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Status of my music tracks

Posted by Troisnyx - February 5th, 2017

I fall into the same category as the many producers here who don't form the majority, who basically do genres other than EDM most of the time.

Considering Newgrounds is also my calling-card for people here who are reaching out to me to make games and movies and the like, I don't want a lot of these tracks to be used on an external API. Besides, some of these tracks are actual legit game OSTs and some of them have been played on BBC Radio Lancashire, for instance, and I'm not about to hand away use of my songs that easily.



I received a PM from the creator of this level, GD_TechMagic, who told me that he did this level in the style of an official one, as a means of countering the immense hate I was receiving over the last few days. I was very touched by his gesture. Transformation was one of two of the tracks I submitted in the original thread for Geometry Dash back in 2013, when people were eager to submit tracks that were upbeat and electronic. However, neither of these tracks made the cut. GD_TechMagic did this with that in mind, and I was just so touched.

As a sign of thanks, I want to make it clear that as of now, there are a few tracks of mine which can be used in this game, which I will not disable until further notice:

Outside of this though, I want Newgrounds to be respected for what Newgrounds really is -- a springboard for us creative people. Many GD people were talking about just what a magical universe theirs is; I will not doubt it from their point of view for a moment (even if I personally cannot get into it). In the same vein, I want people to discover what a magical place Newgrounds can be. Now that there are fewer people taking advantage of this system -- the way it should be -- we can go back to concentrating on the things we love most, like our Game Jams, our contests, and all sorts of other quirky collabs and things.

On an important side note, change.org does not have a means of deleting the petitions that were previously made, presumably unless I contact their helpdesk or something. The last update I put on that petition talked about that compromise made by Tom Fulp and RobTop, and I consider that petition now CLOSED. If it still does not suffice within a week or two, then I will try and see if I can't contact change.org's helpdesk.

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Very well. I honestly don't give a damn if my music gets used in GD (not that it would). Most of the stuff I make, I do it for people to enjoy. If it gets into a level and I am popular because of it, so be it. It really does not matter to me.

I understand.

I guess, to each musician, his path -- I want to be known not for this alone, but for the sum totality of what I am able to do.

Like what @cank said, I don't really give a shit about the issue. For as long as i can use the music that i want for my level im happy about it. I just asked you in your previous post because a gd facebook group went wild.

Btw how's Robtop and (forgot the name he's working with) doing lately? Is the issue solved now?

It seems a hotfix has indeed been put in place, yes. See Tom Fulp's latest news forum post.

Thank you :)


If I was scouted before this happened, I wouldn't really care if my songs were used, but this is your opinion. Anyway, none of my songs deserve to be in GD /:

There are among my friends here on NG who have indeed enabled all their tracks for GD after the scandal was over, after raising the same concerns as I did. Seems they were happy with the situation as it was; I've nothing against it.

Just feels wrong to me in principle that the standard of getting famous here is whoring yourself for the purposes of Geometry Dash. There are still a good few of us holding out against it, @SnowTeddy (who also goes by the name @Agitat0r) being a prime example.