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If you're Irish and in Britain...

Posted by Troisnyx - June 24th, 2016

If you're Irish and in Britain, clap your hands.

If you're Irish and in Britain, clap your hands.

If you're Irish and in Britain, you have more rights than the British.

If you're Irish and in Britain, clap your hands.


Ooooohhhhh, irony is sweet. Very, very sweet indeed.

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You should be happy seriously.
UE is like the CCCP.

It's still better than the CCCP in that it hasn't killed thousands of prisoners or sent millions more to gulags. I would recommend you pick your choice of words before making a statement like that.

The EU is like a plaster, It is useful when we injured, but is a handicap when we keep it forever.

I think we are injuring ourselves at this very moment, though. I mean, the currency fluctuation should speak for itself. No one's bothered about the sterling now and it's suffered its worst drop in recent times. Meanwhile, countries all over the world are stocking the Euro like anything and it's virtually untouched.

Right now, though, it does depend -- we're leaving, so whose model do we follow? Switzerland, who is more of an observer state and who is neutral towards the EU? Or Australia, who is hostile towards anything and everything that touches it? Only time will tell.

I for one am glad that David Cameroon finally got BTFO

and the whole of britain along with him

You might be very right about the whole of Britain. The Union as we know it might not see the next 20 years.

Also, about UK :
-Other UK War
There are more worst that it.

The whole purpose of joining the European Economic Community was precisely to patch up what had been a result of the great wars of the last century. Quite frankly, it is not "wartime," but it has certainly undone all the work it had undertaken to do in decades past.

I suppose if people think the last century and its consequences don't matter, then they have spoken.

i assume that you are irish, right? ;)

i like ireland, its a beautiful land, with nice people

I'm not Irish, but my fiancé is. And I've embraced Celtic culture to the point that many of my Irish friends think I'm just as Irish as they are.

This Yank wants to know, what was the British leaving EU thing about?
I am both a Rebal (southerner) and a Yank (U.S. American) btw

As far as I know, Cameron wanted a deal from the EU. Iain Duncan Smith, I believe, was one of the first to say he'd had it with the EU. Cameron disagreed and IDS resigned.

Then a referendum was set for a few months down the line.

The Leave campaign talked about nothing but the false premise of sovereignty -- dignity through self-determination. My understanding is, if we didn't already have it, we'd not even be ABLE to have that referendum by now.

The Remain campaign talked more about what we got from the EU, and what we would lose if we left. What would particularly be affected would be the National Health Service, something every Briton cherishes in spite of its flaws -- because of the funds injected into the NHS via the EU. To say nothing, of course, about the sudden drop in free movement of goods and free movement of people.

What you saw was a house divided against itself. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar had a majority Remain vote. England had a majority Leave vote, dividing the country by about half.

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, has wasted absolutely no time and started up plans for Indyref 2, a second Scottish independence referendum, because they've had good relations with the EU and its principles. Not sure what the Unionists are thinking in Northern Ireland, though I bet they're in a Catch-22. Go down with England, or go up with the Republic, or be independent?

As if to tell us it's a big mistake, the pound has significantly dropped. The euro, on the other hand? Hasn't been touched even by a smidge.