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The game mechanics are simple, I guess... I have no complaints about the core mechanic. The background really looks nice. I like the urban feel you're using with this.

I cannot help but bemoan the lack of music or ambience apart from the background. It's so quiet; I would have hoped even for the faintest traffic noise, but not even that was present. It's too austere. What the game also doesn't tell us is that even touching a box by its side makes you automatically lose, despite not being out of bounds. It's a bit of a nasty shock.

The other thing is that I get that you're handling a box monster. At least *make* it look remotely evil... Or maybe, give it some character. Make it a pretty, pretty box that's actually evil inside. Surely it's not that far-fetched? You've got *some* artistic skill, at least from what I see with the BG. It looks so good; I really, really wish you could make your imagination run wild with this.


adiokristoffer responds:

thanks for your feedback :D i tried making it look like a monster but im bad at art that i decided to make it simple XD thanks for the good comment about the bg im glad you liked it XD

The game looks awfully simplistsic; some better transitions and a better menu screen would have been appreciated. The square colour changes quite quickly, so it would be nice to see some upgrades (e.g. cursor speed).

The music is fine. However, I've also noticed you can't mute the sound, which makes it a bit awkward when you've got something playing in the background. Recommend listening to the music, but don't enforce it.


Cyxo responds:

Well, I made this game with Construct 2 Free a while ago, and I already have the 50 max events, so that I can't add sound muting or thing like that. Maybe if I have time to, I'll fully recode it in HTML5 - JS, but I'm currently really busy.

Thanx anyway for your useful comment ;)

Okay. Playing 68 fields, quite a few on Glaring, and I've been at this for nearly a month. I think it's high time I wrote a review.

The 9x speed was a very, VERY welcome feature, but of course, it tests one's reflexes. I also like the new additions to the good old Gemcraft gameplay that we know and love.

The difficulty spike on Vision fields is unnecessary. Or if it REALLY were, then it should be recommended to us what level we should be at.

The music is so ambient and beautiful, and very chilling. I also like the addition of the journey notes; it gives greater depth to the story than in previous Gemcraft games. It makes it so personal.

What irks me the most is that this is a demo, and some levels are inaccessible to us unless we get it on Steam. That makes it a blatant rip-off. Labyrinth did not have any of this bullcrap; even if you had limited features, you still had a sporting chance with every level.


No music, crappy sound effects, crappy visuals... pretty much the only thing going for it is the medals.

Decent. I'd have preferred some less MIDI-sounding remixes/covers, and better design -- something that doesn't scream "TACKY!" when you look at the result screen -- Tetris was especially notorious for this. The best level design, the way I see it, was Kirby -- it was so simple.

The game mechanics are so nice, and the medals were decently easy to get. It was a short and sweet affair. Have a bit of bullet-time introduced as a power-up, this may switch things up to make them more exciting. Also, I don't know about you, but perhaps have the things that appear as notes actually.... move? -- like, animated wings on the bees, movement... Some of them have got to be homing? This feels a bit... unexciting.

TL;DR: Game mechanics are nice but could seriously use some innovation, otherwise it gets really old really fast. Graphics could use an update, i.e. life-like "notes", bullet time, and something that doesn't look like people ripped sprites off the game and put it into a 2-star animation.


Giving it a 1, because

1) the game is quite simple and would warrant a 2 normally for not being too new or interesting,

2) you stole Phyrnna's track, "The Stage is Set," and I recognise it because it's the introduction theme to Bullet Heaven 3.3, and DID NOT GIVE HER CREDIT. The track is on Newgrounds and REQUIRES ATTRIBUTION, but you did not give it her. There is no link to the track you used on your game's sidebar, nor is it actually in the game's credits -- if it actually does have credits.

Please sort that as soon as possible. I have contacted Phyrnna and some of my friends on the Audio Portal about this theft.


Oh boy, here we go again, another Helicopter-esque game...

Right. This game isn't as endless as I would like it to be because the hitbox for the cats is JUST TOO BIG. I DIE WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING THE CATS. Seriously. No kidding. This makes the game just too annoying and boring for me by the time I try like a third time. Not to mention how some feathers are just too close to enemies; because of the enemies' big hitbox, you can't really collect them. The bird's movement is alright, but considering how fast the cats are moving, I find it a bit slow and sluggish.

The art isn't bad, but I kinda feel a little more effort could have been put into it. It doesn't look stellar; it just looks..... bland. And the music... it grates my ears.


There's no save function for the game EVEN when you have cache enabled and even when you're logged into the same session on a browser. I'm running Chrome on Windows 8, and don't try and tell me it's a problem with the OS, because someone else reported this problem before me.

The game is very much like Swapples (a game from the site which used to be called omgpop), in that there is a bit of variety on power-ups. I like that. Graphics are quite smooth, and transitions are quite smooth. Understanding the requirements of each level took me a while to figure out, because once you click by mistake, it could all go away, and it's not the most intuitive thing to look at a picture on the *top* of the screen -- I prefer text on top of the screen, because it serves as a far better, far more obvious warning alert.

I'm not sure what to think about the music, it's kinda meh. I preferred playing it on mute.

Otherwise, it's very luck-based. One minute, you can get three stars out of three; the next moment, you get nothing at all because you failed the blooming level. I would have liked this to be based on skill, and not on luck, because players don't like to be annoyed when playing a game like this. If I'm playing a match-3, I PLAY IT FOR FUN, NOT TO GET ANNOYED!


There's something about this game that makes me all sad, reminiscent and misty-eyed. Not too long ago my fiancé and I were talking about how video game characters don't age, and he then proceeded to say, "Peach looks hot for a 50-year-old" -- but what if, just what if, the time came for them to become frail and wheelchair-bound...

Now, I have at least played Level 1 in this game and am aiming to play this game proper, without a lagging PC. But the amount of lag is not a basis for scoring here. My thoughts are on these:

First, graphics. It looks very Super Mario World-like, with some obvious differences so as to not fall foul of intellectual property law (for instance, the UI, the way coins and power-ups appear). That's perfectly understandable. The first world select and first level, at least, look very blue -- something that strikes me as reminiscent.

Gameplay is alright, I suppose -- the controls respond fine. My only qualm with it is that when jumping, Ario looks awfully unnatural. It's too unfittingly comical -- and my perception is that he's got to have superhuman strength at his age to jump that high in a wheelchair... and is the original protagonist (from whom this is based) superhumanly strong? I doubt it...

Music... well, that's the one place where I have to gash points a lot.

The Level 1 music is a 3-second loop, with lots of high synths. It is ANNOYING and it GRATES THE EARS. >_< It strikes me as too dour for the original franchise, but too overly cheerful for this particular game. I haven't come across the other level themes yet, but this first one doesn't give me much promise.

Overall good work, but the game still has its kinks.


ArioOld responds:

We are glad that you liked the main idea and we understand all the negative points that you mentioned. We had been worked for two months on this game, the graphic is other and the songs are others too. Unfortunately we had problems with the copyright and we had to do the project all over again in just one day in order to participate in the contest, as it was the last day to post it.
Those bugs do not exist in the official version. If you liked this I'm sure that you are going to enjoy the original version.

To play the original version enter in our official web site, the link is at the description

About the "Super Jump": you're right, we are going to improve the idea.

Let me make it clear that I support keeping the internet free from things like SOPA, PIPA and the FCC. And whether I like it or not, the internet is a resilient little thing, going through growing pains to get freer and freer, the way Sir Tim Berners-Lee intends it to be. Or rather, should I say, there are many internet users around the world who are resilient against this type of law enforcement.

Now, on to the interaction of this short game proper.

Music was well chosen, I suppose. It's bleak, and a desperate picture of what the internet could look like.

Graphics were boxy and simplistic, but it does make me wonder what this whole fascination of blank hitboxes is. Anti-SOPA games had this, and now this game has it too. Is this game trying to tell me that FCC would also prevent original content?

The atmosphere was brilliant, for the most part -- but why are the graphics resembling that of Web 1.0 websites? The internet adopted a whole new aesthetic years ago. Game-wise, I doubt there are any bugs, and I suppose there are only a few things that can be interacted with, in keeping with how bleak the situation is.

The dialogues and writing aren't. Are you trying to tell me that reading books is an inferior way of spending time to the internet, for example? It's shallow thinking at best. The only "beneficiary" from the FCC is the big guy in a suit -- but little effort is actually made to show WHO ELSE would benefit, and WHO ELSE would suffer, and WHAT ELSE they would say. I would have appreciated if the whole writing was a lot more thought-provoking than this. And this, I'm afraid, is where I have to gash away points. This kind of game is meant to raise awareness by putting us deep in thought, but it just doesn't, and comes across as yet another corny protest "game".


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