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An update for Pixel Day

Posted by Troisnyx - January 23rd, 2018

First of all, happy Pixel Day. Apologies for not being able to post anything for the event; in between the events of this newspost and my mic going absolutely kaput (yes, the Blue Snowball's packed in now), I've not yet been able to finish anything. Not yet.

But, dun dun dun duuuunnnn....







By the way, I painstakingly made the cover image for this song on PowerPoint (yes) after the original was done for Pixel Day with MS Paint. The new cover for this song is now something I'm quite proud of. There's hints of the vintage in there, and you may soon hear why.

Those of you who remember the inaugural Pixel Day will remember that I took part in the music and art competitions. I didn't place for art, but I placed second in the music competition with Une Nouvelle Chance. Now, I am in the midst of working on it with several friends at Soundskills. One of our friends (you'll remember the name, Greg Slater) put down a sweet, sweet guitar to complement the 8-bit goodness that I made sure to keep in the remade track. I had to transpose it down a few keys to be able to sing it, and for it to have enough impact.

This link will take you to a progress upload, meaning an unfinished version, of the remake of Une Nouvelle Chance. Now, I've advanced since then, having recorded proper vocals and a preliminary drum track. The vocals were recorded over the course of yesterday. Our mixer, Jason Beardsworth, is probably going to put down bass on this and then shred some rhythm guitar on this. The idea is that the final track should be loud, powerful and fat.

I'd only shared it with a few people before, but I think it's time I shared it with everyone who enjoys pixels and things. It's not a participation per se, but it's a remake of a participation of mine from years past.



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Comments (6)

that's a nice cover!
Can't wait to listen to the full song...

I hope you'll enjoy it! <3

That's crazy that you made that on powerpoint. XD

Ah well, until I gave up my Office licence I used to use that thing as an image editor and I loved it.

Belated Congrats on that second spot, and on reaching 700 fans! :P Nice audio work, also you know it really is a lot easier doing image work with something like Flash or Photoshop. XD Turned out good though... maybe PP has greater uses than I'd imagine.

Finally: Would like to subscribe to these posts if that's alright.

Sure, I'll add you to the list! Also, thank you, you cheeky diffle, you~
I don't really get used to Photoshop all that much; Soundskills does have CS6 and they're just round the corner from me, but I tend to prefer FireAlpaca these days.

PowerPoint does have a fair bit of image-making and image-editing capability once you're used to working it, and in the absence of Photoshop, that's what I'd been using to make transparent PNGs. Now that I'm not spending on an Office 365 licence though, I just use something else, I guess. ^_^'


Ah FireAlpaca does look pretty neat, hadn't heard of it before (don't think it's listed on the NG resources page either). FREE is definitely a pretty good selling point. I'm pretty settled in with the ones I've been using the last ~10 years, but might be time to try something new...

Well I have the '07 suite I think, from back when it wasn't so hella expensive. These new license-based subscriptions don't come cheap in the long run... haven't worked with PowerPoint since school though I think, just Word, and via work quite a bit of Excel lately.

Now that your subscription's done is it onto Open Office instead? LibreOffice? Some new competitor I don't know about there too?

I do have OpenOffice installed, but I don't know of any of the other competitors that do at least a modicum of image editing. I rely on the online tools instead -- LunaPic, PineTools -- to add the filters that I no longer have.

FireAlpaca not quite enough for the images then? Another two I hadn't heard of before hmm... good to know. I'd heard Paint.NET (confusingly enough on getpaint.net) and GIMP was as close to PS as you could get without going commercial, regarding filters and such. I use an old version of Fireworks myself, as a much lighter/much easier alternative to PS - and better for site design in particular, though not free. It's another one of the three programs Adobe originally bought from Macromedia, though they eventually discontinued it for PS, which is a shame since there's no other good alternative quite like it. It's great both for both vector-based work, photo manipulation and regular design elements. Was super simple to get into but with pretty heavy functionality once you learn it.

FireAlpaca is good for making them transparent, so I'd still use it for that for instance. GIMP I remember was so clunky. Thing is, FireAlpaca functions like Paint Tool SAI if you haven't already used it. I haven't seen much *yet* in the way of photomanipulation but mind you, I hardly do it.

Oh Paint Tool SAI's another one I hear recommended a lot. Should have everything the other two do too, then. I've only ever worked with the 'professional' programs myself: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, etc. Learned those via school and university courses first, but I was already experimenting with Fireworks and Flash before that, and they really are so much easier.

I've tested some really specific ones like Hexels (which was fun) and a few others for pixel work... but none that stuck. If you're on a Mac I hear Sketch is pretty close to FW too. Soz, no good recommendations otherwise. I'm totally boxed in when it comes to FW. XD