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Lel, that bog roll made me crack up. XD
Nicely done, as always. Is Bojo meant to be flipping off anyone who views the Keep Calm poster?

ChazDude responds:

Yes. Yes he is.

I wonder if he doesn't say to the grandchildren when he's older, "Come here, kids. Ol' Grandpa here will teach you how to knit," which is a pretty jarring image from the bloody, aggressive bloke we know him to be.

Great work; I love the realistic detail, especially on the cloth. Is the yarn made out of clay, wire, or something else?

Rukuha-san responds:

I imagine his grandchildren would probably wear ALL ugly Christmas sweaters that have been knitted by grandpa Hank.
Because you DO NOT disrespect grandpa Hank's presents (ಠワಠ)

Thank you, darling uwu
Everything is made of plasticine except knitting needles (and the base of the figurine of course). Those are wires.

The drawing itself looks accomplished (well done!), but the background is distracting. It has the same amount of light as the foreground.

So what that results in is this: on the thumbnail, she looks so good, but in the actual art piece in full, I'm getting a bad headache.

Probably grey out (less saturation) on the BG a bit? Thinner, less bold lines? I know it's stained glass but the thing with thicker lines is, they help us define what is in the foreground of a flat image. Mash's outlines are so thin that she basically almost disappears into the BG.

Shon2 responds:

Great suggestion, thank you for the help!

Guy in blue should've been an ICE guy rather than a policeman, I think that'll have really sealed the deal~

ChazDude responds:

'Cos we're totally an American puppet state now, haha.

I do like the design -- it's wide, looks expansive, gives people reason to explore more.

But Featured Audio and Featured Art are missing, and I wonder if this layout would take away from that. Also, we don't know if Tom and co are planning the Writing Portal, and how it'd take shape (and how content from there would be featured).

willKMR responds:

Featured Audio and Featured Art would be right underneath! This is just showing the top of the site before you scroll.

The detail on this is simply spectacular. And the colours are so soothing, too. Well done!

lavenderflowerpuddle responds:

Oh thanks so much! I think I'll work on something today :) Any suggestions?

Figured I'd give you a follow, because I love your art -- and especially this one. There is a feel to it much like a children's book or animation. And while it may not feel the most striking to me colour-wise, it feels so dynamic. So lively. I can almost *feel* the movement and hear the sounds of what's going on in here, which is rare for me to say about a piece of artwork.

Keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to seeing more from you.

SomeTinyCritter responds:

I didn't know what to do about the colours so I'll learn to plan it better for future artwork ^^ Thank you for your thorough feedback and follow!!

On the surface, it's a really warm but dystopian life drawing. There are loads of tired, bored and eager faces. Look deeper, and there is one person with a light shining around her, that one person who is so easy to miss. We see people, but not the *persons*.

Might also add that the colour is on point. It's so easy on my eyes despite it being warm, and I could stare at this all day. It looks like it is part of a film of some sort, and I would love to see more -- either sequel drawings, or animated. Thank you for sharing this with us.

MagtiraPaolo responds:

Thank you for the kind words! Actually, this image is a cover for 60 page comic I made. It's slated for a local release this Saturday. Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten around an english translation for the comic yet, considering the subject matter and narrative is too culturally inclined with my country and its people. It might not make much sense to western readers. I don't know, maybe someday the publisher will push for an international release.

The panel structure is much neater, tidier, more dynamic than your previous work. I'd still suggest to work on cleaner depictions of the human form, I think that'd enhance it by a long shot.

You seem to be much better at backgrounds; the first thumbnail feels pretty spot on to me. I couldn't tell, until thumbnail 4, however, that it was a tentacle monster attacking, and why it was attacking. The lines in thumbnails 2, 3, 4 and 5 need distinguishing -- drawing it fast, in one stroke, could help it look steadier and less shaky -- and for something with a lot of action, there need to be clearer lines that distinguish.

Also, don't hesitate to use mid greys, perhaps by just doing lighter ink washes for parts that are not too light, or not too dark.

There's been one artist whom I've been following this Inktober, her username on Twitter is kilotango. She's been doing an entire series of single thumbnails with characters Tacey and Clay, her originals. The way she draws and colours things has been a particular inspiration to me of late, and I'd also like you to see what you can pick up from that.

AdventVoice responds:

Sounds great, I will give her a peep.

It has a rather nostalgic feel to it. I like it a lot. Comic book nostalgia, perhaps. The colours are striking; they caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I like.

WooleyWorld responds:

I think the first one was more successful, but I do like this one a lot too.

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