning. Seán (my Seán) got the e-mail and told me about it after this morning's Easter Mass. I was in the choir loft at the time I heard this news, and I was so excited and hugged everyone in close proximity to me.


In other news: what did I do in between Lent and now?

Seán and I spent a week in Derby with @Merlyne, and had a good week.

Later on, in the midst of my NG fast, Seán found my old hard drive, one of three which had failed in 2014. Remember I said once before that all my files were lost....?

Guess what -- they've come back, the whole lot of them, in droves. Seán managed to get that hard drive back to life again. I got old FLPs, old pictures of me and my grandmother (which I thought I'd never see again), old files of a constructed language that I was working on, old Project Chaplaincy drawings and music, old piano recordings... Quite frankly, there's been a lot of things in that drive, and I'm glad it's back.

I'd been riding my bike more -- trying to build up more endurance.

I was assigned to timpani and harp during the Easter Masses.

And that brings us up to date, I believe!


Before I end this post, I ask for thoughts and prayers for Seán and his mother. Seán's mother's cancer has returned, and the prognosis is not good. Seán's condition continues to deteriorate. It'd be much appreciated if you could spare a thought and/or a prayer for them. Thank you.

Comments (7)

Whoah that's great news! Congrats on the radio exposure. I'm glad I finally get to hear the full song too! Have a great Easter!

You too. Please spare a thought for Seán and his mother, will you?

Seems like it took a few months since the last time around but the fact lightning struck twice for you is awesome. I'm starting to wonder what's your secret~

I don't quite have one. All I do is try, endure bitterness from little exposure, and have my loved ones help me keep my chin up.

Not sure how I missed that part about the cancer. That's terrible, I'm very sorry to hear about that...

We're not sorry until the battle is won; there is still time and there is still a fight to be had. That you keep us in your thoughts is much appreciated.

I hope Seán's mother is fine.
Awesome to hear your song being played on the radio.

Glad to hear that your music has been appreciated by a larger audience Troisnyx, you truly deserve it!

My thoughts and prayers go to Seán and the family, i think i speak for everyone when i say that our artgroup will always be there for you, your wellbeing matters to us and you matter to me because you're one of my friends.

will be fine rather than is fine*
My bad. :c

Great Broadcast! And im very sorry to hear about Sean and his mother... I'll send my prayers for them :,)