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I like the idea of building a presbytery for our little priest character here, but..... the game itself is bland. Sound effects are fair, graphics are fair, there isn't much to be wanted nor anything to engage, it's just another bland time-killer which I cannot spend much time on without feeling empty inside.

For once I want my priest-related and presbytery-related games to be heart-stopping and tear-jerking, darn it!


This gives a mix of a style between Final Fight, Super Contra and Mega Man. Regardless of whether that was what you were going for, I like that feel very much. I love the level design, and the regular enemies are fairly easy to avoid, except for that one gun which blocks your way and seems to have homing bullets (this really feels like bullet hell...). Admittedly I like the regular enemies -- they look like they've been fitted for a Kirby game of some sort *coughcoughKirby'sAdventurecough*

The bosses can sometimes be hard (I have a feeling one of the bosses actually has HOMING bullets, rather than normal bouncy ones). I don't know how, but I managed to finish the demo. The control scheme is great, as is the music and the general ambience.

For a work done in a single day, this is impressive!

For the finished work, I would suggest:

1) a story and level progression a la Final Fight. This would mean different ambiences, different pieces of background music, and a motivation for all the shooting and killing. Who is our antagonist?
2) Checkpoints. Because right now a Game Over means instant restart from the beginning, which can be kinda frustrating at times, especially when we've gone quite far into the game.
3) Varied enemies?

I await the final version of this work -- there is a lot to be anticipated! :D


Alright, points to ponder. Here's some background information for you.
I run a PC, Intel Celeron, Windows 7, 2.5 GB RAM. I am a Supporter on Newgrounds, meaning the ONLY Flash running on this entire page is this game (ads have been disabled). I will mark headers as I go along.

The UI looked like something from really early PS2, or really late PS1. I don't really know if there was anything particularly special about the UI to add or take away any marks... it was clean, but it just wasn't my taste.

Practically non-existent. My comments on this in relation to the game in general will be later in this review. I emphasise: solid sound is key to a good game, and this really didn't give me any enthusiasm to play.

You stuffed a 3D game into a Flash, which is impressive. The graphics are, once again, between late PS1 and early PS2, which is probably understandable for a Flash of this size. However, considering I DO NOT have any other Flash stuff on except for this game....... the severe lagging here is inexcusable. Loading times are slow, selection times are slow, even the time taken for tracks to show up is immensely long.

There seems to be a lot of effort thrown into cars, tracks, characters, even side functions, which is great! My only pickle is, with cars, tracks and characters, is there no means to show, say, the acceleration, speed, handling and difficulty for each? Is everything going to be the same?

Now I know a humungous amount of effort has been put into this game, but the key points of any game, to any player, are 1) functionality, 2) atmosphere. And if these two don't work out well, how can it be a great playing experience?

There are perhaps many of us who could try playing over on Facebook, but there are some of us, who for space constraints and loading issues, resolve to playing on Newgrounds (especially if we are Supporters rather than ordinary members). If it doesn't work on the site with lower bitspace -- Newgrounds in this case -- how are we to trust that it'll work on Facebook?

Although credit is due for your hard work towards this game, this is one thing where I must honestly say, downgrading the graphics for functionality's sake would've worked really, REALLY well here. Or, if you cannot compromise on the graphics, then take whatever time you need to make sure the functionality and atmosphere side can be enjoyed across all sites. Because at this moment -- and I trust you can make it better in future -- it seems like you tried to make a really flashy thing, but it's fallen flat on its foundations.

This is one thing for which I cannot honestly give the rating you'd expect.


The music is good, the environment is good.....
...but the controls are unresponsive. I try to move WASD around, and it doesn't work, I try to hit the touchpad to fight (since my left click isn't working anymore), but he doesn't do a thing, and he winds up getting hurt, etc.

Am I missing something? If I remember correctly I am playing the current version of this game. This really looks like it would've been a good game, but the unresponsive controls have damaged my experience.


I did enjoy this game very much. Having been used to Excitebike and having beaten a lot of the records (except for Stage 5), this came almost naturally to me. Only because this game used a real physics engine, I had to take the damage at the spikes like a champ.

I would like to suggest a Restart option -- because for stages 5 and beyond, it is possible to get stuck in a stage if you make a wrong turn, and then not be able to get out of it. I specifically had this in Stage 5 -- although I've beaten it, I decided to try it again, and sometimes we make mistakes. In this case, the mistake was irreversible and I was stuck.

The music is really good (good on ya, Frootza!) and so was the artwork. The VA reminded me of the few NES games that had voice clips (the only one I've ever played being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, mind you). The story was simple but quite a solid premise for a motorjousting tournament.

For something assembled in two weeks, this is one of the best games I've seen. It's not pretentious, it's rather realistic about what has been done within the span of two weeks, it has endearing and sometimes hilarious characters, it gives you a sense of achievement when you've beaten each level. If you had no time limit on this game and you had all the time in the world to iron out bugs, etc., or if you're considering making a version 2 of Motorjoust, seriously, go for it. I want to see this game's engine, storyline etc. in its full glory. Who knows? I certainly imagine that it'll have much better prospects -- a lot of avenues will be opened with this game.


WingDemon responds:

Thanks for playing it! I agree with most of what you said, and if we do make a sequel we'll make sure to do something about it! About the restart button though, pressing the ESC key allows you to exit back to the character select menu from where you can restart the level. so there's that. Anyway glad you liked it!


Lovely game, but there's a glitch in the scores. There are two problems arising from it:

1) The scores and combos of the first click are not recorded AT ALL,
2) Occasionally after restarting a number of times to see if the problem is averted, you may start with 5000 points even if you haven't done a thing.

Please, please see to it.

Otherwise, the gameplay is addictive, the shifting of the centre of gravity is quite an original idea, and I really like the general look and feel of it.


Time to give my two pence.

The aesthetics are rather plain -- you submitted this in 2008, but the graphics look like a 2000 novelty. Back in 2008 they had streamlined, better-looking skins than this! While I know you had a yellow-and-white BG on the back for Newgrounds colours, perhaps tone it down a little bit? With all the pictures on the Tetris blocks AND the background, it's kinda hard on the eyes.

In fact, I might as well be bold enough to say that the entire layout of the game looks like a website from between 1998 and 2000, when everything was running on HTML1. That kind of design normally warrants games no more than 2 stars.

This is where I gash the most points, unfortunately. HOW MANY VERSIONS OF KOROBEINIKI DO YOU WANT IN THIS DARN THING?!

Korobeiniki was the default theme and evoked a lot of nostalgia, sure, but there were *other* themes that invoked nostalgia, you know. Comparing the Nintendo and Tengen versions (for NES), we had Korobeiniki, Technotris, Bradinsky (which would've been nice!), Karinka, Troika... and the list goes on. The only other theme I ever saw was Technotris, which was great to hear, but other than that... the music selection has been left completely wanting.

Now granted, I know StencylWorks didn't exist back in the day. If you had Stencyl, you'd have been able to insert more MP3s rather than bulk the game up with WAV files. But taking into account the limitations you had then, surely you'd have just capped it at *two* Korobeinikis, and look for other classic Tetris themes?

Also, no sound effects when the lines are cleared? No drop sound effects at all? No fun. It's even less fun when the music has to be turned off just because of these versions of Korobeiniki that I'm hearing to no end, it makes any gamer fed up.

It played like a normal Tetris game..... except.... far laggier and far less exciting. I've noticed that hitting the Down key makes a hard drop, but here's the problem: *THE HARD DROP DOES NOT PLAY LIKE A HARD DROP.* It's just a slightly sped up version of the soft drop. If someone were to speed-play his way through a Tetris game because it calms him down, or because it makes the game more exciting.... well, this game fails on both counts.

And in addition to that, the lines clear very, very slowly -- and WHY THE BLAZES are they clearing one after the other? Is there no script to clear all lines at once?!

I have to gash even more points because, from what I read in a response you posted, you simply reskinned Gauss' Tetris game. You did nothing to make it better. And that's why a lot of Tetris games (with the exception of Mario Tetris and Fliptris) are simply not memorable. Now don't give me the old chestnut about 99% of Tetris games being slow and sucky, and that you decided to follow suit -- it doesn't make your programming or your skinning stand out, it only puts you in the light of a bad coder.

And on an equally serious note, the loading for this game was terribly long and drawn-out. What on earth is the file size of this thing?!

Long, drawn out, laggy, unexciting, uninspired design, too many uses of Korobeiniki. Overall, it's quite a chore to play this game.

Tackle all these issues, STARTING FROM THE DESIGN (since you skinned it!) and perhaps I could consider adding a few more points.


black-father responds:

didn't you waste your time writing all this? :P

plus this is a flash tetris.. do you expect it to be as great as PS3 tetris or gameboy tetris? definitely not, and its not worth ranting

Tough luck, mate. I won.

And that being said: is this supposed to be a variation of the Red Button game, where you're expected to keep pressing that button until it goes around in a complete loop? If that was what you were going for, congrats. If you were thinking of inciting rage with this game, boo, you fail.

For my part, I remained calm throughout the entire game, doing the entire 26-alphabet sequence every single time until the right letter was hit. It helps that I type like a pianist.

Now if this game were meant to be like the 'Press that button' game, you probably don't need sound to trigger someone's rage. Good call, I guess, by not putting in any sounds: you helped a calm person play much calmer.


wertolet responds:

Yeah, first idea - it's a rage game, but i make it more easer and calm for players. So now it's just a find a button game.
Thank you.

The shooter-Bejeweled idea was great, and the music was awesome. I like the idea of a duel based on how many pairs you can match up.

That being said, I think the fun ends there:

1) Alien Hominid, the Madness mascot and Snake are pretty much the only aesthetically-pleasing characters.
2) The controls are very finicky, you have to press a particular target twice or three times before the white ring shows it's selected. It's AWFUL when it comes to the battle against Fulp himself, because it is unrealistic to fight with sticky controls and watch the timer at once. And it's equally a chore for the battles before it too. This, I'm afraid, is where I gash the most points.

If I'm finding it difficult to control while playing in Arcade mode, imagine Endless mode!

I'm with the others when they say this game needs a tune-up. It *seriously* does. The finickiness of the controls, especially, needs to be checked -- and once this thing moves smoothly, it'll be a very, very enjoyable game.


53xy83457 responds:

I was really hoping to die without ever hearing the words "tune up" again especially considering the last two suggested were, make last boss easier (never tire of that one) and add instructions that are already there. What you're describing however would require a... (sigh)... tune up but I'm having no such problems. Don't suppose this could all be your computer/browser/mouse's fault?

I like this; it's a nice change from the regular, sappy old dress-up games we normally see on NG's Under Judgment section. And besides, many people (myself included) are fascinated with old or medieval-style armour.

Maybe include more armour/weapon choices? Everyone can name the Spartans, the Romans and even the Templars when it comes to armour choices that stand out. The choices here are limited; only one of them vaguely resembles the Templars. There's more potential for maces, shields, daggers, shortswords and what have you to be included -- and you can include a whole arsenal on them!

Granted, it'll take a lot of prep and drawing, but the time I've spent browsing (online) weapon stores makes me feel that this game needs more content. It should be a bit like a sweet shop, where you WANT to dress up in armour and look like a Roman / Spartan / Templar / anything else, but you're so spoilt for choice.

Considering this began as an experiment and this is different from the vast majority of dress-up games, I am giving this a solid 4 out of 5. I still STRONGLY appreciate it if there should be more content added to it.

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