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Things I'm working on, and other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - August 29th, 2017

So what am I working on, given that I concluded a massive project just a few days back? (By the way, this particular link leads to Mio/Homura's music video, which I also mentioned in my FP'ed previous post because it's awesome. YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT.)

Well, these:

  • In the immediate future, I'm scoring two animations by @Wondermeow. I was ill for a short while but now, I seem to have recovered, so I might as well start on them now.


  • A collaboration with @TMM43, which will take its time -- and it is a remake + vocal version of something I've already submitted to NG


  • A collaboration with @ProudAardvark, and this will be something new. I'll be providing vocals to his music.


  • The joy from Mio/Homura's music video prompted a few friends of mine to collaborate with me on Akiko Shikata-like stuff, but methinks it'll take a life of its own rather than be inspired by anyone. Most of the collaborators on this project are not from Newgrounds -- they are from a band called harmonicblend. @Phyrnna is in on the project too, and we're all keeping our eyes peeled as to how this'll go.


  • Starting next month, the musicians will begin work on the Audio Portal 15th Anniversary Audio Drama, so I'll be handling what projects take the least time / have the highest priority, and then take my time with the rest.


  • I still haven't forgotten that I need to do O City That Was Not.


In other news, Seán and I have been discussing what our next big project should be. I'm not going to give away any pointers as to what it might be, but I assure you, it's gonna be as awesome as Mio/Homura is.

Comments (4)

Thanks for the update look forward to what you come up with.

Kind regards,


Sweet! By any chance are you planning on releasing any vocal/drum samples/stems? I snagged the last batch you released to uplift me on a rainy day. Have always found your voice quite soothing and serene.

Ee, thank you. <3 Stems for Mio/Homura, or just anything will do?

My chest feels quite filled with phlegm but once I get better, I'm intending to do some recording over the week -- voice and drum, as usual.

Stems from anything you don't mind being remixed -- but Mio/Homura sounds like fun indeed! And I hope you feel better. I've been sick with the snufflies and the croop as well lately.

There's always Can You See the Clouds Divide for a start; I'm not sure how far you've gone with it :D I'm going to look through my files tonight and see what I could render into stems. You do use FL, right?

Actually, I use MX7. But I've got those stems. Would be awesome if you had a midi file or something though. The file I've started is in some kind of inverted key because I felt like playing with chords. :P