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Troisnyx's News

Posted by Troisnyx - July 26th, 2015

As I have alluded to over on the Audio Forums and maybe a few places elsewhere, I have recently gotten a new (read: second-hand) mic. It's a Blue Snowball.



I've taken to recording some new audio with it, and some of my tracks in progress are using vocals recorded with this. The main reason why I got this is because it's going to be the first mic in my possession that records low frequencies well, in addition to highs.



So what's going to happen to the old Samson Go?

I feel a bit sad, but I'd been torn between keeping it and selling it. And then, Seán gave me this idea... give the Samson Go to a loving home.


It's a nice entry-level condenser mic, and although it is not great in recording low frequencies, it is great in the way of lack of background noise, and overall sound clarity. It's seen me through a lot of sung projects, including fan favourite The GardenOceans Wide, Tsukikanade and Sound of Creation. I really feel sentimental about parting with it, but I think a struggling musician without a good mic for vocals could do with this mic for a start.

So how will this giveaway work?

Put down your case in the comments as to why you would like this microphone. Ideally, you will need to have some number of audio submissions put up on Newgrounds.

You have until Sunday 2 August 2015, 20:00 BST to do this. At the end of this time frame, I will select the most compelling case, PM the user personally, and ask for his or her mailing address.

Posted by Troisnyx - July 16th, 2015

The cover of Orphan Keeper is about 2/3 done in the way of instrumentation, so it's got a ways to go. Nightfall, on the other hand, has a completed instrumentation, but I'm still stuck when it comes to writing lyrics for the chorus. I've got to come up with something..... I'm in desperate need of doing so. Also, I've taken to starting some other music projects so I can at least be comforted with the presence of many proverbial puzzles to complete, when I'm bored of my major projects.

Also, as some of you may have read from my music thread, I am remaking a piece which has already been submitted to NG, which has figured in @Omegeist's Worst Music playlist, and which I hold dear to me. That piece is Mio/Homura. I have grown resolute enough to look at my piece the way it was intended, and I'm not letting anyone's comments on "biting more than I could chew" bring me down. For once, I am at peace about it -- this is something for which I am grateful.

This piece will be of interest to anyone who has taken part in or watched the 2012 Audio Deathmatch, specifically @Back-From-Purgatory, @Waterflame, @jimaan, @samulis and @SkyeWint. It's a long way off considering the previous two projects also need doing, but I look forward to finishing it the way it was intended to be finished.

So what has happened between the last post and now?

Troisnyx is getting her first radio plays!

That endeavour of sending a demo CD to Preston FM / City Beat paid off, Deo gratias! I paid a visit to the radio station on Tuesday because I had attempted to e-mail one of their presenters, describing myself and my music in a bit more detail. That e-mail bounced three times, and I felt it was no longer worth actually e-mailing them said information. I went on Tuesday to deliver the contents of the e-mail by hand.

While waiting a good hour for one of the presenters (Ben Pintilie) to arrive, I met some others, and spoke with them. It was fun. And they even asked me to sing for them -- after being lost for a little while, I mustered some courage to sing the first verse of Land of the Freewhich, incidentally, was the first track on my demo CD. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.

So, it looks like they're going to contact me in a week or two, and Beginnings, which is the name of that demo CD, will see its first radio plays during that time. There is also a likelihood of me being called into the radio station for and interview, but I'm not hedging my bets on anything. It's exciting, but it gets me all jittery too. We'll see what happens.

I know it ain't much, but getting one's first radio plays is quite a feat for a newbie, even if said radio station is a local community one. I'm just grateful.

So: those of you who live in Preston or the surrounding areas, do tune in to 103.2 FM over the coming weeks. You might just hear some music from yours truly on air...

While I'm going about mentioning little bits of news, I think I ought to mention this.

Some time ago I had written a post about how I could ride a bike, among other things. Well, the blue bike in that post is no longer with us, it's now been given to a friend. But I recently got a new bike... one which I think fits me a lot more.

Seán received it flat-packed on Tuesday when I was away at City Beat discussing with the presenters, and while I was talking about music and other things, he worked for hours assembling the bike so that he could have it ready for when I returned home. Thanks, Seán. <3


(Seriously, I look like a bloomin' pin-up!)


There, now we can see the bike in greater detail.

Those of you who are curious about specs, it's a Viking Buttermere, 18-speed hybrid. It's been kitted out much more since these photos were taken: there is now a rear-view mirror, and the saddle bag is filled with tools and a spare tube. It's also going to get a first-aid kit soonish, because knowing me, I would likely fall off and hurt myself before I get any significant mileage on it.

I love how it looks. And it's in my favourite colour, no less.

I've ridden on the road with this several times now, and I'm still getting the hang of these new-fangled gear shifters. The previous bike had a 1990s gear shifter which had to be pushed and pulled mid-ride with the thumb, and it hurt me a lot, and distracted me so much. These shifters are easy to use, but I don't know which gears suit the road and which don't. Every new bike (every new anything, for that matter) has its teething troubles.

Posted by Troisnyx - July 9th, 2015

First and foremost, I have received the new date for this long-awaited appeal and it doesn't look like it can be brought forward. It's scheduled for 17 December 2015. Until then, I will heal and prepare and pray.

I know it's a longish wait, but much preparation and many other things can come from just waiting. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and good thoughts.



Remember the demo CD I prepared some months ago?

I recently had the opportunity to stop by City Beat (the local radio station formerly known as Preston FM) and slip them a copy of the demo CD. I was warmly welcomed, and I spoke with one of the presenters (not mentioning names) for quite a bit before heading home. Don't quite know what will become of this, but right now, it's out of my hands. I leave it to the Almighty.

It really got me excited though, when it was done, because this was the first time that I ever shared this demo CD with anyone who wasn't a friend or acquaintance (or friend of a friend). I know it's a process, and some might say it's nothing to clamour about. But I want to derive joy from even the process of using the talents which I have been given.



I have been drawing quite a bit lately, as some of you might have noticed on my page. I have also been trying to build up a stash of unfinished FL Studio files, to make up for the hardware failure I had earlier this year. There is no doubt that a good number of people are probably going to go "ehhhh..." over what I do. I suppose it's natural; it's the process of liking or disliking a piece of work and it's to be expected.

I am aware that these last few months (or at least this whole year in general), my work has taken a different turn. It's been leaning more on the electronic side rather than the orchestral side, more focused on colours rather than amazing anatomy and proportion. I am building up two talents which have largely been inhibited in my younger years, and I don't expect any pity or mercy from fellow musicians and artists. Not that I've received much to begin with. Those who do show me mercy, however, I'm grateful for it all.

This is the journey that I am taking. Awe and wonder over everything around me has inspired my recent works. It is through my hands that this journey will come to fruition. And through the hands of those who have sought to help me.

Posted by Troisnyx - June 30th, 2015

The long awaited appeal is NO LONGER ON 1 JULY! As for when it will be, we don't really know yet. But it seems like we're gonna have another wait.

In previous newsposts I mentioned that there was insufficient evidence submitted on the part of the Home Office, and that we, our solicitors and the tribunal actually pressured the Home Office into submitting the missing evidence.

Right up till this morning we were informed that it would either be on, or off. Then one judge made a blunder of a miscalculation and decided we should go ahead after all. And then (we guess that another judge probably pointed out said miscalculation, and tomorrow's hearing has been cancelled as a result. The excuse they gave? "Not enough judges." I understand, sometimes we cannot help but cover up our own mistakes...)

Anyway, right now, I am relieved to hear this. We're not going ahead with insufficient evidence. But the hotel room and train tickets have been booked to avoid any potential confusion or trains going on the fritz tomorrow morning..... what do we do?

Well, we use them!

Christo (@Merlyne) and another friend of ours are coming up to meet us in Manchester, and I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. We're going to have a break... a much-needed one. And perhaps they can all help talk me out of selling my art stuff on eBay...

Posted by Troisnyx - June 28th, 2015

Answering this question for those of you who found an adult submission coming from me in your feeds. I'm aware that this might come across to you as scandalous.

Let me rephrase myself: I don't do stereotypical A-rated stuff. The typical work in the adult category is pornographic, let's face it. But answering the questions honestly over an artistic nude subject would lead me to an automatic A rating. "Some" nudity falls immediately into M, while "lots of" (i.e. full) nudity falls immediately into A. And I speak from my heart here; it is terrifying to attempt to treat the nude human body with respect, and then have it lumped in the same category as the rest of the twaddle that can be found in the adult category. So, long story short, I crossed an unthinkable bridge.

But the few people with whom I confided the process of this drawing know that I attempted this nude subject with the intention of respecting the human body, treating it as something to be regarded with awe and Eden-like innocence, and not with lust and salivating. I probably suck horribly at trying to convey this, but I pray God that the intention may shine through, somehow... somehow...

Feel free to like it, or dislike it. Feel free to stay with me, or to depart from me. It is a natural process of liking and disliking a piece of art. My intention is that every piece, whatever its rating, conveys a message of its own, a message that can't be forced upon me by the people around me. I open myself to everything that may ensue as a result of posting this piece of work.



In other news, remember I said the long-awaited appeal hearing is on 1 July?

Well, that looks like it's gonna be postponed now.

You know why? Because the Home Office included the covers of two pieces of evidence, but not the contents. Excluding evidence that is vital to the trial? These were things that I had written, journals. The Home Office has the final version of one of them. Yep, that doesn't help matters. Welp, tomorrow, I find out IF it gets postponed, or not.... but just to let you all know, postponement seems likely. I'll update this post tomorrow as soon as I hear something about the date of this hearing.

Yes, it is annoying. 

Posted by Troisnyx - June 23rd, 2015

It's a junior snare drum! -- well, I've always wanted to record a snare drum and practise rudiments and stuff, and having a junior snare is a really good start. Plus, it came in my favourite colour. <3

Inverted commas on the "new" because we can probably safely guess this is secondhand.


I gave it a play, and it has a really nice rattle. The snares don't extend all the way to the end of the resonant head, but they do give off a nice sound. And yes, it is small -- but it is something.


I've been looking really impish when playing this. Heheheh. I haven't been gripping the sticks right (fingers shouldn't stick out and hands shouldn't be stiff), but hopefully, I may get better at this.

So how did I chance upon one, you ask?

Well, Seán was at the car boot sale today in the centre of Preston and he chanced upon three drums -- a snare and two toms, for the incredible price of £5! It was an amazing find, and he wouldn't pass it up. (Or so he felt that I'd be mad at him, but to be honest, I wouldn't have been mad.) I decided to keep the snare drum because I feel I'm going to use that the most, and the other two drums are in storage. They've been neatly wrapped in plastic bags and duct tape, and they're as airtight as we can make them.



In other news, the long-awaited appeal is on 1 July. Just a week to go. The witnesses have been called, the documents have been sent and are being processed, the tribunal is good to go. Please, please pray for me, send me good thoughts. I appreciate your support, and honestly can't thank you enough.

Posted by Troisnyx - June 15th, 2015

...and since I am not in the right frame of mind to muster any music, you probably may have seen me churn out quite a few pieces this month. Depression and fear for my life and liberty have brought out a lot of these pieces -- I found drawing quite therapeutic, and at least it could help me get some practice, I felt.

But this has to stop. One side effect of this is that it gets difficult for me to breathe.

The room in which I'm typing this stinks of marker fumes. Seán, whose breathing isn't great, informs me first about how bad the air in the room has become. Then, a little while later, I feel the effects. My head aches and my chest is tight, but I'm a stubborn sod -- I just can't stop until it gets too unbearable, or if I feel I've done enough. I tend to bend over when I'm drawing, too, and that causes my entire body to ache.

I have one last drawing to post, and that'll probably be posted online in the next few days. After that, I'm taking a break from drawing altogether... for a while.

This last drawing I've got going (for now, of course) is very special to me, given what I'm going through. It's very special to anyone who stands for the freedom of speech, and the freedom to walk the streets without an inane fear of saying the wrong thing. I look forward to finishing it, and I hope you all may anticipate it as much as I do.



I also am aware that talking about my current status is going to make me lose friends, rather than gain any. Frankly, I couldn't care less. I'm sick and tired of hiding my fears over my life and liberty, even though I know the vast majority of people probably aren't going to lift a finger to help. I am sick and tired.

Posted by Troisnyx - June 6th, 2015


You can imagine what sort of tone it's going to take.

And I'm going to write on many, many more sheets like these. Right now, I'm keeping these ones safe.

Posted by Troisnyx - May 25th, 2015


How does that make it to the News Forum, of all things...

Posted by Troisnyx - May 12th, 2015



It ain't a hurricane, but my word, it is bad.

Doesn't help that Liverpool is close to home and is our second favourite city in all of the world.