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I find the colours a bit plain, but I love the atmosphere in this piece. Just the quirkiness of a blizzard in June -- fancy that! You've created a nice set of surroundings too, I like.


A drawing that is very evocative of a comic book. I saw the original Red Fighter not too long ago -- and while this doesn't have the colour that the original had, it certainly has more action. This is the first of the Art Portal flood that's going into my favourites -- kudos!


Clearer and more reminiscent of a Raving Rabbid. I like what you did with this, and the background provides a nice touch. Congrats on the frontpage!


It looks a lot more accomplished now, though I must ask, what about the details on the sword, or shield, or whatever it is he's bearing?

My only qualm with this is how the shoulder belt things appear; they appear to me as less detailed than the rest of your piece. Lovely to see nonetheless.


ZaneZansorrow responds:

I decided to redraw him doing something, and that something happens to cut off the weapon he is holding off canvas. Composition wise, I decided to focus more detail to the center and that is why the weapon and shoulder belts are as is. (though the lack of weapon detail is probably me being lazy, maybe there was room to add some detail without drawing the attention away)

Thanks for the review :3

It looks eerie..... and a great deal more detailed too! I took a look at your first version of this just yesterday, and this is amazing, what you've done with it!


This really hits the spot for me. So much life, so much emotion, so much colour, and so much vibrance about this. Sure, it looks a little overly busy, but it doesn't fall far from giving me that comic book or poster feel.

You have wonderful art and it's a wonder as to why you haven't already received much support on NG. Keep the pieces coming!

4.5/5; this piece is now going into my favourites list.

I can read on one of the sign boards, 'wo ai ni' -- I love you........... um.

That aside, lively piece of art. Masterful.

wartynewt responds:

Haha thank you! that was a hidden message for my girlfriend :p

Very reminiscent of Age of Empires, Civilization or games along these lines. Reminds me of a Final Fantasy X-2-esque credits background, too. I like the mythological references you made; nice work!

Nothing I could gash points for, except perhaps for colour balance -- but it does depend on what this background is used for.


samulis responds:

Hey, Trois! Nice to see you around! Thanks for the review, it means a lot. :)

Unfortunately I don't have great monitors and I absolutely love over-saturated reds and yellows, so I'm not that great at that part.

I look at this and I think of Nolwenn Leroy's song 'Mystère' -- amazing song talking about treasure islands, distant stars, finding gold. The starry, cloudy, almost cosmic quality of this drawing reminds me of her voice and the music accompanying it, and it makes me drift away.

This is one of my favourites from you thus far. Mystical.


P.S. And yes, I listened to Zenuel's song, and while it is musically sound, I tend to associate this piece with Nolwenn Leroy a lot more.

With a little bit more definition of detail, this is the kind of thing I would see on an album by Enya, or a medieval-sounding album. Think, a little bit more vigour on the waves, a slightly bold ship, a bit more movement in the hair -- it looks like one side is being carried by the wind, but the other isn't. The colours, however, are divine. I normally would associate use of blue and yellow with pieces like this, but you changed this for me.

I really like this concept very much. I might even try to derive something out of this, with your permission. No, not artwork -- but music!


JackDCurleo responds:

Thanks Troisnyx, I agree with you on the hair thing her hand was originally going to be there like she wad blowing a kiss but when I did the watercolor wash I forgot about it and tried to salvage it, it ended up a mess and I covered it with hair. Thank you on the colors, blue and violet are my go to colors I'm happy you find my use of them to be divine.
You may use this as a base for anything you may want to do, no problem. As long as you send me a link to it.

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