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Troisnyx's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 2,959 (From 392 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 41,820 Points

Battle Blades; Black Version

Adventure Unlocked 7/25/15
5 Points
Win your first game.
Shopping Unlocked 7/25/15
5 Points
Buy a new part.
Battle Blader I 5 Points Earn 500 BP.
Battle Blader II 5 Points Earn 1000 BP.
Bronze 5 Points Win Tournament Bronze.
Battle Blader III 10 Points Earn 2000 BP.
Battle Blader IV 10 Points Earn 5000 PB.
Silver 10 Points Win Tournament Silver.
Gold 25 Points Win Tournament Gold.
Golden Astronaut 50 Points Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Medals Earned: 2/10 (10/130 points)

Battleground Legends

10000K Unlocked 3/16/16
25 Points
You made 10000 Kills
1000HP Unlocked 8/21/14
25 Points
You restored 1000 health points.
1000K Unlocked 8/21/14
25 Points
You made 1000 Kills
100AD Unlocked 8/21/14
25 Points
You dodged 100 attacks
2500HP Unlocked 3/16/16
25 Points
You restored 2500 health points.
10000HP 25 Points You restored 10000 health points.
1000A 25 Points You restored 1000Armor
1000AD 25 Points You dodged 1000 attacks.
2500A 25 Points You restored 2500 Armor
2500AD 25 Points You dodged 2500 attacks
50000K 25 Points You made 50000 Kills
5000A 25 Points You restored over 5000 armor
100000K 50 Points You made 100000 Kills
10000A 50 Points You restored 10000 armor
25000HP 50 Points You restored 25000 health points
5000AD 50 Points You dodged 5000 attacks

Medals Earned: 5/16 (125/500 points)

BBS Awards 2010

Play Dat Funky Music Unlocked 11/12/11
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Observant Unlocked 11/12/11
25 Points
View all awards.
Worst Username Change 10 Points Please change it back!
1.4 Minute Quiz Break 25 Points Get all questions right on the quiz!
Biggest Spammer 50 Points Click. Click. Click. Click. Click... x250
Goldstruck 50 Points Collect 70 trophies in Manly-Chicken's mini game.
Never Logs Off 50 Points Keep the window open for 3600 seconds!

Medals Earned: 2/7 (30/215 points)

Bearboy and the Cursor

Tutorial be done, son! Unlocked 9/1/11
5 Points
Completed the first level, have a medal!
Bear Grilled 10 Points Complete the Hot Zone
Cool DooD 10 Points Complete the Cool Zone
Score Bandit 10 Points Get a Total Score of more Than 5000
Bear of Darkness 25 Points Complete the Dark Zone
Score Lord of DOOOOOOOOOOM! 25 Points Get a Total Score of more Than 10000
Waspa Stole my honey! 25 Points Get your Honey Comb back!
Lookin' Good! 50 Points Find the hidden Tophat
Now you're a BearMan 50 Points You found your balls, don't forget to play with them!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/210 points)


Good Beard, Good Memory Unlocked 5/23/12
10 Points
Remember and repeat ten beard movements.
Great Beard, Great Memory Unlocked 5/23/12
25 Points
Remember and repeat 20 beard movements!
Could You Repeat That Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Just A Bit Slower Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (35/55 points)

Billionaire Bum

My First Dollar Unlocked 7/15/15
5 Points
Earn 1 G
College credit Unlocked 7/15/15
10 Points
Hire an intern
The good stuff Unlocked 7/15/15
10 Points
Try Some "Magic Powder" ;)
Going places Unlocked 7/15/15
25 Points
Level up for the first time
Miner Unlocked 7/15/15
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The big league Unlocked 7/15/15
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Billionaire bum 100 Points Complete The game

Medals Earned: 6/7 (125/225 points)

Black & White Escape: House

Get out of the basement Unlocked 7/12/16
25 Points
Get out of the basement
Fish 10 Points Fix the fix tank.
Puzzler 25 Points Solve a puzzle.
Word 25 Points Solve a word puzzle.
Escape! 50 Points Escape!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (25/135 points)

BlastOff Bunnies

Kiss from the moon Unlocked 10/17/11
5 Points
Reach the moon!
Marsbunny Unlocked 10/17/11
5 Points
Fly past mars!
Exploration saturn Unlocked 10/17/11
10 Points
Explore saturns rings!
Jupiter explorer Unlocked 10/17/11
10 Points
Take a close look at jupiter!
Deep space bunny Unlocked 10/17/11
25 Points
Get at least one bunny into deep space!
Flight for money 25 Points Collect at least $2250 in one single flight!
Deep space family 50 Points Get at least 5 bunnies into deep space!
Money collector 50 Points Collect a grand total of at least $32500 in one complete game!
King of the bunnies 100 Points Get a grand score of at least 675.000 !

Medals Earned: 5/9 (55/280 points)


Customizer Unlocked 2/14/14
5 Points
You have changed the console color!
2lines 5 Points First 2x lines removed!
firstitem 5 Points First item used!
10times 10 Points You have played this game a few times!
4lines 10 Points T3Tr1S!!
level1 10 Points You have passed your first level
itemmaster 25 Points You have used all types of items!
level10 25 Points You reached level 10!
10kmedal 50 Points You scored +10k points!
50k Master 100 Points You achieved a score of +50k!!
70k 100 Points Pushing the human limits! +70k

Medals Earned: 1/11 (5/345 points)


Chris! Unlocked 2/9/13
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
First Love! Unlocked 2/9/13
10 Points
Once in a Lifetime someone finds Love.
Big Bullets! 5 Points Make your Missiles bigger with the use of a Power-up.
Ghostbuster! 10 Points You hit a Ghost block!
Over 9000! 50 Points You scored over 9000, really?!

Medals Earned: 2/5 (20/85 points)