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Updates + compilation: Troisnyx Remixed

Posted by Troisnyx - June 25th, 2017

Tomorrow afternoon, if all goes well, will be my makeup test for the Mio/Homura music video. Yes, we had to reschedule it. If it does happen on the day, then I can finally say that we are moving forward at last. Wonder how long a production like tihs needs to take when it's a community / collaborative project that doesn't involve everyone being in the same company, or whatevs.



I am working on a cover, a Kingdom Hearts cover, called O City That Was Not. Those of you who are wondering what piece of music it's based on, it's this one.

Some of you may have heard previews on Instaudio by this point; regardless: I have finished sequencing the notes, but not tempo and volume envelopes. Considering I don't know the permissions for this, from what I've heard, the safest bet is for it to go on YouTube with some nice visuals. The idea is that I disable revenue on that video -- and the revenue should automatically go to the people who made it or the people who have permissions, in this case, Yoko Shimomura.

@Phyrnna and @EDM364 have offered to help with the lyrics video, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what's ahead. Speaking of which, EDM, I'm waiting to see your meepy effects! ^_^ Anyway:

Considering that I don't know of the permissions about this song, this is going to be a YouTube-exclusive cover. I'm not risking putting it up on Newgrounds unless, say, it's an animation and we're all getting zero revenue from it, but even then I still don't know how it works, admittedly.



The Home Office has allowed me to perform music publicly while sticking to the condition that I do not accept payment (given my situation). Even that is a sliver of liberty for me, to be able to go out and make a name for myself.

If you are in Preston or nearby, expect to see me at the various pubs accompanying a ragtag bunch of friends, singing, and possibly playing any instrument that I take in my hands (mainly drums). See what happens!



Lastly, I want to draw your attention to this playlist: COMPILATION/Troisnyx Remixed. It's a playlist which, as you can imagine, has remixes of my stuff from other users here on NG. It's slowly expanding, of course.

Lately, I've released the stems of one of my short loops, Can You See the Clouds Divide, into the public domain. I'd written a thread about this but at this point, I'm not bothered to source it; what I mentioned there and what I'm mentioning here is exactly the same. If you feel that you'd like to do something with it, you can download the stems here. I'd love to see what you make of it!

So naturally, that playlist is going to have more remixes of that song than of any other. But if you want to remix anything of mine, kindly ask me and if I have the stems, I will pass them along to you. (Some of them may have been permanently lost with the failure of triplicate backups that I'd tried to make some years back.)

On the note of COMPILATION/Troisnyx Remixed, I'd once suggested that if the indie game associated with a certain track of mine ever gets completed, I'd hold a remix contest. The song in question is Nightfall, and the game is still in development hell. So obviously, no contest is going to be held, until further notice.

But if people ask me, if I were to theoretically hold such a contest, what rewards I would give? The only thing I can think of, along the lines of the various game-related art contests on NG, would be Steam keys, a full copy of the OST and Supporter. I'm not sure if there's anything to include in a prize bundle beyond that, but I suppose time will tell. I've had no contact from Arpeggio Games lately, which indicates to me that they really are struggling. Oi @Hoeloe, you still around?

Comments (2)

Super low quality and completely tasteless draft of a parody from ages ago uploaded for you specifically - HO!

Somewhere I have that in higher quality -- may not have rendered it since I used low quality source.

But there's tons of my old video editing on that YouTube done using just composited film/avis from other sources. If by chance this is not to your taste and you need to depict hell or bubblegum pop at some later date, I'd be willing to throw my hat in. My YouTube has never been used for a serious project before, really, but I know the basics well enough to make a respectable looking video if I have good source, and the only thing I object to editing is blasphemous content (don't have to worry about that with you I don't think!) and rapey/violent crap that degrades people or would break US law, etc.

Yeah, I guess ya don't have to worry about that with me. XD

This one is quite, uh... I'm not really sure how to depict an area like this with FX.

The theme song that I am covering is for that world, which is really an empty, soulless shell which has a man-made Kingdom Hearts in the sky. See how it goes I guess!

Hello yes, I am still existing. We've had to do a lot of reconsidering of things, and re-evaluating our plans. We've had quite a few setbacks in doing so, and it's still on-going. Apologies for not keeping in contact!

No worries, I am first of all glad to hear from you again. It has been so long, I want to give you a hug.

We really ought to catch up. You can tell me more that way, meep?