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I like this -- it's very simple, very powerful colours, and gives off a late 1800s'/early 1900s kind of feel. Looks almost like a theatre poster, if I do say so myself!

JackDCurleo responds:

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going for. I just finished Bioshock: Infinite and Dishonored so the time period and style were sort of fresh in my head.

I like what you have going with this piece. I'm getting a rather poetic vibe out of this one -- fine visual poetry. I wonder, is this the vibe you're going for with this comic series?

Regardless, this piece is simple, yet powerful, and there's nothing I can call out in here which doesn't appeal to me. The line "A bat followed me home / Some will fly, most will fall" gives me shivers, the same kind of shivers I had when reading Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'. If you have a link to this comic series in due time, I would love to follow it!


Beautiful! I like her dress, her general look and even the shading you did on this thing!
Just wondering.... are you thinking of a background for this? It could help make or break the setting she's in.

Safst3r responds:

It could be interesting, trying to make a background for this picture I mean. Although I did want the main focus to be on her alone, hence the black. I'll play around with it a bit though, to see what I can do with backgrounds because I am pretty rusty at that haha XD

Did you actually use MS Paint for this? At any rate, nice how you used the Windows colours only, just to make this. A background would've been nice, but that bird is just beautiful as is.

VIZg responds:

I use paint tool sai for this )

Beautiful. What did you use for this?

VIZg responds:

Paint tool SAI =)

I like how you made the grandmother and child so endearing, and how you put the gods as magical outlines in the background. It looks like a picture off a children's book, as is.

I only have one minor complaint: the background is a bit too generic. I'm not a Hindu myself, but having grown up with many different types of friends, some of them Hindus, I've seen the things that they are fascinated with, put into adverts and video footage in Tamil dramas. And from that I can say, a bit more subtle charm to the background is needed. The direct exterior of a village temple, under a tree perhaps? Or a slightly blurried home shrine in the background? Even the background can help tell a story, so that's really something to think about.

P.S. : For an idea of atmosphere for telling a story about Hindu gods: I watched a Diwali ad, several years ago, where the family (parents, grandparents and children) were lighting the oil lamps for Diwali, and during that time, the grandmother (I think) told the children about the story of two children who were challenged by one of the gods, Vishnu I think -- to be the fastest person to go around the universe, and then a reward would be awaiting them. I don't remember one of them; the other one was definitely Ganesha. And it was then that we saw the story visualised in front of us, either in video or in rangoli paintings. The story ends with Ganesha circling round his parents, and saying that they were *his* universe. The ad sometimes goes back to that family lighting up the oil lamps in the midst of the darkness.

There is a lot of mysticism that can be evoked from pictures like these, so do take these ideas to heart. Good work otherwise!


jackbliss responds:

Hi thank you so much for the long detailed review! You've appreciated my work very well and explained improvements I could make to the background very clearly. It's very helpful. I will surely take your advice and use it in my future works :)

Anytime we can see this actually finished? I'm waiting for the day I can scout you!


There's not very much detail, but it does look very fantasy-like. I like it! :D The clouds look dreamy and nice, and the sea is what actually draws me to the picture.

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