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It's finally here! Mio/Homura EXTEND MUSIC VIDEO!

Posted by Troisnyx - August 24th, 2017

After about four hours upload time and an entire night and morning of processing, I am proud and happy to present to all of you the music video for Mio/Homura EXTEND ver.!


I had alluded to it in previous posts, even sharing a few shots from the recording day back on 20 July, but I never would have dreamt, back when I composed the original in 2012, that it would look this good, and be an immense source of joy and positivity to all involved. What started off as a love-it-or-hate-it song from the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch became... well, basically, this.

Big up to Seán and my friends at Soundskills / The Alison Project for helping me make this come to fruition. We made a great team! And a special big up to Seán for getting me to remake this song in the first place. Were it not for you, this probably may not have seen the light of day. Thank you. I love you.



With that, I'm also taking the opportunity to announce that troisnyx.co.uk is LIVE AT LAST!


I had finished the redesign of this website some time back, even going to Soundskills to watercolour some site assets (yes, a good portion of the images you see there are my own watercolours, but not all of them are). However, the home page was going to feature the Mio/Homura music video, and without it, the website could not go live. I'd sent the odd sneak peek to one or two friends, but that was about it. Anyway, it's back up. Happy browsing!



If you're here and hearing Mio/Homura for the first time, then follow the journey:

Comments (7)

Woo! Congrats :D It's quite the journey, I must say. I'm really glad you've come this far.

Thank you so much! It has indeed been quite the journey.

Really awesome video. Felt the love and happiness in this one.

<3 I am grateful.

Beautiful video for a beautiful song :) <3 love it. Wonderful work. Grats on the site too. Sometimes i've considered changing FlareheartStudio.com to RealFaction.com, but i gotta find a way to redirect. Keep on making music! :) You're talented.

Thank you, meep! <3

Echoing RealFaction sentiments | | Also CONGRATS!

Thank you. <3

You're pouring your heart into your craft! Do you have a typical day job, or are you a full musician/artist? The video is lovely, the website is amazing, did you make it yourself in Dreamweaver? I loved Marcomedia Dreamweaver 8 back when I was 13, ah early Newgrounds memories :)
Read your story on the website. Wow most people would've been scarred for life but you've simply expressed yourself in a creative and rather enjoyable manner. The website's gorgeous and should definitely reel in peeps that are interested. Thanks for sharing your work, you're a wonderful artist Troisnyx

At this moment, I do not work, due to legal reasons, so I spend time with my craft and other things.

The website, I did make it myself, but not Dreamweaver. Wix, rather. I remember prior to your comment, in fact just a day prior, I'd accidentally posted a screenshot of the website in its unpublished state, with the Wix editor overlay.

I feel scarred for life in spite of all this. Sometimes the PTSD takes over, and I'm an emotional wreck. Other times, the music helps me. And often, it helps me because I remember the joy I used to have with it as a child, and I don't let go of it.

Thank you for your comment. <3

Added this to my watch later, liked, and shared!

Meeeep! <3