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Posted by Troisnyx - March 11th, 2017

My fiancé, Seán, gave me some very bad news on Friday at 4:00 in the morning or thereabouts. His mother, Margaret, succumbed to the two cancers that she had had, when the night was darkest, just before dawn on 10 March 2017.

As a background, we first knew of the cancers back in September of 2014, but for a year and a half, no one told us that the cancers were both Stage 4, and therefore terminal. Even if the truth were harder to swallow, I would have preferred that than not to have been told anything.

Then about mid-last month or so (or is it early last month?), Margaret found it difficult to eat or drink. The nurses and the doctor who were sent to her raised red flags that she was on her last legs, and she was sent to the nearest St Catherine's Hospice for the terminally ill. While we knew she would be well taken care of, we also knew that the end was going to come soon.



Seán has now lost both parents, and I have lost the one person whom I could have called my mother. She would have wanted to see us marry and bring grandchildren to the family. We would have loved for her to be their grandmother, but that's not to be.

It is presumed that her funeral would be one, maybe two weeks from now. I don't know. Everything is just a blur and we are weary. Seán and I now only have each other, and we are doing our best to stay as strong as we can. Prayers and thoughts if you please.


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Oh...I'm so sorry to hear this...I'm here for you two...

Sorry for your loss, strength and love to the both of you.

Awwwww :( -hugs- My condolences....I'm so sorry to hear that. My friend recently lost her father :( I'm sick of all this death this year....hang in there. Peace be with you <3

Sorry for your loss, stay strong you two.

Sad news indeed :(

Stay strong, Troi <3

You have my sympathies, may she find eternal peace.

Really sorry to hear this news. :(

My thoughts are with you two, wishing you much strength, and wishing you the ability to reflect on the good things.

My condolences to you two. Stay strong, we're all here to support you after your loss.


Stay strong my friend, you're in my thoughts

Being athiest makes life suck. I don't pray so I look like a jerk. By saying this stuff here, I sound like a jerk.
RIP, though. May they make it to heaven.

So sorry for your loss.. <3 My guy lost his dad to cancer around our first year of marriage.. believe me, having each other as support in these grievous times will help. Praying for you both.

So sorry to hear. ;-;
Best of luck to you two, and my deepest condolences. ;o;

Sorry to hear that! My Condolences!

R.I.P Stay strong! Best of luck!

Here, i brought some pizza to cheer you up!


I am very sorry for you two. I know this situation very well. All the best for you in these hard times :(

My condolences towards both of you. It takes time to recover from an experience like that. I'm sure you will make it through.

I'm so sorry to hear for your loss :(

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'll be sure to add this to the novena I'm starting tomorrow.


I'm so sorry for your lost. So many tragics happened to good people. I'm also sorry that I have not checked news more often.

Ah, dinnae worry... Seán is taking it a hell of a lot better than most (myself included). I'm glad you're with us at this time.