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On whether I should share my own drawings anymore

Posted by Troisnyx - August 6th, 2017

For the last ten years, it's been me putting in the graft and not getting much out of it. I was determined never to draw again, and @Sabtastic approached me and spoke with me. She, too, had felt what I'd felt of being completely let down by people and events.

I'm going to do what she's done; no contests. I will admit that not drawing has helped me to concentrate more on the music, but every so often, the Sharpies beckon to me. If I put up anything from here on out -- and that's a big IF -- it's only for me. I have been learning fast for someone who started out here on NG as not knowing proportions, depth, and most art theory apart from colour theory, and I intend for that to continue, if at a reduced pace right about now due to the intensifying music work.

As someone who had suffered quite badly as a result of my parents picking apart and tearing up my music, and mocking my art (both on a frequent basis), I don't often know the best way of working through and around the pain. But I don't want my art, or my music for that matter, to get the usual art college snobbery shown at it. I'm not that kind of person.

Any recognition from here on out is going to be classed as a bonus to work that I feel compelled to do. Work that may not bring reward, but cannot be stopped due to the pull it has on me from time to time. The act of sharing anything with others is bound to bring pain, as it has with my childhood and adolescence, but I cannot create art for the sake of myself alone. It is work that may not bring reward, but I feel ought to be shared anyway.



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Aww....-hugs- well if it makes you feel better, I haven't been able to bring myself to do contests for a long while, even though I make contests, I don't like participating in them. If it makes you feel better. I feel your pain. The truth is, though I'm confident in my own work, I'm not confident enough to compete against other people...confidently. I guess I feel there's so many people way better than me here but....yet i know the real nature of a contest is not about that, but having fun in it.

But...yet I can't see the fun in it, I usually participate to win, and with my schedule I don't have time to just participate for fun. It's always something I've wanted to change though someday about myself. But besides the Madness contest, there hasn't been a contest I wanted to participate in just for fun. Though, if someday I decided to let someone else run the art inspired music contest, i would love to compete in that because i love the idea, but would feel wrong. I love running that contest.

Usually i enter contests for the prizes due to my busy schedule. So i end up being disappointed. If I had more time, I would enter more contests for fun probably. It's really about the intent. You make beautiful artwork and music <3 don't stop! :)

I am thinking of entering *a* contest in future, but not on my own. But all that will be discussed later on, I guess.

The art and music have both been suffering, but I think what I suffer with the most is any and all snobbery given towards it.

Thanks for the tag,mam.While I'm not wise enough to give anyone any advice on this 'heavy' subject,I'll just do my best to put my thoughts into words here.And I'm glad that people here had been giving you advice and support you need.

I'm sure most,if not every artist has faced some kind of fear or doubt when they put out their work for the public to see but that's just the reality of it.It isn't easy to get over this problem as it's something that feels like it won't go away but sometimes all it needs is a different perspective.From what you wrote,you've been through some rough times;your parents are harsh in the way they deal with your work but maybe there's more to the picture,something behind all their rather crude treatment of your hard work.Did you try talking to them about it to find out why they don't like it?Is it because they aren't art lovers?Or if they are,was it that your work didn't meet their expectations?I can almost feel your pain there,the closest people who you thought you could turn to for some encouragement ends up doing the opposite-crushing you,your enthusiasm for your craft,childhood dreams,hopes,leaving you confused and hurt.
Sadly,it's the same with the world where you show your works to but at least,those who would love to crush others works and confidence are only a minority.These are people who just pick any fault,no matter how insignificant,in any work and with today's technology,they will make it look like it's a big deal.Artists,past,present and future had,have and will have this problem.no matter what,because it's what makes us humans.Back to the point,you're right to say that 'sharing anything with others is bound to bring pain' but it's more than just pain,there'll be support from like minded individuals who might have been in your shoes or worst and who knows,when these people see your work,they'll be encouraged to start their journeys.I mean,most,of not all successful people have been inspired by others,so why not be the same?If you love what you do and you also know it's going to be a struggle,set your mind to it,grind your teeth and just press on and be the light to others like you.You also know that doing what you love also has to involve 'green' rewards and that would mean getting hired by someone or company but let's suppose you're still uncomfortable with putting your work,there's a few ways to still get noticed and maybe a job.One is to have friends working in the industry you're aiming for and you can impress them with what you can do and if you're capable enough,you can be get recommended for a position there.Another method is to 'open' yourself and let your works be noticed.That means creating and sharing your works in portfolios on websites with communities of people who share the same interest with you.This is not easy to do,based on the problems you wrote above but it all still depends on you.If you want to have a future working in a music/art industry,then being open to the world outside would mostly be the option to get there.

That's all I can think of for now,but thanks for tagging me,though personally,I'm not the kind of person one would turn to for advice,so pardon me if any point I brought up may be flawed in any way.I'll be happy to get your reply and thank you for your time!

To be honest, it's best not to share your art if you want to avoid criticism. People generally don't care about how much effort you put in, and, intentional or not, most people are rather cruel with their criticism. Criticism is mostly useless, as well. People have given me crap for saying that before, but it's true. 99% of the people who look at your art can't do anything better, so all they can tell you is their opinion of it. If you set your work aside for a week or two and then look at it again, your own fresh opinion is just as useful as any random stranger's.

Now, if you get criticism from someone who is making things just like you want to make, then that is useful criticism. People who have reached a high level of ability tend to be much nicer about criticism anyway - they know how long it takes to achieve something decent.

If you want to be safe, only post the art you aren't in love with. That way, when people tear it apart, you won't feel bad about it. Another way to stay safe is to create an immense amount of art. This is something I've been trying to work on, actually. Don't spend 10 hours on a drawing, spend 10 minutes and move on. This will force you to treat your work as less precious.

The real prize to go after is the ability to draw quickly. Go draw 10 figures from reference in 30 mins, and then 10 figures from memory in 30 mins. When that's done, you will be making quick, confident lines, and this is what makes an impression on people. Look at adventure time - there's nothing particularly realistic or even well structured about the drawings. It's just that they're drawn with a confident hand so they don't seem "wrong" in any way. (Not implying anything about your work, here. Just an example.)

Anyway, I can relate. People suck. My mom was never very nice about my art either. Best to just forget about other people. Whenever you feel upset about something someone said, just let go of it, forget about it, think about something else. It's not very important what other people say anyway.

Contests are distraction and non important focus on your work and life. Art and music should be free of competition or discrimination of people's bias. I realized that when I broke off from contests and I have improved tenfold the amount of time I spent on making shitty on due tracks.

You have done the right choice. Don't worry too much about it and free your mind.