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Moving house

Posted by Troisnyx - September 18th, 2017

In about two weeks, Seán and I will be moving in together (albeit on separate beds until we're married; you know, we hold fast to this sort of thing). Seán is leaving his unnecessarily large family home, a home which used to cater for five, but which now caters to just him.

It's bittersweet thinking about all the waiting and rejection before finally getting a home of our own. It's bittersweet moving out from the friend's place, the friend who put me up when I was in great distress last year. Neither Seán nor I can repay the kindness and support shown by this individual. He does not have much, but he shared what he had. I want to do the same.

So this new place is a flat on the ground floor, with front and back gardens and all that you would expect of a two-person flat. It's decently sized. This new place isn't quite ready, but if all goes well, we should be getting the keys in two weeks.

I wish to thank all of those who supported me in my darkest hours. This isn't the end of my struggles by any means, but at least I'm making headway against the wind.

I hope to be back to sitting down at Seán's ahem, rather magnificent desk and producing (as opposed to doing so in bed, contorting myself in rather uncomfortable positions and causing my spine to hurt). So, you'll likely see the return of the MIDI keyboard. I'd not used it over the last year.

Anyway, I'm just overwhelmed with emotion right now. It's something I didn't think would happen for a long time. I'd never had a place to call my own before, and this is going to be the first.

Comments (4)

Congratulations! I wish you that it will be a house filled with love and happiness.

Thank you. I pray for the same.

I'm so happy for you and Seán. this sounds like an awesome oppertunity.
i hope you two have an awesome time in that house ^_^
Good luck with moving in and everything else.
i wish you the best.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Glad to see life's treating you well, Trois! Stay cool

It's not fully treating me well, but I imagine it's a start. Thank you!

Fantastic news! I hope your move goes smoothly and the apartment is comfortable. :-)

I bet being around one another a lot more will also be a great improvement.