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I like the concept of animals dancing, but as a musician, this really doesn't tickle my fancy for a number of reasons.

1) Pretty much all the music I heard was this single, repeating drum loop. If you had challenges to different types of songs, and especially jungle ones, that'd have been far better. There are a lot of rhythm games here on NG that have actually fulfilled that mark, and I'm afraid this falls far short.

2) Being a musician, and having worked with rhythm for 18 years, I can already tell that the arrow placement doesn't follow the beat at all. There are some cases where I can hit Perfects on the bass and snare; other times, it just gives me a Good because the arrow placement doesn't follow the timing. This makes it no longer a rhythm game, but one which tests your typing skills to see whether you can get the arrow onto the placeholder as it falls. This defeats the whole purpose of the game, as well as the genre.

The aesthetics are cute, but otherwise, the game needs a lot of work.

One, this idea's been overdone. Two, you could've added some creativity into it. Three, there's only one speed setting, and it puts everyone off.

Good grief...

I loved the artwork and the BGM (they provided a pretty good feel), but the physics of this game is HORRIBLE.

You have very little acceleration and very poor handling on the car no matter how hard or how frequently you hit the Up button, and to make things even worse, you have those little obstructions on the road. Please, for the sake of us gamers, if you want to make the game at least playable, improve the movement of the car.


1) The concept is one that has been used before, and hasn't been taken to a special level.
2) The music gets overly irritating because it's a short loop that goes super slowly and it just GETS to you after a while. Even Vs Kracko from Kirby's Epic Yarn looped over and over again for 15mn is better.
3) Whilst it does get challenging at around the end stages of Level 2, Level 1 is a drag.
4) The animations are quite slow, and they can be tedious for players to put up with.

The graphics are nice, though, and it's sad that whilst the graphics are nice, everything else is lacking. Please, polish up these aspects, and you'll leave gamers happy.

Sweet. ^_^

The graphics are simplistic, but this game reminds me of NES' Road Fighter for some reason. Not bad!

Great work. ^_^

It isn't everyday that you see word search games on NG, so there's something different. Great job! It's easy to play, fun to listen to and great to kill time.

My only pickle is that the word 'Football' on Easy Mode' cannot be highlighted (something goes wrong with it).

Brolyweb responds:

Hi TroisNyxEtienne, first of all thanks for the nice words :)
Second, your problem with the "Football" word is strange, I tried to play it and it worked fine...you had problem selecting it / the game didn't give it as "found" or with highlighting only ?

Here goes.

Good music, nice graphics and stuff. Some of the differences were very challenging, and that was part of what made the game exciting. But there's one problem which really gashes the whole experience of the game: THE LOADING SPEED IS JUST TOO SLOW. Don't blame it on my browser - I'm on Firefox 6. I am almost certain it is due to the buildup of the game itself, rather than anything else, because I've only had the problem with this game. Please, tend to it, and it'll be fine.

Otherwise, great job.

Now this is something...

A completely hand-drawn dress-up game? Not something we see everyday. And for a hand-drawn dress-up game, everything is so very seamless. My only complaint would be that the colours on the dresses aren't so clear, but I guess that's the way it was intended - so that the angel's light would be the focus here. I don't often give high ratings for dress-up games, but this one gets my utmost RESPECT.

It's alright, but there should be a jump button...

Crashing at every obstacle is no fun. But otherwise, the animation is smooth, the transitions are smooth and you did a good job.

Alright, let's see...

This is a really good version of Snake brought to Flash. My only complaints would be that there is no speed select mode, unlike the original, and that the graphics are pretty bland. But the whole point of Snake is to make the snake longer, and you did well on that.

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