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Good theme there.

The piano could do with a bit of sustain and expression, though. But it's quite a good theme nonetheless.

Higgins667 responds:

Meh. we all have our own opinion, in this case i happen to disagree because this is how i wanted it to sound. This isn't a classical piece, It is just a theme. Thanks anyways.

I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the rest here..

It could be a bit more upbeat, and yes, another track (say, piano left hand) could've been added to it. Right now it'd qualify as a sample, which is good, but... >_>

Finalrush responds:

it could be upbeat but i wanted to make a more soft version of the song. that and i am still a bit of a beginer at piano so left hand is kinda hard for me right now >.<
thanks for your review!

Okay, here goes...

Nice intro pattern ^_^ The voice is lovely, but its timing can be slightly off. Again, as some people have said before me, this takes me back to the 90's techno songs I grew up with.

Nice job.

TheMadWasp responds:

Hello, thank-you for the review, I agree, the voice is slightly out of time in some places.


That is some slick 8-bit! :D

The chords are alright, you stuffed everything into 8-bit format and it does indeed sound like a lot of effort was put in - kudos!

Good, but can do with a little bit of expression..

It's a good attempt, I'll give you that. But even in a piano piece, for it to be more than listenable, there needs to be some expression. Some loud/soft, at the very least. Try putting in some loud and/or soft bits where you feel the piano parts should have them the next time - it'll make a world of difference! ^^

Raymoclaus responds:

Thanks for the criticism, yeah this was made with MuseScore so I can't actually change the volume. this was only meant to be a simple playground theme that anyone could play on piano but the review is appreciated. I will get around to remaking my first 10 songs.

Okay, here goes...

Good overall, but could do with a bit more detail - at this point, it sounds quite plain. The part after the opening should be softer. After that, there's a part where it changes key, and there were low strings being played together with the main melody, making it sound awkward. The choirs at the end were awesome, though.

apivotmaneh responds:

i resubmitted it. hope it sounds better now! check it out!

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