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Intro is the stuff of legends to me, there needs to be more of this, but something tells me that there's been plenty of borrowing from William Tell in the theming of this piece. It's well produced, and actual *classical* is very seldom heard in this day and age which makes it refreshing to me.

The thematic bit that comes in with the mallets after the first soft bit... feels a bit... trite to me. There are some points where it feels peaceful, some parts where it feels solemnly adventurous, and some parts where it feels calm, but never do these bits meet. I do get emotional whiplash from this a lot.

Plenty of the fortes and mezzos, very little of the pianos and pianissimos. I'd love to know what you had in mind in composing the sections as they are; it is hard for me to tell how at this point.

VociferousMusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, William Tell, haha. Actually, I thank you very much for giving me the composer's name as I kinda forgot his name. But you are right, I kind of thought about his piece 'Overture Finale' when I composed this (however, I did not listen to his piece since quite a while). But anyway, I wanted to somewhat recycle his concept and re-use it in a more... modern way, while still staying classical.

I totally agree with you about pianos. To be honest, I already have been a composer for dramatic and actionful music and started off as such. I'm currently trying to get into softer music, but step by step. I could have stretched the part at 1:22 for quite a while and keep it like that, but at the moment I felt like I have to get to the point, so I left it rather short.

At the end, what I wanted to express with this piece is a story of a younger aged character who meets a fantasy world, meets new friends, exploring and experiencing adventures with them. So here I kind of focused on the playful adventure thing.
If I wanted to describe a movie with this, my choice definitely would fall for a Disney or Pixar production.

My main goal for this composition actually was to work on my transitions in between sections, which I hope I have improved compared to my past works.

Arg blarg... MIDI. There's a reason why we generally avoid them.

Musically, I can see what you were attempting here, and it sounds like a blend between classical and the 80s synthwave of Stranger Things, the kind you hear in the intro. I'm hoping that when you do get your DAW and revisit this, the dissonance in the melodies here might be turned down by putting some parts more forward in the mix, and some parts behind.

TheStoryteller5655 responds:

Alright, thanks for the feedback, I am currently looking at free daws, and I think I found one that'll work for me, LMMS. Anyway, over the next few weeks / months I'll be figuring stuff out, and eventually remake this on their. Have a nice day.

This feels like a Kirby song ๐Ÿ˜ The simplicity of the rolling left hand pattern is probably what's doing it for me. It feels warm, and homely, and comfortable, if only for those few moments that make me want to bask in more of it, and make me pine for it feeling too short. ๐Ÿ˜…

Getting some massive early PlayStation vibes from this one! Must be my memory of the FFVII soundtrack coming back. We know a certain character's theme. ๐Ÿ˜

This one feels a bit more enigmatic, somehow. My favourite part of this is the ascending and descending arp on the right hand, above the left-hand arp. This gives this piece its dreamlike feel, to me. And dreamlike pieces tend to have a special place in my heart, as you and yours may be aware by now. โ˜บ๏ธ

Dynamics-wise, this feels varied, like I'm passing through different states of lucidity (pardon the pun about your name, though you'd perhaps think it was intentional).

The intro reminds me of falling snow, and Final Fantasy XV (and Yoko Shimomura's piano for many of its songs).

Then 0:37 kicks in and mood whiplash ๐Ÿ˜… But then it gets all solemn again. You weren't kidding about rich dynamics; there are plenty thereof and I *feel* the weight of every note in my heart.

The title, in particular, makes me think of FFXV especially, and I find myself getting lost in imaginary cutscenes featuring the band of brothers (ahem! *perhaps more?*) from that game.

Regarding the improv: It's more than enough that you gave us a snapshot of your mind and heart for these few fleeting moments in time. It's the best snapshot you've given for that time, and to me, that's irreplaceable. To me, no attempt at making it (better?) can ever take away from the magic of what you've given us from these moments.

Your voices meld ever so beautifully here! As do the instruments. ๐Ÿ’– The thing that seals the deal for me are the slight rubato over a swelling of vocal harmonies, this gets me for nearly every piece I hear that has this. You all use this well.

I want to dig this back up in Advent / Christmastide and listen to this in season; I regret that I didn't catch this sooner. There is something very solemn about this piece, and your take on it especially, that tugs on my heart. Keep up the wonderful work, all of you, and I hope to hear more soon.

This sounds like Kirby, but more hardcore. Immediately put a smile on my face with how it feels. For this reason alone, I love this so much.

I'm getting quite the pleasant NES / SNES / C64 retro vibe from this. That bassline is just beautiful!

It sounds like VGM for a short scene, which I think is what you're intending. Abrupt change back to the start of the loop makes me dock a point, but this has the magic of nostalgia and a memorable melody to it that make me want to listen to it for hours on end, if possible.

RealMrSnuggles responds:

Thank you

This song is strangely charming to me. The chords take me in directions I don't expect, and the synths bouncing and growling give off a dystopian feel.

The sampled speech reminds me of Dario Buente having sampled the "I'm a human being, goddamnnit! My life has value!" speech.

Probably the only complaint I have is that there isn't a smooth transition when the sample cuts out, whether it be a quick fade, or an extension of the background noise that fades out or glitches out, you get the idea.

Stylistically, there's plenty to keep me guessing, and plenty to keep it varied and frightening all at once. I have no complaints regarding production.

I love this little gem; I think I shall put it in my favourites. Thanks for sharing this! ๐Ÿ˜

Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot for the nice review! Glad you like it. Also a very good idea to fade out the samples. Didnยดt think about it but youยดre right that the sudden background noise cut is strange.

I think I would personally rate this higher than Nion โ€” it has more to tickle the ears at any given time, so I feel a nice wave of sound with low and high all at once, and nothing is missing.

Besides, I love the chord progressions and what you have done with the lead synth, it sounds like something I would hear on an organ if the music were more sombre.

It feels more varied, I guess~ I happily listened to two-thirds of this without flinching, without realising that 5, 6 minutes had passed. This one got me feeling sufficiently lost in the music.

Also, this piece is nostalgic to me, for reasons I can't explain. I'm certain that I've heard house tracks with this sort of nice cross-rhythm between the drums and one of the synths.

Lothyde responds:

I really appreciate you taking the time to write reviews. Thanks! I have to agree with some of the things you pointed out, I'll keep them in mind for future works.

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