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The game itself is decent. There are bits of it that feel disorienting (turns, especially within that really trippy rainbow-coloured level). A lot of it feels like I need to still get used to it. I did get decently far into it for my first few tries, at 1,000+, and I suppose that with a bit of practice, I could get further.

There are some controls that I don't find myself using -- the bunny hops, the drift mode. I feel I'm moving way too quickly in the level to justify using it; steering the craft feels like hard work.

I think the one thing that I would really outwardly call a flaw, a gash in the feel of the game, is the music. The level seems like a cross between F-Zero and Rainbow Road out of Mario Kart games, but the BGM feels anything but -- and there are parts where it's made my head hurt.

Quite a neat little dress-up game, I guess -- though I'd appreciate lots more inserts and options; it just feels still a bit too cookie-cutter for the time being. Anyway, I did my best with what was there and came up with these:



General appearance of a member of a tribe that goes barefooted and unarmed. The creatures of the land of the dead do not touch them. They wear a deathly green, and their hair is black from coal and soot.

They all bear medieval English names, like Aldus and Kinborough and Randel and Tenny and Wybert.

In the case of 2,3,12,2,2,2,62,30,2,20,2,2

As the masks whiten and bleed, and as they temporarily gain the ability to levitate, they interpret it as an omen that one of their own, or someone who associated with them, will die soon. In many cases, it is true, though sometimes, the cause of death can be averted. When Matt and co. venture into the land of the dead, the masks whiten and bleed not for members of these people's tribe... but for Matt and co.

It's a 2048 clone, and quite an addictive one at that. Docked a star because of a bug that's gone uncorrected; any score above 20K causes the game to freeze. You can still submit scores, but you cannot make any moves as soon as you get a certain kind of monster associated with 20K scores.

Considering this is an RNG, I was wondering why there were no items to speed up and slow down the counters. Anyway.

The art was alright, and the gameplay got me sucked in during the first few levels. I think the trouble with this is that you'd be more likely to grind in the upper levels before going down. Tedium at its worst. I love the odd weapons in this game. A spork? Maybe a balloon animal? It'd be nice to include these in the field journal as well, to give us players a sense of accomplishment. And then have a New Game Plus feature so that if we're gunning for the 100%, we could have a few more tries on the gachapon machine.

The music is quite nice. Calming, in a lot of places. You wouldn't expect that of a dungeon, but it works.

The gameplay itself, on the other hand, raises questions like

1) How is it that the RNG moves four spaces once, and five spaces another when I time it to the precise second? This should NOT be happening. Unless you scrambled it instead of letting the selector move from top left to bottom right, this shouldn't be happening.

2) The skip function in making room layouts should be just as random as the making of the room itself. EVERY SINGLE TIME I skipped, the boss wasn't happy with his placement. There shouldn't be impossible scenarios like this every time the Skip button is pressed.

Alright game, I suppose.

PestoForce responds:

There are buffs to slow down the chooser, keep playing! Also, every weapon is in the field journal, look in the "special" section tab on the left.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and FINALLY got past the Doric / Ionic / Corinthian columns. Loved the humour as well, and just how smoothly the game played. I've supported this game on Greenlight -- all the very best!

squidly responds:

If you're ever stuck on greek art history again, just look em' up :P

A few things:

For a game created in that amount of time, I think I've seen better transitions and graphics than this. This is plain. I like that the card art was drawn, but you don't credit anyone.

In fact, you didn't credit the artist, and you didn't credit the musician, which was @Phyrnna. That track was from Bullet Heaven. Low blow, eh? That counts as stealing.

There's a bit of a delay when it comes to getting wrong pairs etc.

Want a real challenge? Come up with a game in 72 hours. People have done it and won prizes for it. You can do a lot better than this.

GSquadron responds:

On the credits section you can see who did the cards and they are fully credited inside the game.
The song is CC0 and I do not have to credit the artist. Here you can read more about it http://open.commonly.cc/
The delay can be upgraded in the shop. Second one.
People have done games in 72 hours but did use better engines than what I did. (Yet there is a difference in quality)
This is way beyond my skills considering I have made only two game engines so far.

Also remember, the 72 hours challenges are just prototypes and they had artists on their back. I had to do the gui all by myself and backgrounds.

Do you really believe that after 5 years of experience, I go and waste my reputation to steal others work? It would not be worth it and nobody would steal anything especially people who have been programming for years.

Anyway thanks for your comment! :)

Since this game took quite some of my time, here are my thoughts:

The game itself was quite fun. The levelling up was a bit imbalanced, in that the number of bullets fired actually counted for more damage than the base damage multiplier, which didn't quite make sense to me. Also, the hitbox could have done to be where the mouse pointer / tablet cursor is. Because otherwise, it makes things absolutely confusing.

Otherwise, I finished it, got all the stars, and quite enjoyed myself.

The graphics were alright... I guess? They could have done with a little bit more finesse. For instance, killing a big angler would cause it to break into two small anglers. Even a quick animation or explosion for that would have actually added the effect. There, I really felt just how austere the game was -- I mean, you had an amazing title screen and amazing menus and then, you come to the enemies and think, what the heck? Why didn't the artist put enough time with this?

The music was excellent, but:

1) The looping was awful. There were cuts and noticeable breaks. Surely someone could have done with a 'wrap remainder' option when exporting this stuff...

2) There could have been a bit more variation. I've heard the same level theme over and over and over again. Sure, Adventure Island had that on the NES, but... in some of the stages, the music was actually changed. I think this game could have done with that.

The sound design was alright, by and large... I guess there needed to be a bit more variety with the enemy death sounds.

The voice acting, on the other hand, was awful. Our Adventure Island hero had times where he sounded like an 18-year-old and an 8-year-old within the spam of 5 seconds, partly because he had dialogue and attack sounds going together within close proximity of each other. Also, all the bosses sounded almost the same in the way of voice. I know this is a cliché storyline, but the voice acting didn't need to add to the cliché by a hundredfold.

And speaking further on awful voice acting: the hurt sound actually does not play when you're in a dialogue sequence with a boss. If anything, you should pause until the hero and the boss have both finished speaking, AND THEN start firing the bullets. The hurt sound is often a way for me to start being aware of my surroundings, and without it, it makes the game confusing.


I probably differ from the vast majority of people reviewing this. That's fine. I personally found the game a bit too nonsensical for my taste. I guess it was true that a lot of conclusions weren't supposed to make sense and everything was ex machina, but some of them flat out didn't make sense -- Sonic's spring kills you, but the Super Jump DOESN'T? for example. This makes the game a pure die-and-retry, a kind of game that I have zero respect for. Even if it's fairly easy to retry and get the medals, that concept makes it unnecessarily drawn out. Honestly, this is to Flash gaming as Dragon's Lair is to arcade and console gaming -- even if this one is a bit easier. I cannot mince my words.

The music was well done, and the stick animation was fun, I guess. And I suppose there were many parodies of depictions of Alcatraz in popular media, so this has been, at the same time, something original AND something unoriginal. It's not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing, it's just a thing.

The highest point of this thing is the voice acting. It was pretty well done. The Russian voices were not tacky in the slightest.

Maybe I'm a stickler for really well done scenario and parodies aren't necessarily my thing, I don't know. But I didn't have as much fun with this as others did. And maximum security prisons with Russian-accented personnel make me think of areas in the world where prisons without escape are a reality, rather than a parody -- and I cannot help but feel a greater sense of pathos than most people would. >_< It also brings back awful thoughts about losing my own freedoms, which can't be regained through video game means.


PuffballsUnited responds:

This probably isn't your kind of game then. You're supposed to enjoy seeing the fails, not get disappointed because you picked the wrong choice. It's not meant to be taken too seriously either. Cartoon physics and such.

I wasn't really trying to draw any parallels to Alcatraz but I could see how they could be interpreted.

I'm glad you liked the voices and music!

If parodies aren't really your thing either then I'm not surprised you didn't like it that much.

Thanks for the honest review though!

Alright, here are my thoughts. I played this game yesterday but didn't really get to review it because of how late it was.

The graphics look basic. I guess we can't fault them because they do try to look like what they're resembling e.g. windmills, gravestones, Frankenstein monsters, but... I think I'd appreciate it if they were given a bit more depth. The monsters look boxy, but I know what you were trying to do with them.

The music... I can see what you're trying to do with it, but I find it's the wrong instrumentation for it. This sort of game warrants the music from the Mario Wii and U Ghost Houses in the way of feel. That bass sounds... I don't know, eeeeeh. A short, detached organ would have done the trick, and would have given us the spooks.

What's worse is that in battle, there's no fitting battle music -- there's absolutely nothing! It feels... empty. Even an ambient sound would've done the trick... I mean, what would you hear when you went into a graveyard? You wouldn't hear complete silence like this -- the wind would be rustling in the trees every now and then. There may be crickets. If not, you could just hear the breeze if and when it blows.

The gameplay is nice. It's a simple, turn-based RPG almost. The mechanics are simple, and there's nothing wrong with simplicity. We would have appreciated different animations for normal / strong attacks, etc.

Overall, the game is in full working order, but could do with a lot more atmosphere to it.


t4upl responds:

I tried to create proper combat music, I thought about rock tune but music generators made all music so terribly happy so I gave up.

I never thought about organs - that would work really well for map screen. I have mixed feelings about the wind sound, that would require using sfx libraries and that is forbidden during compo.

Game was supposed to have more life in it (on map: lightning in the sky, moving windmills) . Given the timelapse I concentrated on combat mechanics and just prayed that it will work.

Really cute. ^_^ As people said before me, the music is repetitive. However, the graphics are excellent, and I just can't get enough of the nomming movement of our little monster.

It does feel a bit of a letdown that I don't have much to achieve except a high score, and to me, it does feel like a drag doing it over and over again. But let me just say right off the bat, for a 48-hour job, I can easily let that slip. It is bugless, and works fine. Good job.


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