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Frightening, and otherwise well done. Reminds me of the Realians in Xenosaga and how they've been used as objects and ill-treated by the human population, and how they're fighting for their rights. This could easily apply to anyone, but I'm kinda glad you went with what you did.

And holy wow that was done BY HAND? That is some immense dedication. Respect.

Coutto responds:

Thanks! Yes, done by hand, was very hard, because of i don't have a professional scanner, but i did it! haha

The stylised, rounded look you've got is charming, even if I'm not sure it works with the flames in this short.

Your camera work is spot on. There are some scenes where you have not only nice use of close-ups, but nice use of flashbacks, filters, etc. The music is alright, I wouldn't have chosen differently from what you did.

The content itself feels waaaay too cliché, like this is stuff I've not only heard of, but known to happen well since my early childhood. I mean, I grew up in an area where forest fires for the sake of palm oil plantations were extremely rife, and it's not just to me: to others, I feel like you're preaching to the choir. It makes me think back, the film that attacked this particular subject best was Bambi, and that was predominantly after a relationship was established with the animals and the surroundings, and in one small scene nonetheless.

For things to be impactful, they need to hit hard where, ideally, no one has done before. Otherwise, it'd have to be delivered in a new scenario that no one has thought would impact others before. Protecting the environment is one of our top concerns, and man has the capability to destroy it -- but perhaps a juxtaposition between the good, trying, environmentally friendly person vs the people whose actions bear far more weight and destroy the world?

If you claim to give me uncomfortable truth, then allow me to give you a piece of uncomfortable truth as well.

The animation, the typography, is well done. Maybe not as dynamic as RicePirate's 'Dot Dot Dot', but still clear, and eye-popping, and sombre for the tone of the actual thing.

I will thank you for the truth of Confucius having tried to right wrongs in the people around him, I will thank you for that. I will thank you for pointing out the inner 'comfortable' nature that we tend to slink into as persons.

Aside from that, it gets into some pretty incoherent rambling. I could make neither head or tail of the structure apart from a few glimpses into the subject matter. It changed so quickly between moments. I only got a few sections staying in my head: Confucius' death, governments claiming to be one thing but doing another, people being comfortable, and 'fuck you'. All that didn't even make sense when put together, of course, because there are meant to be things that join them, but they were joined so loosely.

Plus, it fails to take into account:

1) Confucius may have been a good man for his time, but there are many principles of his that are unconscionable in our modern understanding. For example, North Korea is basically a dictatorship BASED ON Confucian thought, and at the helm of it is a complete subordination to one's parents, because you don't choose your parents. That same logic basically causes the Kims to stay in power. That sort of logic, applied in a lesser extent, causes children to not be their own persons and I have had friends who were subjected to that sort of logic, obviously for worse. It justified all sorts of abuse in the name of parents being the 'bosses'. You aren't meant to speak out if they do wrong, because they're your parents -- and that's the long and short of it. And yet, what justifies Confucius saying 'obey your parents like that' and then, speaking out against his country and presumably the Emperor of China?

2) You forget the people who refuse to be comfortable, and go out of their way to make things better for people, only to get fired, murdered, or killed. You put a blanket blame on everyone without realising that some of the people watching... are *precisely* those people who got clandestinely fired, gotten rid of, abused, tortured. I speak as someone who grew up outside of the big G7 or G20 cities and experienced all this first-hand, who had publicly spoken out about things like this, and had to flee due to fear of what would happen to me.

I don't know if you're doing this to really make people better, or to just hurl blame at people for the sake of doing so. I cannot gauge your intention from just watching this. But the strawman in this video is so big, it's the elephant in the room.

Get the full extent of your facts right, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll be on to something at last.

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The game itself is decent. There are bits of it that feel disorienting (turns, especially within that really trippy rainbow-coloured level). A lot of it feels like I need to still get used to it. I did get decently far into it for my first few tries, at 1,000+, and I suppose that with a bit of practice, I could get further.

There are some controls that I don't find myself using -- the bunny hops, the drift mode. I feel I'm moving way too quickly in the level to justify using it; steering the craft feels like hard work.

I think the one thing that I would really outwardly call a flaw, a gash in the feel of the game, is the music. The level seems like a cross between F-Zero and Rainbow Road out of Mario Kart games, but the BGM feels anything but -- and there are parts where it's made my head hurt.

Quite a neat little dress-up game, I guess -- though I'd appreciate lots more inserts and options; it just feels still a bit too cookie-cutter for the time being. Anyway, I did my best with what was there and came up with these:



General appearance of a member of a tribe that goes barefooted and unarmed. The creatures of the land of the dead do not touch them. They wear a deathly green, and their hair is black from coal and soot.

They all bear medieval English names, like Aldus and Kinborough and Randel and Tenny and Wybert.

In the case of 2,3,12,2,2,2,62,30,2,20,2,2

As the masks whiten and bleed, and as they temporarily gain the ability to levitate, they interpret it as an omen that one of their own, or someone who associated with them, will die soon. In many cases, it is true, though sometimes, the cause of death can be averted. When Matt and co. venture into the land of the dead, the masks whiten and bleed not for members of these people's tribe... but for Matt and co.

It's a 2048 clone, and quite an addictive one at that. Docked a star because of a bug that's gone uncorrected; any score above 20K causes the game to freeze. You can still submit scores, but you cannot make any moves as soon as you get a certain kind of monster associated with 20K scores.

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It feels like an actual level theme -- a tad downtempo / relaxed for a boss theme. I don't feel a sense of urgency or grandeur associated with a boss.

JackStormYT responds:

Ok Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can do to update this!

Intro is the stuff of legends to me, there needs to be more of this, but something tells me that there's been plenty of borrowing from William Tell in the theming of this piece. It's well produced, and actual *classical* is very seldom heard in this day and age which makes it refreshing to me.

The thematic bit that comes in with the mallets after the first soft bit... feels a bit... trite to me. There are some points where it feels peaceful, some parts where it feels solemnly adventurous, and some parts where it feels calm, but never do these bits meet. I do get emotional whiplash from this a lot.

Plenty of the fortes and mezzos, very little of the pianos and pianissimos. I'd love to know what you had in mind in composing the sections as they are; it is hard for me to tell how at this point.

VociferousMusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, William Tell, haha. Actually, I thank you very much for giving me the composer's name as I kinda forgot his name. But you are right, I kind of thought about his piece 'Overture Finale' when I composed this (however, I did not listen to his piece since quite a while). But anyway, I wanted to somewhat recycle his concept and re-use it in a more... modern way, while still staying classical.

I totally agree with you about pianos. To be honest, I already have been a composer for dramatic and actionful music and started off as such. I'm currently trying to get into softer music, but step by step. I could have stretched the part at 1:22 for quite a while and keep it like that, but at the moment I felt like I have to get to the point, so I left it rather short.

At the end, what I wanted to express with this piece is a story of a younger aged character who meets a fantasy world, meets new friends, exploring and experiencing adventures with them. So here I kind of focused on the playful adventure thing.
If I wanted to describe a movie with this, my choice definitely would fall for a Disney or Pixar production.

My main goal for this composition actually was to work on my transitions in between sections, which I hope I have improved compared to my past works.

Arg blarg... MIDI. There's a reason why we generally avoid them.

Musically, I can see what you were attempting here, and it sounds like a blend between classical and the 80s synthwave of Stranger Things, the kind you hear in the intro. I'm hoping that when you do get your DAW and revisit this, the dissonance in the melodies here might be turned down by putting some parts more forward in the mix, and some parts behind.

TheStoryteller5655 responds:

Alright, thanks for the feedback, I am currently looking at free daws, and I think I found one that'll work for me, LMMS. Anyway, over the next few weeks / months I'll be figuring stuff out, and eventually remake this on their. Have a nice day.

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Lel, that bog roll made me crack up. XD
Nicely done, as always. Is Bojo meant to be flipping off anyone who views the Keep Calm poster?

ChazDude responds:

Yes. Yes he is.

I wonder if he doesn't say to the grandchildren when he's older, "Come here, kids. Ol' Grandpa here will teach you how to knit," which is a pretty jarring image from the bloody, aggressive bloke we know him to be.

Great work; I love the realistic detail, especially on the cloth. Is the yarn made out of clay, wire, or something else?

Rukuha-san responds:

I imagine his grandchildren would probably wear ALL ugly Christmas sweaters that have been knitted by grandpa Hank.
Because you DO NOT disrespect grandpa Hank's presents (ಠワಠ)

Thank you, darling uwu
Everything is made of plasticine except knitting needles (and the base of the figurine of course). Those are wires.

Found this after you shared it on Grounds Patrol's Discord. Minus the fact that it looks a bit unpolished, with it being your first submission and all, you captured the look and feel of the actual game. Well done!

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