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Help me get Ley Lines on Steam!

Posted by Troisnyx - June 7th, 2016

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here, and this is Ley Lines!

Back when I announced my 500 follower milestone I also skimmed over the fact that I'd been appointed composer for this game. How it happened still blows my mind, but this is the fruit of several months of hard work, from the part of the developers. The developers for this game sought me out both on Newgrounds and on my own webpage, and I saw the aesthetics of this game, I just got so compelled to say yes, and I wound up writing and singing and drumming.

The game is about a lone archer using multiple energies in a bid to restore the heart of Miria, an extremely powerful entity, which has been torn by war and misdeeds. This is a slightly more mature RPG platformer with puzzle elements.

Now, we are trying to get Ley Lines on Steam. If this game looks beautiful to you, please vote yes!

Comments (8)

This looks and sounds fabulous, congratulations ! *_*

Thank you~!

Looks Awesome! Im a Vote A YES!!

Thank you! Glad you like how it looks and stuff.

I'm actually surprised that such a game with this kind of beautiful music and amount of 3D modeled detail is listed as going to be free to play upon release. Easily a yes though due to this not being a mod and still being free, I do wonder as to what the team behind this game wishes out of their future. Great job on the musical ambiance

My guess is that, this is a student project and if it's in the actual project rules, then they have to keep it free to play. However, you do bring up a good concern. One thing I will do soon is speak with them and see what they're looking forward to.

The music is breathtaking! Amazing job as always. Voted Yes

Thank you, meep!~

Woah that looks really cool, I'm definitely voting yes.

Cheers! ^_^

There were a couple of steps to voting. Steam required a browser login then sent a verification code to my email but since I operate on desktop it was all easy to manuever. Good luck on steam, the game looks pro.

Cheers Cory! I really regret that Steam has to be really finicky in times like these, but really glad you like what you saw. <3

Voted, best of luck to you and the rest of the team.

Thank you! : )

Awesome, I really love medieval themed RPGs, and this one looks perfect. Upvote for sure. Keep it up.

Thank you~!