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Ley Lines GREENLIT, music video and other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - July 9th, 2016

It's finally happened. Ley Lines has finally been Greenlit!

Now to be honest, it had been Greenlit a little more than a week ago, but I was waiting for the right moment to put up this post.


I just want to say a big, BIG thank you to all who came and voted, and expressed interest and all sorts. <3

The game will be released towards the end of Summer 2016 for free, and the soundtrack for the game will also be released for free on Bandcamp around the same time of the game's release.

And speaking of the game's soundtrack, the main theme of Ley Lines -- Light, Shine Down -- has been frontpaged. If you haven't already given it a listen, I would be glad if you do. ^_^

The game is at the end stages of being developed, as far as I am aware. In the way of music, I'm on the last track of the OST for it -- and I've got to say, what a ride it has been!



Throughout the month of June, Yasunori Mitsuda and Procyon Studio held a vocal audition, looking for an English-speaking vocalist to work with them. @Phyrnna told me about this audition and encouraged me to take part, and I mulled over the idea for a bit before finally deciding to do something. Then the second and third week of June passed without me doing anything due to sickness.

Then finally, on 27 June, I decided that enough was enough. I pushed through sickness and a wavering voice to record this audition entry.


This is actually a remake of Asperges Me, a track submitted against @Bosa for the 2012 NG Audio Deathmatch. I picked this song because I felt it covered my main range pretty well.

Knowing Mitsuda, he wouldn't care about how well-established someone is -- he is looking for the voice that works best with what he's doing at this point in time. With that in mind, I would be glad with whomever he chooses. The video is always there for posterity. It's the first music video I've done in recent times. My first proper one! I'm still overwhelmed with joy over having recorded it.

(Thanks to you, Chris, Jason and Seán, for helping me on that day.)



I have been enabled for livestreaming on YouTube. Now comes my big question: what would you like to see me livestream?

Please give me some ideas in the comments below, and I might do them.

Comments (4)

congratz on being greenlit ! can't wait for buying it.
i would like to see you working on new songs or drawing or discussing with your team on skype or discord on livestream.

It's free of charge, so look forward to downloading it when it gets released~ The OST will also be released on Bandcamp under the same constraints.

As for the livestream, duly noted. I do wonder if YouTube has an in-built screen recorder, or if I have to rely on summat else.

you cab use OpenBroadcaster or Mishira streaming software for livestreaming.

I would investigate Mishira; OBS has actually failed on me several times.

you can*

Maybe you could do creative streams like doing art or streaming yourself composing tracks. I've actually never seen someone do a music making live stream, it would be interesting.

Or if you game everybody likes gaming streams.

That sounds like an idea~ I wonder what it would take for a live stream to be uploaded from my camera straight to YouTube though -- wonder if they have anything like it.