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PC troubles, slow video prep, peem, peem...

Posted by Troisnyx - June 17th, 2017

To begin, I had a slight spot of annoyance because the actual charger that came with my PC is now completely knackered. My meepy Seán managed to salvage a cable for me, from (presumably) an older Acer computer, and it seems to be working fine apart from some power fluctuations. It is.... mmmh.... okay for now.

Talking about computers brings me to video editing, a subject to be touched upon heavily with the upcoming music video for Mio/Homura... if it is upcoming at this rate. It has been a month and two days since the track got released. Since then, I've managed to get the dress and shoes, a little bit of the leatherwork, and we managed to scout the area for the recording, and that's about it. We haven't had a makeup test yet because things always fucking get in the way, you know what they're like, and we haven't had particularly good weather either. So that's where it's currently at. Watch this space.


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was it the battery problem? :(

if it was the battery, in the temporary time, removing it would be safer for the laptop's life.

if your adapter has problem, you can walk into any major electronic store and get a generic Acer adapter. all Acer's power port are the same.

It wasn't the battery; the charger's cable had a crack in it. I noticed all Acer's power ports are the same; Seán had a charger from an old Acer netbook and it seems to be working okay.

This particular Aspire has the oddity of not having a removable battery; you actually have to unscrew the bottom of the PC to remove the battery (yes). I have no idea why they did that, but it's a thing.

Hey! I just wanted to send some love your way. I know sometimes you're feeling under the weather. If you need a hand with the video editing at some point, too, I've got Sony Vegas and a decent eye, aha. Here's hoping you get a good power cord together. Now that you mention it, mine is on the wonky side too!

Lyrics videos to tide me over might help, if you're up for it! I have slides only, unfortunately; I'm not sure what FX you have, meep.

Basically, I have the plugins that come with Sony Vegas 8 or 9, but I can still composite FX by hand and I have some nice fonts -- or you could even send me a font if you like. I really appreciate your catalog and would be happy to help out. Also, sorry I'm late getting back to you. Lots of work the past week!

@Phyrnna also offered to help out on the video side of things. :O
I have got to see those FX of yours, meep!

Uhh, hold on. I think I have a low quality joke video somewhere around here. Give me a minute and I'll either pop up with a dumping grounds link or a YT/instagram thingy