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I've never heard a good art song since Akiko Shikata's "Sorriso" -- beautiful chords, expressive piano, and equally expressive voice. The only thing I would recommend apart from everything you've done, is to drag the ends of "prosperita," "sincerita" a little bit -- not too much, just a little bit more than already is the case in the song now -- just to give it that bit more gravitas.

I've not been the best at dissonance but can recognise when it's well done -- and this is one of the best cases of it that I've ever heard.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Giving this a well-deserved 5.

The piano is atmospheric and beautiful, and so are those synths in the beginning. Simply splendid feeling in my ears. And, for some reason, it does feel Square Enix-ish. I enjoy it a lot.

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks a ton~! <3 I used the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack as inspiration for this, so maybe that's why? \o.O/

Firstly, it's in the wrong genre. This sounds more like rock than it does Electronic/Ambient.

Now, on to the song itself. The chord work is decent, if not quite repetitive. Sections like 1:22 sound like they're peaking, like everything's bursting through the speakers, and I don't know if it's got to do with samples, or mixing.

1:48 became slow, and I honestly don't know what to make of this fast-slow-fast-slow change. 2:28 sounds..... eeeeehhh, a bit bland to me. And then the drums at 2:40 start peaking again, like seriously, there's distortion. And it continues.

I don't know what relation to Cicero this piece has, but this piece overall sounds eeehhh to me.

This thing reminds me of Tekken in the way it feels. Those synths, that buildup, and that cool jazzy feel that is associated with some levels. Also, those sounds that sound like cars screeching, which fit ever so well. I remember the later Tekken games for their great atmosphere, and this piece reminds me of Tekken (if it doesn't already blow Tekken out of the water).

I don't know if I dig the really low kick, but everything else fits so well, that I can just dismiss that as a minor nitpick. I have no complaints about mixing.

There are different moods, highs and lows, peaks and valleys, and you've kept to a theme of sorts when developing this piece, switching for a different one when the piece gets calmer. It feels so chill, so calm, slightly neurotic at times, but all in all harmonious. This is something I can listen to when in a need to calm down, or when in a need to energise myself -- this is one of those pieces that strangely fits both needs. And it takes musical mastery to do this. Well done.

SkyeWint responds:

I haven't played Tekken. :( Now I almost wish I did. That sounds pretty cool.

I was giving the kick a good deep hit so it'd fill out the low bass. There are actually two kicks, by the way - one which is a higher kick with more clicking, and one which has more of a thump. Gotta get some contrast in there, and having the ability to layer them or only do one or the other let me get a *lot* more intricacy in the sections featuring the drums and lead.

Different moods and stuff I love doing. <3 That's my favorite thing about making music.

The intro tends to be a bit too heavy for my taste, but I can imagine this music in a factory level in a Crash Bandicoot game -- this is what it gives me an impression of. I love those glitchy noises that appear halfway, and those swooshing sounds -- it reminds me of machines and people behaving like automatons. There are points of calm, and points where everything comes back in, so it keeps the song interesting.

1:50 onwards has a... rather stereotypical melody. Also, the chords seem to be repetitive.

I like what you have going at 2:49 onwards, with everything sounding tinny before blasting into action at 3:02. 3:02 onwards, however, feels awkwardly mixed. Everything is blasting through the speakers, it seems that a few instruments are competing with each other for pride of place.

I don't know if I could call this a hit, but I certainly had a fun time listening to this.


Felocai responds:

Thank for reviewing, I'm glad You enjoyed it :3

Right. I don't doubt you worked hard on this -- as a live instrumentalist myself, the last thing I'd want to do to anyone is start raining on anyone's parade for any reason whatsoever. I know you took time to record a lot of this, and every credit to you on that.

I've listened to pretty much the whole thing. I like the feel when it starts out, and I do like the chord progression when it starts out.....

The keywords here are "when it starts out."

Because the whole thing gets awfully repetitive. The percussions (i.e. the beatboxing) were the main point of interest for me, and they were interesting enough for me to keep listening. The odd trombone notes were, too. Sometimes they were just thrown into the piece to create discord -- and I can get the whole idea of using this in a dystopian setting. But as trailer music, it feels... trite after a while. The chords are repetitive, there is a motif in there that is overly repetitive as well, and there isn't much buildup, as in anything to flesh out the piece even further as it unfolds with time.

I mean, seriously -- walking through a concrete jungle need not be monotonous.

I have no complaints about mixing, everything has its proper place.


ADR3-N responds:

Thanks for the feedback. This was actually a quick piece, with lots of sample holding as I went through it, just kind of seeing what I could produce with the equipment I had. Glad you took the time to call me out and leave some pointers. :)

Having not only heard the demo, but also listened to the full version of this: The demo sounds more industrial and blippy, while the full version gives you the absolute creeps. I am aware that this is far different from what many have heard from you, and I can safely say this conveyed the title and your emotions very well. It's a chaotic mix of sadness (I can hear it from that violin!), determination, frustration, anger, being grated upon... the teaser only does it a fraction of justice. (But I guess it normally does anyway.) I am already immersed by this, and kind of beginning to feel everything that this is trying to tell me. Can't wait to hear it coupled with the actual gameplay... I hope Matt makes it as harrowing as this sound is.

It was an enjoyable listen. The teaser itself isn't *too* short I suppose. At any rate, knowing how painstaking of a process this has been, I'm glad that this made it to Featured Audio. Keep up the good work.

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks for the support~! <3 I truly appreciate it!
Shhh.... I'm trying to keep the full version a surprise... ;D

There's an air of mystery about this, right off the bat, and with a little bit more reverberation, I could see this as the theme to some dimly-lit cave full of treasure. I don't know, it just gives me that vibe. It fills me with awe and wonder, and the choirs kinda add to that.

1:08 adds to the mystery of this piece... the half-steps. I like them half-steps. And the percussion that comes at around 1:29.

I can't say much more apart from the fact that I felt completely immersed in the piece, and this is easily one of my favourites of yours. Just as an aside, if this ever gets made into a loopable piece of music, put it into a game if possible. I would SERIOUSLY love to go exploring while hearing this theme.

5/5. Favourited.

Bspendlove responds:

Extremely thankful for the review and for taking the time to comment on 2 songs! :)

1:08 - I had a habit of doing a similar thing in a load of old compositions I never really uploaded, here on Newgrounds I have about 2 more which take that same pattern xD

Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and never back up my works and my Hard drive failed on me, so I lost all my compositions, but now I've learned a lesson! haha

Thank you again for listening, it means a lot. :)

It starts quite nice... I would have imagined your standard-issue rock ballad. Then there's that synth that comes in, that gives this piece a very, very dreamy feel...

0:47 onwards sounds too much like Final Fantasy X-2 for me to take seriously. XD Don't get me wrong, I do like FFX-2's sound, it's just that in such a dreamy piece as this, it felt out of place. Instead of lulling me to sleep, it woke me up suddenly. O_O

1:10 is BEAUTIFUL. <3 Those synths, those chords, those harmonies. I feel like I'm drifting in the clouds, or the high heavens, as a result of listening to this. In addition to it being calming, I get a Kingdom Hearts vibe from it (the more calming sounds of the game). Yes, I can see myself at peace listening to that section.

I feel a little sad because it's not quite finished -- or at least it doesn't sound so. The fadeout made me think that surely something could have been done developing 1:10. It felt so short.

No complaints regarding mixing. At any rate, good work with this -- and if you ever have a finished version (or are coming up with a finished version), I'd love to listen to this.


Bspendlove responds:

Thank you for your time to write all this!

I lost this guitar patch so I can't ever find the same sound! I need it, I would use it in another composition or try to redo this song.

0:47: Haha! It is out of place most certainly, I don't know what was going through my head. I thought of this and couldn't be bothered to record it to store for later compositions? So I jammed it into this xD

1:10 - I felt it, I can personally say it has been one of my favorite moments to play the last instrument (which was the Filtered Piano I think?)... I've never had much fun since :( I've never actually checked out the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack (oops!) but I may take some time to look at it very soon!

I had a problem with old compositions. When I never finish them, I would fade them out...

I really wish I had the project files with me because sometime I would finish it, but I feel I may need to redo and reconstruct that odd part. Hearing no complaints for the mixing makes me extremely happy, although I did not do much except load the instruments from Heavyocity Evolve and play! xD

Thank you for taking your time to write this and I will make some time as return for your kindness. -Brandon

Having danced this stuff before, I think you've nailed it. XD It's very characteristic of most Kizomba songs I've heard. The Autotuned voice adds to the cheesiness, I think. Say, you got the lyrics somewhere? I'd like to see them.

Giving this a 5, because this makes me giggle quite a bit.

DivoFST responds:

I did this for my girlfriend in a kind of joke way because the lyrics are so ridiculous, but she loved it xD
So i put so much autotune and "kizombiness" on purpose xD
The lyrics are on Portuguese but ill send them to you by message!
Thanks for the review Trois!! *.*

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