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With less than a week to go on Mio/Homura's music video...

Posted by Troisnyx - July 14th, 2017

Some updates:

The first, obviously, being about the Mio/Homura music video. I mentioned in previous posts that the recording date for it is set for 20 July, which is this coming Thursday. Less than a week to go! I'm so excited! Anyway...

We have just a bit of last-minute prep to do, mainly with gathering flowers, preserving them, and using their petals on the actual day. One more bit of clothing left to get as well, and this should be good. If all the people I invited to the filming of Mio/Homura turn up on Thursday, there will be a SEVEN-PERSON CREW! Seven people! I never would have believed it possible when I originally composed Mio/Homura some five years ago.

We have a dress, we have a drum and tambourine, I have the dance moves (sort-of, and all unrehearsed), we have shoes, we have leatherwork for the drum strap, we have makeup, we have a wonderful crew, and we have a wild Troisnyx.

So much of this week's energies is going to go to this project. I wonder how we're all gonna get there, and carry our cameras, flowers, props, and the like. But I suppose that'll be a question for another day...

Now let us all hope and pray and good-vibe that the weather on the 20th, and leading up to it, is ACTUALLY GOOD. Sun and wind will be ideal!



Second on the agenda is an animation by @Wondermeow, not telling you what it is. I'm scoring that. I may dedicate some time within the week to score this, if I'm not already swamped with Mio/Homura prep. If not, it'll have to be after the 20th.

I mentioned on my Twitter that I had external hard drive troubles. No, the actual hard drive itself is fine. The superspeed USB 3.0 cable connecting it went absolutely fucking kaput (thanks, Seán). But we've got a replacement (thanks, Seán ^_^). Now to see if the cable actually fucking fits. Reason why it got delayed due to hard drive troubles is that ALL my samples, bar FL defaults, come from the external hard drive.



Third on the agenda -- yes, this had to be pushed back to third -- is that Kingdom Hearts cover, that YouTube-exclusive, that I was talking about with some of you, called O City That Was Not. This has had to be pushed back for the same reasons as the animation scoring above. I cannot load the project without the external hard drive samples, which means I cannot play any physical instruments along to it either for the time being.



Lastly, and most important to all on Newgrounds, is that the NG Audio Portal 15th Anniversary Collab is under way, and is no longer accepting join requests. Scriptwriting is under way right now, and is being discussed by the respective members associated with it. I was expecting this thread to start say, on 30 July, but we really made quick work of the Logistics Thread. Thanks to all who participated in it, and I'm looking forward to working with the lot of you.

I signed up as a musician, lyricist and vocalist, and have been made Music Director for the project. Scriptwriting director @SourJovis is at his work at the moment. We all report to @Whirlguy, who led the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary Collab back in the day. The cornerstone of this entire project is the scriptwriting, so it's only after this that us musicians and lyricists can start work. I have a month, maybe more, to worry about this, so I'm glad that it means I can take a little bit of a break before this starts.

As soon as Mio/Homura, @Wondermeow's animation and O City That Was Not are all finished, I'm going to take a break from big projects. There may be little submissions in the meantime, or there may be none at all. But when the scriptwriting is finished, I'm back into work mode. Back into the swing of things.

Moderating goes on as per normal. Songs to remove, drama to regulate, users to ban. Same old, same old. I may release an Audio Mod Meepcast soon. Meep. There is a LOT to talk about.

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Ouch, painful to hear about your sound library! If things don't work out with your external hdd you can always break it open, unscrew the hard disk and invest in a hdd station which will connect to your computer via usb. All is not lost!

Thanks for the heads up look forward to the music we are getting close to finishing up the animaton, cheers.

Kind regards,