Entry #266


2017-09-14 11:12:33 by Troisnyx

I got taken to hospital for a few hours on Sunday (the urgent care centre to be precise) when the doctors suspected I had pleurisy, because I had chest pains and it hurt me even to sit still or to breathe or to cough. After testing me negative for the worst possible scenarios -- deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism -- they concluded that it was an inflammation of the chest muscles, and rest and painkillers would help ease recovery.

I'm finding it hard to keep my pitch straight because of the phlegm inside me, that is proving impossible to come out at this stage. I cannot force it to come out, not even with a hot shower in the morning.

I have two solo pieces, one of them being vocal Re:Reveris, and I'm determined to release it, and my mind is at this stage where concentrating on other things is almost impossible without Re:Reveris being released. And, of course, I cannot record because my voice is wavering and this bloody phlegm won't fucking go.


Fuck this shit already. Those who said summer colds are the worst ain't felt nowt yet.

@Whirlguy @SourJovis


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2017-09-14 11:22:07

I know you don't mean it literally, but 'bloody phlegm?' Ew. :P

Hope you start feeling better soon! Godspeed.


2017-09-14 12:09:02

yikes that seems pretty awful, hope you get better soon


2017-09-14 12:19:28

whatever happens please be ok


2017-09-15 13:52:32

That's almost what happened to me, no blood, of course, but the lingering chest pains were painful. I was just released today, but it's going to be awhile before I'm completely better. You'll recover too.