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The stylised, rounded look you've got is charming, even if I'm not sure it works with the flames in this short.

Your camera work is spot on. There are some scenes where you have not only nice use of close-ups, but nice use of flashbacks, filters, etc. The music is alright, I wouldn't have chosen differently from what you did.

The content itself feels waaaay too cliché, like this is stuff I've not only heard of, but known to happen well since my early childhood. I mean, I grew up in an area where forest fires for the sake of palm oil plantations were extremely rife, and it's not just to me: to others, I feel like you're preaching to the choir. It makes me think back, the film that attacked this particular subject best was Bambi, and that was predominantly after a relationship was established with the animals and the surroundings, and in one small scene nonetheless.

For things to be impactful, they need to hit hard where, ideally, no one has done before. Otherwise, it'd have to be delivered in a new scenario that no one has thought would impact others before. Protecting the environment is one of our top concerns, and man has the capability to destroy it -- but perhaps a juxtaposition between the good, trying, environmentally friendly person vs the people whose actions bear far more weight and destroy the world?

If you claim to give me uncomfortable truth, then allow me to give you a piece of uncomfortable truth as well.

The animation, the typography, is well done. Maybe not as dynamic as RicePirate's 'Dot Dot Dot', but still clear, and eye-popping, and sombre for the tone of the actual thing.

I will thank you for the truth of Confucius having tried to right wrongs in the people around him, I will thank you for that. I will thank you for pointing out the inner 'comfortable' nature that we tend to slink into as persons.

Aside from that, it gets into some pretty incoherent rambling. I could make neither head or tail of the structure apart from a few glimpses into the subject matter. It changed so quickly between moments. I only got a few sections staying in my head: Confucius' death, governments claiming to be one thing but doing another, people being comfortable, and 'fuck you'. All that didn't even make sense when put together, of course, because there are meant to be things that join them, but they were joined so loosely.

Plus, it fails to take into account:

1) Confucius may have been a good man for his time, but there are many principles of his that are unconscionable in our modern understanding. For example, North Korea is basically a dictatorship BASED ON Confucian thought, and at the helm of it is a complete subordination to one's parents, because you don't choose your parents. That same logic basically causes the Kims to stay in power. That sort of logic, applied in a lesser extent, causes children to not be their own persons and I have had friends who were subjected to that sort of logic, obviously for worse. It justified all sorts of abuse in the name of parents being the 'bosses'. You aren't meant to speak out if they do wrong, because they're your parents -- and that's the long and short of it. And yet, what justifies Confucius saying 'obey your parents like that' and then, speaking out against his country and presumably the Emperor of China?

2) You forget the people who refuse to be comfortable, and go out of their way to make things better for people, only to get fired, murdered, or killed. You put a blanket blame on everyone without realising that some of the people watching... are *precisely* those people who got clandestinely fired, gotten rid of, abused, tortured. I speak as someone who grew up outside of the big G7 or G20 cities and experienced all this first-hand, who had publicly spoken out about things like this, and had to flee due to fear of what would happen to me.

I don't know if you're doing this to really make people better, or to just hurl blame at people for the sake of doing so. I cannot gauge your intention from just watching this. But the strawman in this video is so big, it's the elephant in the room.

Get the full extent of your facts right, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll be on to something at last.

Trite animation, trite humour. I know memes are meant to express what's going on in the here and the now but man, overused much?

That intro took way too long as well. It would have done a lot better if the animation was more lifelike, the music didn't so much determine how that boy was clenching his fist and putting the game into the console. I mean, if you're excited about a game, you wouldn't take that long to clench your fist while seated down like that, for example.

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Quite a neat little dress-up game, I guess -- though I'd appreciate lots more inserts and options; it just feels still a bit too cookie-cutter for the time being. Anyway, I did my best with what was there and came up with these:



General appearance of a member of a tribe that goes barefooted and unarmed. The creatures of the land of the dead do not touch them. They wear a deathly green, and their hair is black from coal and soot.

They all bear medieval English names, like Aldus and Kinborough and Randel and Tenny and Wybert.

In the case of 2,3,12,2,2,2,62,30,2,20,2,2

As the masks whiten and bleed, and as they temporarily gain the ability to levitate, they interpret it as an omen that one of their own, or someone who associated with them, will die soon. In many cases, it is true, though sometimes, the cause of death can be averted. When Matt and co. venture into the land of the dead, the masks whiten and bleed not for members of these people's tribe... but for Matt and co.

It's a 2048 clone, and quite an addictive one at that. Docked a star because of a bug that's gone uncorrected; any score above 20K causes the game to freeze. You can still submit scores, but you cannot make any moves as soon as you get a certain kind of monster associated with 20K scores.

It seems to be working fine.

A lot of what could make this game better, and more immersive, boils down to the aesthetics at the end of the day -- which I'm sure you're well aware of. The writing is quite good as it is. Though I'd like to pitch some suggestions for the next one, if you do another:

1) I'm not sure how well Twine takes to drawn backgrounds, avatars and music. But if you manage to find a way ahead with that, that would add to its immersiveness.

Which reminds me; Hyptosis also sometimes does text-based adventures, but I'm not sure what he uses, and if he's ever used Twine before. But considering he's done fantasy art for, and written, games similar to this, maybe ask him for pointers?

2) I know this is going to take multiple rolls based on the random die and the choices you make, but I was beginning to wonder if outside of all these, you could have a joke ending? As it stands, there are three options per query / question / impasse that you arrive at, which is alright to start with, but I could very well imagine that in a future game, you would have certain questions that have two simple Y / N answers (or two options just like that), and some that would have a myriad of options (perhaps up to six?), including the most stupid ones.

Fallout Shelter, believe it or not, has some really funny option choices in quests and that's partly where I'm coming from; the other part is from playing some text-based adventures here on NG. But at this moment in time, I felt that the options were a bit too straightforward: Best ending / Normal ending / Bad ending. For example, we have not yet got the gem that is the Dog Ending of Silent Hill 2, which, given the possibilities in a fantasy game, could very well happen. XD

I don't know how many endings you were planning in here, but hopefully this could pave the way for some really nice sequels to come.

kungfuspacebarbarian responds:

Awesome, thank you very much for the advice! I will definitely look into backgrounds and music for future games and talk to Hyptosis about his games.

I agree I will definitely need to include a few more endings in future games. As for joke endings, did you unlock the secret room by proving your worth? The endings triggered in their aren't necessarily joke endings, but really just a collection of hilarious ways to kill the villain using odd-ball items.

Thanks again for playing and sharing your thoughts!!

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I was asked for feedback specifically on the guitar, so I'll do my best to provide it.

I like the lead you wrote. It's not prominent, though, until 1:05 or thereabouts, and when it is, it feels a little bit tinny.

1:47 onwards, too many slides IMHO.

I'm only a basic guitarist, but I speak knowing and regularly watching someone play lead guitar. Outside of there being too many slides close to each other, that sounds like a doable lead. It would probably need to match the feel of the song, though, and lead guitarists who want to complement a song would run into trouble. It feels too samey, is the first impression I'm getting with that lead guitar. The piece itself also feels pretty samey apart from a few parts where it dips down.

Well suited to be a level theme, and one that would make me thoroughly immersed. I wasn't sure what to think about your repeated chords but then the middle section came along, and it took my breath away.

I love your risers, your arps. Not sure I feel the rest of the piece the same way, except in sections. Listening to it as a standalone piece would be harder to me than, say, if I were playing a level in it with other sound effects and things.

Seriously consider joining Pixel Day in January next year -- I think you have what it takes to win!

The lead and echoing cymbals at the beginning kinda killed it for me. It gave me the vibe of a bad trap beat. As it progressed, I had reason to like the drums, when you brought in more than the kick. I had reason to like the ambience you created in the middle, with all those windchime-like sounds.

I'd have appreciated a bass line early on, something to ground the piece with. It does otherwise sound like something that someone can rap over, all throughout the piece.

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The panel structure is much neater, tidier, more dynamic than your previous work. I'd still suggest to work on cleaner depictions of the human form, I think that'd enhance it by a long shot.

You seem to be much better at backgrounds; the first thumbnail feels pretty spot on to me. I couldn't tell, until thumbnail 4, however, that it was a tentacle monster attacking, and why it was attacking. The lines in thumbnails 2, 3, 4 and 5 need distinguishing -- drawing it fast, in one stroke, could help it look steadier and less shaky -- and for something with a lot of action, there need to be clearer lines that distinguish.

Also, don't hesitate to use mid greys, perhaps by just doing lighter ink washes for parts that are not too light, or not too dark.

There's been one artist whom I've been following this Inktober, her username on Twitter is kilotango. She's been doing an entire series of single thumbnails with characters Tacey and Clay, her originals. The way she draws and colours things has been a particular inspiration to me of late, and I'd also like you to see what you can pick up from that.

AdventVoice responds:

Sounds great, I will give her a peep.

Welp, we already have our winner.

The space texture and constellations on the boy's face look immaculate. That, and his face, are the most eye-catching bits of the piece.

The facial structure is on point. And the hair! I love the detail you gave it, it's vivid and beautiful. You maintained the light and shadow on it pretty well, while not making it look out of place with the starry sky colours and things you've used there.

My main complaint would be that the rest of the image is pretty bare. The shirt feels bland, and below his face feels bland. Then there's the BG itself, which could have lent itself to something subtle, that brings out the radiance of the boy's face.

cairnsey responds:

Im glad you like it! And thank you very much for the crit <3

IPA: /tʁwɑ.niks/ || Space-opera medieval musician, self-backing vocalist, visual artist, wordsmith. I feel the drum in my body and soul.

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