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Troisnyx's News

Posted by Troisnyx - August 13th, 2011

There are riots, copycat riots and instances of unrest all over England. Let's just hope and pray they don't spread to the rest of the UK. T_T

I'm glad that there are lots of people out there praying for the situation and for the people involved, picking up brooms and riot shields (as tea trays) to clean up the mess that has been made, and truly, we can see rays of hope in these situations. But for those whose livelihoods have been destroyed...... and for those whose lives have been lost (one so far, but the situation is still volatile)...


I have an idea, insignificant though it may be.

What if we spoke to the hearts of these people?

We all love songs, don't we? We all have come across songs about causes, haven't we? So too, do I want to sing about how futile it is to continue with the violence that is going on here in Britain. I want to sing something along the lines of 'Please, let us mend this broken land'.

I'm not a good lyricist, but I can come up with a tune. At the moment I've only got incomplete backing music. And I know that compared to the many other things that people do, this seems like nothing. But if it touches the hearts of at least some young people, if not all, that'll be a mission accomplished.

Please, do talk to me about this starting 22 August 2011 (I'll be away starting the 15th, but I'll be back on the 22nd). It doesn't matter if the situation has calmed down or if it's gone worse - the impression made on Britain is lasting, and the people who have been through it would still be there to tell us their horror stories. We've got to reach out to them.

I've set up a forum post here (http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 265929) - please, do check it out in due time and let me know what you think. I'll be glad and grateful if I find at least a few people willing to stand by me on this one.

Posted by Troisnyx - July 28th, 2011

I have good news.

Today, a very dear friend of mine gave me FL Studio 9... AND 10 IN FULL.

That'd mean no more work getting lost, no more Westminster Tune ~ Preuve de foi situations where I lost the final result forever, and the ability to rework things at my own time and pace where needed... without having to lose the Fruity Soundfont Player.

I am now working on one of the few songs in my "urgent list" for Les Histoires Duchemin. The title is Arise Once More, and at the time I first made this and coined the title, I had just watched a DVD with the same title, and I felt deeply moved. I am intending for this to be a final victory theme of some sort, and I have a vague idea of the final result, but what will come out of this, I am not yet sure.

You might probably not see this, but... I really can't thank you enough. <3 You have pulled me out of a situation in which I otherwise couldn't help myself.

I'll make you proud with the OST I'm working on. I'll do my very best!

Posted by Troisnyx - July 10th, 2011

I can't even hit the highs now.

Posted by Troisnyx - July 4th, 2011

So what's new?

1. I'm hosting Round 17 of the Mario Paint Composer OC Contest. Yes, I'm a Mario Paint Composer person when I should be. Although my favourite sequencing software is currently FL Studio 9, I do play around with MPC when it's competition or tourney time. And competitions and tourneys are good ways to get me to start composing something, although they can backfire when I'm out of inspiration.

And this is one of my best MPC works to date.

2. Two trips coming up in August - one to Woldingham School in London, and one to Madrid (for World Youth Day!).

3. The supposedly-neverending search for a part-time job.

4. More singing and sequencing.

5. More random events that I end up being dragged to. Just recently I ended up going to a grammar school summer fayre because one of my youngest friends persuaded me to go. ^_^

6. Fatigue.

And as such, my activity in here is going to be a bit limited, but whenever I do find something I can upload, I'll put it up without hesitation.

And once again, thanks to everyone who has reviewed my works and given me support.

I'm in the mood to pound on a taiko drum right now.

Posted by Troisnyx - June 27th, 2011

Budding OST musician here (among other things). Name's Troisnyx (say trwa-nix). Nice to meet you.
I strayed onto Newgrounds after seeing a number of things I could perhaps fave, or review, and I thought of putting my music forward. I'm an FL user (read: FL 9, demo version D: ) and I've been using it since very late last year/very early this year. I've still got bits to improve on, but I trust that these shall come over time.

In case you're wondering why I haven't got anything here just yet... I've already submitted two audio files, and they're under moderation. I think.

But anyway. I hope to meet some new friends and share some ideas. ^_^

EDIT 16:05 BST: Oh, and the link to the left of this page is my YouTube. That page contains whatever it is I'm capable of.