Entry #272

So Trois, where have you been all this time?

2017-10-24 05:36:10 by Troisnyx

As I mentioned on my own Discord server a few times, I've been moving house. The move's been complete two weeks ago, but in between tiredness, struggling to find a routine and suffering with many a PTSD attack, I've not been able to go online much. Now, here I am, and I hope to settle into some sort of routine.

It's a ground floor flat, shared between me and the fiancé, Seán -- albeit on separate beds because we're Catholics and we don't do the cohabiting thing and the closest thing we can do to avoid that is to have separate beds.


Two Wednesdays ago it was bare and Seán and I were eating chips in packets off the floor. Now, it looks a lot more like a home. It's still a work in progress, as you can see by the loose wires here and there, but it's a place we can truly call our own, and for this, I am really grateful. <3



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2017-10-24 06:45:58

Looks cozy, glad you're getting settled in! :)

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers! ^_^ Certainly feels it.


2017-10-24 07:34:12

My profile on my PC got corrupted and I'm still trying to figure out how to get Discord to run (I can't find it)

Troisnyx responds:

No chance of running it from the browser on another device? O.o Or phone app?


2017-10-24 08:25:18

And that's how you turn a house into a home! May you thoroughly enjoy your new environs, and I'm sure those loose wires will be put to rights...eventually. :D

Troisnyx responds:

I hope both literally and figuratively!


2017-10-24 08:29:50

A room with a fireplace is always a good idea, especially in winter!

On another note, I recently found a Bible in our house. Dunno how it got there considering we're all atheists but it was an interesting find nonetheless.

Troisnyx responds:

Well, that did come as a surprise. O.o

As for the fireplace, it's an electric one, and the landlords installed it immediately prior to us moving in, after we reported that when we went to view the place, it'd been trashed. So they set to work replacing the doors with more solid ones, replacing the smashed plugs and damaged electrics, and finally, installing the fire. I am so pleased that it's there. ^_^


2017-10-24 09:39:22

Nice apartment there. Nice music decorations. :D

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you; they're functional too! ^_^ Thank Seán for the idea.


2017-10-24 10:41:07

Congrats on your new home!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you~ ^_^


2017-10-24 11:17:45

Looks like a comfy new place, congrats. :)

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers mate ^_^


2017-10-24 13:58:12

Glad to see things getting better for you. :)

Troisnyx responds:

I sincerely hope this is the first of many; this is quite a turnaround.


2017-10-24 15:35:43

Sweet beans, I didn't know you guys were Catholic! Glad I'm not alone, lol.

Everything looks great you guys; I'll be praying for you guys that God will give you peace throughout the process. :)

Go dtuga Dia agus Muire an tsláinte daoibh!


Troisnyx responds:

Go raibh maith agat <3 Thank you for the prayers, and please keep them coming. We could use plenty, meep.

And you and I are most certainly not the only ones on this site who look to the chair of Peter, I know of a good few.


2017-10-24 16:20:09

Looks great Troisnyx! Glad everything went well in the end...

Troisnyx responds:

Not everything, yet. There are still broken pieces to fix, and I hope that it'll all get sorted.


2017-10-24 17:43:28


Troisnyx responds:

Thank you! ^_^


2017-10-24 19:13:58

Congrats on your new home. Hope you have wonderful times there with Seán.

The draft of the script we're working on right now we call the third draft. I'll upload it on November 7th.

I've read the new posts on discord about the musical themes for the audio drama. I'll try to make time to read daily and reply if required.

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers on both the house and the script. Looking forward to seeing what it'll bring. You got a link for me to see where it's at at the moment?

I'll be doing some research into the music associated with Pico and Darnell and Nene, and posting some links etc in the Discord later.


2017-10-25 00:34:06

I love you, Annette! And glad to hear things are looking up for you, and you're in my prayers. Dunno if you or anyone have sent me any mail. I'm going through a lot of social anxiety right now and confess I haven't been keeping up with everyone like I should, but if so, poke me again.

I also started a little work on Re:Reveris. I'm actually thinking of getting a new mic for the purposes of singing it back to you -- possibly in a different key because my little voice is just woefully insufficient when it comes to soprano, and I thought it might be a better show of my appreciation than rehashing your vocals. I'll still give credit as always -- you really did a wonderful job writing this piece. I get a little misty-eyed, you feel?

Anyway, take care, and keep in the faith. And good on you with the new place. I remember you mentioning it a while ago and was wondering how you were getting on. Cheers on the arrangements as well. I know the struggle. Me and mine, well, we have to share a bed due to lack of space, and there's that stigma. As Christians, the stereotype can be a black mark on our testimony right off the bat, because people assume we're holding onto some kind of pet sin, unfortunately. Good that you've got a solution, even if for your own consciences more than anything else. It's all between us and YHWH. One thing's for sure, I think He's happier with the two of you under this roof together than where you were previously staying, and I'm happy you're finally becoming free!

Troisnyx responds:

Adrienne(?), I love you and I am so grateful you came back to me with this. Don't worry, I haven't PMed you recently but technically you're also one of the ones I'm sending my apology to as music director for the NGAP15 project, so there's that.

Don't worry about changing keys and the like, meep. The fight in the faith is hard and that's what prompts me to write songs like that. There are the few who do encourage me in this fight, Catholic, Protestant or otherwise, because this is a good fight even if we don't feel it is. Just talking about this makes me think that eventually, I might write a sequel to it...

I know that at the end of the day what we do is between us and God anyway, but even to others we try to be true to ourselves. I don't doubt that He brought this home for us, and with all its teething troubles, we still consider it very much our home, a gift. I hope this is a step towards me becoming free; Seán most certainly feels it is. I cannot see the end of the tunnel but Seán seems to be able to, and has been encouraging me through happy thoughts and wearied voice, as I battle with this everyday. Pray that my heart be open to God's graces at this time; I've been asked to pray this for myself and gladly will, but would appreciate it if others helped me on this too.


2017-10-25 00:57:02

Nice place! Script is still underway but I believe we can start sfx and music one the third draft is out. Pretty exciting!

Troisnyx responds:

Looking forward to where it goes! I'm going to do a bit of work tonight after QI.


2017-10-25 15:21:09

I, for one, would like to be added to the subscriptions tag line.

Also, the house doesn't look bad at all! Decent.

(Updated ) Troisnyx responds:

Cheers. I'll be sure to add you to subscriptions in the next post!


2017-10-25 19:13:24

sweet jam room y0

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers ^_^


2017-10-25 20:23:34

Here's the link to the second draft. That's the most recent render.

We're working on the third draft right now. If you PM me an e-mail address I can add you as a collaborator to the writerduet project so you can read the current version and view all of the changes when you want.

Troisnyx responds:

I'll PM it you, sure.


2017-10-26 21:53:35

I didn't know you could do that browser thing o.o
I have a flip phone and don't keep up with the weird phone technology

Troisnyx responds:

That's how I do it most times. I don't bother installing Discord on my PC because the web version is just as fast and capable. Maybe it misses video calls or I need to upgrade to Nitro or somesuch, but it's fine in the browser as is.


2017-10-29 12:13:36

You don't ever have to feel bad about taking a break from the internet. It's a valuable tool, but can also be damaging to your health when used too much. Glad to see you back. :) I'm gonna PM you some windchimes that could help you out with stress,


2017-11-05 20:32:36

That explains the hiatus. Moving's a stressful task for most people. I've helped my family move three times this year, I understand all but the PTSD part. That living room's lovely, good arrangement. Almost as good an arrangement as your cover Pentecost Veni Sancte Spritus. I'm glad to see you've risen above eating from chip bags off the floor :P I'm sure the routine will follow suit soon enough. Glad to have you back Troisnyx and it's good that you dropped the internet for the moving time, some people are truly crazy and never let the phone go unattended/


2017-11-06 12:56:20

@Whirlguy @BiPolarBeat @Chris354 @Kalviter @Kwing @Mawnz @Septyrikon @AceMantra @alternativesolution @Azhthar @Biggyzoom @EverReverb @FGK2015 @Jassummisko @JordanKyser @DarkRoxy @NekoMika @SourJovis @I0TA @TheDukeOfJuke @Theepicosity

Tagging you all again with a few exceptions because I don't know whom among you does EDM, especially DNB or bigroom or some dark stuff.

Would be appreciated if all of you got on Discord ASAP; but I'll put the gist of what the next short project in this audio drama is.

Now the intro where our fat cat is speaking and ruminating, has a version of the Club-a-Seal DNB loop. I'm yet to estimate how long it is, but basically we need a few of you to team up and make a version of that, which sounds foreboding and dark (but still has that electronic vibe). So, do talk among yourselves and see which ones among you are up for the task, and get back to me.


2017-11-08 08:41:21

Do you need some Dark DnB? I might be able to provide.

Troisnyx responds:

Yes, for the Club-a-Seal section. It's going to be a rather short one, I think. You gonna be on Discord later?


2017-11-08 20:08:19

I keep my Discord up usually. But I'm working my ass off at my job, but I might be able to make time on my off days.


2017-11-08 20:08:44

Two buts...


2017-11-08 20:14:39

Hmm the Discord channel was rather quiet in a few days. I should check in more often. I can muster up something for your project.


2017-11-09 08:33:09

Hey. Sorry, but I've been completely awol from this project from almost the moment it started. I probably shouldn't have volunteered to be involved, I'm completely lost and too busy to catch up. Please remove me from your roster of musicians.


2017-11-10 16:48:42

Worry about your health first then go on online... We'll be here for you if you need us! I hope your music flourishes after this dark time. PS. The room looks good!

Best dj sh
I have a new song out and an album that should go public next month so I hope my music helps you in any way... (on soundcloud) That's all I can give at the moment... See you!