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Sounds like visual novel material, or JRPG material (like the kind that would feature in Ni no Kuni or Ar tonelico or something). You know, the whimsical kind. And considering I've been bombarded with that stuff lately, I feel right at home.

I think the ambience is quite spot-on, and I'd imagine playing while lost in a town or something. But the whimsical feel of the piece is achieved by the melody and chords jumping here and there, which doesn't make it stick out as a piece I would sing in my head after I've played it.

I have no complaints with regards to production / mixing.

I want to say real quick, thank you for doing this. <3

The strings are most certainly powerful in this case, and we don't feel like the vocals are drowning out the entire mix; already an improvement on the mix.

The drums could have started a bit more subtly (glitch?), but when they kick in at the chorus, it feels powerful. The choir also kicks in there, which feels nice. Do I hear timps as well?

I think my favourite part is like, near Verse 4 (before the second chorus), there's what I think is a timpani flourish + cymbals. Certainly built me up. Then the second chorus, oh my. And that harp at the end. <3

I agree with Syrupmasterz; this one sounds more triumphal than sombre, which I'm also pleased about. ^_^ This one sounds like a stage version as well, and of course due to the musicality of the original, it also feels like something that otherwise can be heard in a musical. But this one works just as well. I actually do love this. Thank you.

RealFaction responds:

Aww you're welcome and thank you! :) I agree. I added timpani rolls throughout the track :) I'm glad you liked the harp. Aww I'm glad you love it! :D That means a lot <3 thank you! Would it be okay if I use this in my Venturescape series later on? And can i upload this to my youtube channel? Left you a message. :)

The beginning had a mighty ancient feel to it, but when the rest of the music kicked in with the electronic things, it gave me a Xenoblade Chronicles feel. I think the violin is actually identical, too, in terms of the sound patch used. Xenoblade Chronicles has one of my favourite OSTs so I am glad that you captured something of that feel, if only to my ears.

EliteFerrex responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not familiar with the XenoChron OST, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review!

There is something very lounge-y about it. A satisfying kind; you know I am a sucker for good chord progressions and you've done exactly that. It is singable too; I found myself actually almost singing the melody line that has appeared at least twice in this piece. I would happily listen to this toasting the summer goodbye -- it feels like a piece for the twilight in spite of its title.

Well done, Lucid. And just a final note on the sound quality, it didn't sound too choppy to me, or particularly harsh. It felt like a mellow-ish, beautiful thing that you'd play in the living room, which is probably one of my favourite sort of ambiences. So, no worries there. ^_-

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I can kinda see what you mean with lounge-y, since it's a pretty rhythmic piece, with many "number" chords :)
Since the challenge revolved around chords, I figured it was right for me xD
I love playing around with unconventional progressions, while I try to make them sound nice. It's cool to hear that the composition is singable too!!

I'm glad it doesn't sound choppy. While I added a VST to the MIDI, I tried to soften the worst parts. Thanks for listening, as well as for your input! :D

The intro provided a slightly Metroid-like feel, but I couldn't make out the phone call too well.

When the rhythm kicks in, it does sound quite tight.

Not sure what to make of the piano or the chords; they're fine as a sequence of four bars and do provide a sense of melancholy. I think, it works well with everything else in the background, but just felt a bit too spartan when repeated by itself.

2:20, I am glad you brought a bit of the intro.

2:30, you transitioned well, but maybe my taste is that there ought to be a halfway point, however short in time, between that absolute nothing and then everything coming in.

I have no complaints about the production; everything I pointed out was musicality, I guess.

The title does fit the mood of this piece quite well. It brings to mind someone who has either been snubbed, or fired from an important job, or abused, or in distress and calling the police, arriving at a crossroads, and that phone call bit was probably left ambiguous because you wanted to leave it to us...? It's a good mood piece, but a tad bit repetitive for me.

5TanLey responds:

fair points, definitely still have things to learn

thanks for your words :)

For what it is (and it's hard for me to get into the Madness ambience), it's quite good. The beginning reminded me of a WWE entrance, almost, and the rest was part unsettling and part whimsical, which I assume is what Krinkels was going for when he made those Madness cartoons. I cannot tell what Hank's personality is so it's hard for me to say whether it matches the feel, but I will trust the other users below me when they say it fits him well.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks, this song was made in 2008 believe it or not, though I never really saw it as a great song to be honest, I thought the quality was quite low. I'm surprised it beat the better quality songs back then. Haha WWE? Well then xD lol thanks! Yeah Madness is pretty unsettling. It's like dark comedy though.

Hank's personality was always hard to tell and I've watched them all, but we know he wants to escape and shut down the people who trapped him, so he seems like a good guy. Thanks!

I like that you've got the Sonic-esque synths in the beginning, already nailing out the feel of this piece. The balance is nice, I wouldn't change anything about the mix. As for the actual sounds: a little bit more dist on that guitar? Just a tiddly bit? meep?

The most striking bit is what you've done to the original. You added your own spin. And now, this sounds like something that I could not just headbang to, but something I would happily have as background music to Smash Bros, or something just that awesome. You've varied the feel so much, obviously to avoid being repetitive but in doing so, you've turned it into one of the most enjoyable VGM covers I've come across. I am legit blown away.

Hopefully, this marks a start of how your inner cry for doing originals, for having your voice heard, comes out. Onward and upward!

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

When it comes to VGMs as short as this one, I had to add something else to it to make it stand out, so I pulled out all I could in this one! Perhaps a little more distortion could work, but I didn't want to make the guitar sound too overpowering, so I left it the way I did.

I hope this marks the beginning of a new chapter in my musical life, but we'll see where this goes! Thank you for taking the time to look at this mix, and look forward to my next one!

There's a Metroid-like vibe I get from this, and your synths do sound marine, including the percussive ones. I like your choice of instruments; however, docking one star because the balance and reverb seem very much out to me.

The melody, for instance, could use a little wetness to add to the whole marine / ethereal / otherworldly feel that the Windfish has, and then when those other percussive voices come in at 0:52, they can be toned down a little bit to give way to the melody.

1:20 loses its timing, coming in a beat and a bit early, but otherwise, it seems alright.

I'm not quite sure what to make about 3:15, the dissonance that happens there; I think, like with the percussive bits, it can be toned down a little bit, add a volume envelope for effect. Ending is mighty abrupt. Sometimes, letting things reverberate on their own is enough. <3

I gotta say, I love the feel of this thing. I REALLY do. If I were actually inside the Windfish, this is what I would hear, I imagine. Thank you for sharing this with me. Do the necessary tweaks / balance checks and you should be on your way!

Kelpalots responds:

Thank you so much!

I don't know which idiot voted this down because there is something very, VERY video game ambient about this one. Something that sounds at once broken, and adventurous, and desert-like. It brings to mind a journey under the hot sun, where your vision is blurred and all you can see are mirages, but you know your journey is going to be worth it. It engages me so deeply, it reminds me of that hard-wrought journey.

There are many bits here that do relax me -- there's that flute-like sound that you use, not sure if it is an actual flute sample -- but it brings to me an oasis in an otherwise dry, hot land. That, and the piano bits. I would so happily storyboard a journey, with the accompaniment of this piece. It inspires me.

Kelpalots responds:

:D Glad you liked it! I actually did recordings with the piano for all parts, though one repeats a bit obviously. Oh man, the journey for this track is so good to have had! I like to hear what stories come from people when they listen to my music. Thank you so much!

It's musically sound (the theory is there), but the piano is not humanised properly and all the notes are on the same volume. I'll admit, this is a mistake that I started out with, but try to play with individual note volumes from here on out.

It also sounds quite unfinished, so I can't really leave much of a review apart from the above. Were you hoping this to be part of a full song?

Riy0 responds:

Yes. It's unfinished, and it's just FL Studio's crappy piano VST. I wanted to do it for a full song, but I ended up not happening. :( It was supposed to be a duet between a friend and I.

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