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Having been acquainted with this carol...

...and with church bells - I find this a rather grandiose interpretation of the original. Comes second to plainchant and some orchestral Christmas music, but I love this. Kudos!

PenguinSam responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you! I always thought of church bells as very grandiose, and this carol reminded me of them. So naturally, a grandiose composition came about using it. I'm glad you love it, thank you for the listen!


Oy Levus! Good work as always ^_^

I don't need to describe how epic this is, and how much more skill you have on Mario Paint compared to me. I enjoyed it.

By the way. POKE. ^_-

Alright, here goes -

Some things I've noticed:

1) The lead synth that does the melody is very beautiful.
2) The piano at the introduction sounds terribly disjointed.
3) There isn't much of a dynamic change between the main section and the 'bridge'.
4) The pizzicato strings ARE JUST TOO LOUD. That's when the key is about to change.
6) Those choir voices towards the end are haunting and beautiful.

There was a mix of good and bad, but when the pitch in the key change section just went OFF, it gashed my experience of the song. Please, do something about it. -__-


You just made nostalgia even more epic on piano. It's simply beautiful. That's MPC Steinway SF, I take it?

Also, are you the person who put Mario Paint Composer songs on YT? I remember MissArtiste had commented asking you to join the Piano Contest Round XIII. If you are, please do join! If not, I might've confused you with someone else. ^_^'

SuperDragonMasters responds:

Yes It's Steinway SF, Yes I put some of my MPC Music on YT.
And the last question? I don't think MissArtiste asked me about that.

This one reminds me of...

...Tekken 4 or 5 music, but more Tekken 4 music.
I'll have to agree with KillTheTrucker on the bass, and BlowinMoneyENT on the chords. The main synths are repetitive, but the backing synths are lovely, and the rhythm is superb.

I reiterate - it does sound good in some fighting game (as a BGM piece, with all the kinks knocked out), and Tekken was the one example I thought of.

tay2von responds:

Lmfaoo thats pretty funny how you explained that, yeaa i see what youre sayin though thanks for the input

Okay, here goes...

Time for some honest feedback.

I like how you are attempting to produce in different genres, so this is the first piece I've decided to listen to.

Some things I've noticed -

1) The chords repeat every four bars, although there is a visible progression from start to end.
2) There isn't very much noticeable audio panning (R/L).
3) The synths in the main theme are off in some places.
4) Considering that this is a backing track for a rapper, it raises questionmarks for me. There's an intro, only two chorus parts, and a rap sequence in the middle, and that's pretty much it.
5) Add with that the fact that some note sequences have the same dynamic range, making the music sound terribly unnatural. (I've committed this mistake several times before, myself, so I'm able to point it out.) For music to sound natural rather than synthesised, there has to be some slight variation between the loud and soft, to give it the kind of touch that a person gives when he is playing his instrument.

There's my 2p on the piece. I'll take a listen to your other pieces soon.

tay2von responds:

Lol thanks for the help man, im bout to go work on it now

A review from a fellow pianist

I may have heard a slip or two, but I'm not going to go all techncial and say that these gash the song, because they don't.

Disregarding the description, it does sound like someone is going on a journey, and I quite like your playing. I would have loved if there was a main theme that could be reused, varied etc. as the piece progressed - I don't know, there might be one, but I haven't come across it when I listened to this song. Block chords might not have been enough for the 'journey' feel, but your expression is very good.

Good work, overall. ^_^


I love the expression. A LOT.
The singing is off in a few parts, and it got faster towards the middle - but your voice is really good! This could double as a good voice demo.


Echnaret responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, my pitch isn't the greatest. It's been a while since I actually sang, so hopefully if I continue, it will get better.

Not bad.

The 4-5-6 idea is quite original - I haven't seen anyone come up with that division. There's a bit of an unsteady beginning; I'd suggest going with the two-note sequence first (rather than begin on one note). I began with the impression that it was going to be the same throughout - yes, they were the same chords throughout, but you built up the piece quite well.

The filmgrain at the back is really nice and adds to the atmosphere. The piece has a good climax and a good end. And when it does get louder, there is some underlying tension, as if someone were to walk out and do some things hurriedly on a rainy night.

If this were YouTube, I'd like this. I guess that should be enough to say it's a good piece.


The percussions stay quite true to the original, and perhaps a bit to the NSMB Wii version, but several parts sound a bit off key.

I congratulate your attempt on doing an a capella version of this theme, though - it's not something that many people actually attempt. Work on your pitching, and this song might just get its wow factor back.

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