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Troisnyx's News

Posted by Troisnyx - November 24th, 2012

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here. Or formally, Annette 'Troisnyx' Singh, LLB (Hons). We can skip the formalities after this, okay.... I want to be the Troisnyx everyone has known and has become familiar with.

I finished my law degree in May and the graduation ceremony was only two days ago (22 November). I know that I'm far from a lot of you, but come celebrate with me!


And you already have a picture of me in academic dress on the left. The full series of pictures from graduation day can be found here.

It was a pretty bittersweet day, what with my only witness being Merlyne (none of my family could make it), but I'm glad nonetheless that I went.

Posted by Troisnyx - November 15th, 2012

....First, I want to congratulate everyone who took part, and everyone who won -- especially Deadlyfishes, Samulis, Demolecule and Step. Awesome job.

I still want to finish the submission that I never got to finish on time: Bosa especially understood that ministry > competition, even if I had to give up my chances of getting $150. The heartbreak that I go through now will be very much worth it in the end. The submission I had intended to put in was a short musical setting to the prayer Libera Me, considering November is the month for All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance Day (or Veterans' Day in the US). But with November halfway through, I suppose the submission will have to wait till next year.


So what have I been doing during that period, you ask?

A few things.

1) Assignments for Wills, Legal Writing and Interviewing/Advising. I have also begun some form of revision for my Business Law and Practice exam, which is in two weeks.

2) The more important to my heart, and the very reason why I dropped out of Quest for the Crown in the first place: the CCM band I'm in -- Kingdom of Herts -- released a single, titled "Declaration". The song had been lying about in my drives for a year. Christo (Merlyne) originally wrote a full set of lyrics, but scrapped them. Then he and I sat down writing the current set of lyrics for the song.

If you'd like to hear it, you may check the single out over on YouTube, Soundcloud or Bandcamp. The lyrics are provided in all three. Christo sang Verse I, Richard handled Verse II and I handled Verse III. Finally after all that time, it's finally done and CD-ready!


That's it from me for now. If I don't update over the next two or three weeks, it's because of law school. But I'll try get something up within that period, somehow.

P.S. I'm considering getting a bodhrán... and actually playing it. Thoughts?

Posted by Troisnyx - November 7th, 2012

Someone took one of Kingdom of Herts' background music pieces which I uploaded here (being the leader of the group project and the composer of said song). I am talking about Sunrise and Dark Cloud, the piece which got me into the NGADM Round 1 this year.

And my, look at what he did with it.

I am honoured, to say the least. That is some beautiful footage, and to have my music accompanied with this kind of footage has been part of my dream. Well, it's not our footage, but it's still a good starting point. <3

To the talented soul who did this and used my track.... the honour is mine.

Posted by Troisnyx - November 7th, 2012

To start, you may have seen this in the Audio Forums, but I am dropping out of Quest for the Crown because I have some recording/mixing work for Kingdom of Herts that I have to concentrate on. Now, I know I was 1/3 into that piece, but I'll probably upload it at another time. Next year?

And since I threw in the towel for the competition, I will gladly reveal the words that I have been attempting to set to music: Libera Me, a prayer for the souls who have gone before us.


Speaking of Kingdom of Herts, we've recently restarted some song projects. There was recording on Monday, and more recording tomorrow! I really can't wait for the time this song can be shared with all of you. <3

The songs we are preparing right now are going to our debut album, 'A Story Told in Songs of Faith'. If you were sticking around in October 2011, you'd find that Version 1 of one of Kingdom of Herts' songs is here on Newgrounds. I speak of Juventud, of course. The song's being remade as I speak.

Posted by Troisnyx - November 3rd, 2012

Remember when I put up my tracks for The Hut in Ayre Forest, how I said that I had to rely on another computer with awful processing power?

Well, today, Christo and I got together, dismantled my main computer (which took a good hour and more), cleaned it up (ten minutes), and put it back (about half an hour). We spent a good three hours getting it to stop overheating. It's now back and better than ever, and I'm on full capacity again, THANK GOD! Those three hours left us with frazzled nerves... Christo especially, because he was the one that did all the unscrewing and technical work.

Now I am getting back to work on my submission for Quest for the Crown, which I hope to finish within the next few days. Send some prayers/good thoughts my way please!

Posted by Troisnyx - October 27th, 2012

I know this post has come a few days late, but the final results of the 2012 NGADM have been announced. Kor-Rune takes first, Waterflame second, and BlazingDragon and myself third.

To those of you who listened, commented and/or decided to stick around with me during this period, thank you. <3


For those of you who are not sure what Quest for the Crown is at all, it's a competition with a focus on orchestral, classical or neoclassical music (see discussion here). Bosa is the host, and I believe Samulis is taking questions from inquisitive participants as well. The deadline for this thing is 7 November.

Now given the fact that my current PC is a tortoise, and that my headphones just got spoilt on me, I must do this next piece by estimation if I'm thinking of entering it into the Quest for the Crown. I will have to survive without headphones and without my fast PC until I get enough funds to repair those two.

I will only say this much: the idea behind it has been done by a few other composers in different time periods, but I have been so deeply moved to do a musical setting for a liturgical work (the words of which are obviously public domain). Which prayer this is, I will reveal only when the piece is finished. For now, please bear with me!

(And no, it is NOT the Te Deum. I know I hinted at this on my Facebook page but I have since changed my mind, since doing a full musical setting for even HALF the text will take me more than two weeks.)


The Legal Practice Course is a pain in the rear. I will say this much.

Posted by Troisnyx - October 22nd, 2012

There is one question I've pained to ask, and I know that I am not the only one to have asked this question. People have asked this either to me, or in my presence.

There is always a demand for music and all types of art forms which tell a story, which inspire, which make people think, which make people cry. There is always a demand for art which lifts the soul, pierces the heavens and people's hearts.

Which leads me to the question -- why are there so few people willing to undertake the task, in proportion to the amount of musicians out there? I mean, realistically, when I look at how many people say that their hearts are stirred to make music, I would estimate it at probably 3 out of 1000 (that number might be more or even far less in certain areas, but you get the drift).

I ask this because the questions thrown at me have all been of the same nature. It seems as though there is a void to fill.

Posted by Troisnyx - October 14th, 2012

Friends, I present to you the fruit of the collaboration between Squidly, Hyptosis and myself.

Presenting, The Hut in Ayre Forest!


Now admittedly, it was difficult, what with the finer details we had to pay attention to over the past 48 hours, being stuck for story ideas for an hour or so, dealing with processor speed problems when it came to programming and music. Still, we're glad it's done, and we're glad to share this with you.

Posted by Troisnyx - October 13th, 2012

We need an artist to complete our Game Jam 8 team!
The people in the team so far are Squidly (the man behind Second Wind) and myself.

Art is going to bring out the notions of the game a lot more, so any help is appreciated!

Please contact either Squidly or myself via PM.


EDIT 13:10.2012 15:47: The team is now complete. A big thank-you to Hyptosis for stepping in.

Posted by Troisnyx - October 11th, 2012

This post will be updated over time. Now a lot of my songs over here belong in collections, so I will list them as I go along.

Project Chaplaincy
NOTE: Not all the tracks from the OST are going to be uploaded on Newgrounds.
- Preliminary Audio Samples
- In re Reveris
- Day of Reckoning
- Bataile Royale (SNES version / piano version)
- Over Sunrise and Dark Cloud
- Arise Once More

Full soundtrack here!

The National Service Journal
NOTE: Not all the tracks from the OST are going to be uploaded on Newgrounds.
- City of Sunrise
- Capital of Soot
- Whispers in the Rain
- La Ligne du Départ
- Westminster Tune ~ Preuve de foi (version 1 / version 2)
- Étoile Perdue

Game Jam 7
- Happy Sunday Morning!
- The Wish of a Child
- Up, Up and Away
- Whoopsie

Full collection here!

Game Jam 8
- Crossing the Brook
- Through the Woods I
- Through the Woods II

Full collection here!

Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2012
- Propter Te
- Supplication
- Asperges Me
- Mio/Homura

EP coming soon!

Represent a Country and other related works
- Barnyard Céilidh
- An Uair am Feill

Video game remixes
- Abyss Tales of the Abyss
- Akai Tsuki/Lune Rouge Disgaea 3: Hour of Darkness
- Capriccio 'Bullet Heaven' Bullet Heaven
- Estavius Epic Battle Fantasy 3
- Gourmet Race/Castle Dedede Kirby's Epic Yarn
- Hometown Domina Legend of Mana
- The Overthere Shrine Super Paper Mario
- Paraphrase: Kairi - Naminé - Xion Kingdom Hearts
- Reach for the Stars Sonic Colours