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Welp, we already have our winner.

Wonder if the image is about booze and its effects. Dutch courage to the right, temperament change to the left, and at the very top, what happens when you're plastered?

For what seems to be quite an abrasive thing to think about, the colours are quite soft. It's really pleasing to look at. The pink must reminds me of Dumbo's "Pink Elephants on Parade," and the alcohol-related hallucination he has during that song. Shading, lighting and anatomy are on point; I have no complaints whatsoever and I think it's brilliant.

It simply took me a while to come up with my understanding, however incorrect it may be, of what the image is about -- but it makes me appreciate it even more, than if it were just an aesthetic piece without much decipherable meaning I guess.

It has a rather nostalgic feel to it. I like it a lot. Comic book nostalgia, perhaps. The colours are striking; they caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I like.

WooleyWorld responds:

I think the first one was more successful, but I do like this one a lot too.

The colours are spot-on, the balance is spot-on, the image is uplifting. You probably will have had this experience from all the comic panels you drew, and it really caught my eye the first time I saw it. Excellent!

Very mesmerising to look at, especially with the little details you've added, the rocks on the path and the stars in the sky. Everything has detail, which I'll notice after looking at it a second, and then a third time. Brilliant! All the very best!

Flaxor responds:

Thanks a lot! I was going to make it a minute long with the character dying at the end, but thought it too much for a gif. Maybe I can add even more details with NPCs in the background and objects. All the best to you too!

The proportions feel out (or if that's meant to be a foreshortening thing, the lighting throws it off) -- but otherwise, my word the colours are stunning. The hair and the tail especially. They are mesmerising to look at.

What did you use for this, out of curiosity?

BiggCaZv2 responds:

Acrylic on canvas.

I love this. Notwithstanding the fact that it's Splatoon and everyone recognises these characters from a mile away, the art style is so sweet. I love the pastel colours you used. It's not 'in your face' like other Splatoon fanart I've seen so far; it just looks like a beautiful shared moment between friends that you want to let last forever -- the colours really do play a part in conveying that to me.

It feels like a little something out of a children's book, too. That feels like a plus in my book ^_^

Hey. I only discovered this today and I'm really touched by your character and her story. I didn't realise that you drew inspiration from me all this time. Thank you so much for sharing.

There's something very ghastly about her eyes, it's the first thing that comes to mind. That, and perhaps the chill of the Russian climate you showed here.

I remember commenting on one of your other pieces about a lack of clarity, and it is present here too. However: I really like how you've divided it into comic strip panels a lot clearer here. I have a slightly better idea of what to make of this picture. Some bits are quite surrealist (those sharks up top, for example).

AdventVoice responds:

Well the clarity needed for this piece is found in the actual book: Red Shirts by John Scalza's
He was the one that came up with Ice Sharks. He said it.
From his words I just could not get out of my head what an Ice Shark would look like.
realistically: did not make me happy: A shark swimming in ice would not make you think of an Ice shark. You would think of an Orca. At least I would have.
In this man's world the bathroom was open to all genders and creatures and everyone made it out just fine. So I was wondering if in reality we could?

I feel your pain. My own father was one of these so-called "real men" and spoke with his fists to me, almost exclusively.

It's hard for me to make out what the figures in the art are doing, either because of a lack of clarity in the outlines or the colours, I cannot tell which.

AdventVoice responds:

Lack of clarity will be fixed over time when I find better mediums. The messages will get better too!
This is only the beginning.
There is a more elaborate explanation found at www.adventgradepress.com
In short:
Scene 1: The man and woman both love the dream the comes from the fight, the idea of money and the spotlight.
Scene 2: When there is no crowd, each has to weigh how much the fame, the money, the spotlight is worth it to them.
Scene 3: She is alone, she asked him to stay, don't fight, who cares, "ill love you, when or loose, leave it all, let the dream die, just don't fight."
Scene 4: The bell rings
Scene 5: He is hit a lot.
Scene 6 She can not take it, she can't look, he face getting hit is not worth it.
Scene 7 HE is winning, everything is going to be fine, it is worth it, He is so strong, can't wait to go home!
Scene 8: the Bell rings and no matter what we love our fighters. We love the strong man and strong woman.
The story of my life.

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