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I was about to sign this, but I'm not really comfortable with having to enter my address :/

Wait, they ask for your ADDRESS?!
I honestly did not have that happen to me D: Unless it means location, in which case I can see why.

Yeah, can't get away with only putting in "United Kingdom", it won't submit unless I also enter a street address and post code.

Hm. Not the postcode only? I'm going to see if I can't edit the settings on that petition perchance.

Would be cool - in any case, postcode only would still give my location with street-level precision, as a post code covers just one road here generally.

Sowwies. I tried :(

@Mich It seems that it's location-based, but I've changed the location of interest to the US rather than the UK. It still does seem like Change.org's policy to ask for addresses and postcodes though.

I've skimmed the privacy policy and it looks like the only parties change.org may potentially share the full address details with is the recipients of the petition, in this case Google and Apple. They already have my address anyway, so I went ahead and signed it as well.

Glad you did that, phew. Cheers. I know how disconcerting it is for others to have your address etc.


It's sad to see a decent idea like GD devolve into something so hideous.

What makes it worse is that the creator of that game seems to be doing absolutely nothing to quell the brattiness of its players. When a fandom goes rotten......

Just being curious, is it a choice to not include Steam into the recipients, or did you just forget it ?

I did forget it. I will include it as soon as I return home.

EDIT: Steam somehow isn't in Change.org's database. However, @RealFaction did mention to flag the hell out of Geometry Dash on Steam and provide the reasons why. I flagged it, and I intend for the word to be spread around.

Signed. This is way overdue.

Hey, can I repost this later?

Oh absolutely!

Also, @LuckyLightTitan, @Luwano and @JustAPunnyGuy please sign this petition.

Sent ;)


wow, shit is deep.
well, in this case, i probably cannot help but SIGN THOSE SHITHEADS OUT OF IT.
good luck my friends :)

Thank you. And your English has become a lot better since!

Signed <3

Thank you~

@LuckyLightTitan yes, my name is James. Don't wear it out. Or I'll kill you. lol jk

@cank @bluealpha14 @Jackho @Deftones665 @Exedor @LexaHergon @TigerMvintage You might want to see this. If I'm right, please share it with anyone you know who would be similarly interested.

Petition signed. I would also settle for GD being rolled back not to include custom songs, but I AM SO PISSED RobTop is making money off of not only his userbase's content creation but also THEFT. You see how he's been hesitant updating the app.

Petition signed so fucking hard and shared on facebook and Twitter. That's a total of 2000 eyes that should in theory be able to see it. I may even go and re-share it on my artist page on FB. It needs some bumping anyway.

Btw, thanks for including all the points I mentioned on that newspost earlier. You collected all these thoughts in a more coherent way than I could have dreamed. Thank you!

Anytime. I don't feel eloquent and I've found it much harder to express myself of late, but we have had three years of validation of these problems so it makes it much, much easier.

A big part of me wishes I could say the same about expressing my own issues, but that will be another story for later.

Petition signed.

I'm glad something's finally being done about this.

After hearing what you went through, I'm kinda not surprised and in fact, it was in response to the open letter to you that I made this petition. I hope more people see it and the threshold gets raised HIGHER AND HIGHER.

Hopefully this will send a message to others who think NG can be pushed around all willy nilly.

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