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That is the steadiest, least hairy phone artwork I have ever seen. Well done!

Colours-wise, this one looks.... alright. A bit washed-out for the Flash's taste, but okay. I like that you added some shading lines on the F and on the top right side of the image; those would be better suited as the image of speed, those trail lines that you draw right behind the Flash as he moves.

As far as the drawing goes though, your proportions are really out of wack. It'd be okay if you were doing a caricature of the Flash, but considering what this is meant to be.... no, it's not okay.

I think a number of people have responded to your thread, and a few have asked you to study anatomy. I cannot emphasise this enough.

That beginning screen reminds me of that one GameCube game with the subtitle of 'Sanity's Requiem' that basically messed up with your mind. Well done.

The redraw reminds me of what Naoko Takeuchi did with the Sailor Moon manga -- similar hair, similar eyes, similar mouth. It brings nostalgia to me somehow.

The colour is a bit rough, but I love the idea behind this. Also you clearly mark out darks and lights. From this I can tell that this person's meant to have shiny muscle tissue of sorts, shiny eyes and a shiny ooze at the centre where the heart's meant to be. Good going!

Amazing, but inaccurate. Artistically, I cannot dispute with this one at all. You've nailed the colours, everything.

Inaccuracies I can't help but point out:

1. Unless someone is a god-tier player, Samus should be wearing the Varia Suit by now (if this is the original Metroid) or the Gravity Suit (Super Metroid). The Power Suit would drain her health more quickly than you can say "Metroid."

2. Her gun extends to about 2/3 of her hand, if not half. I don't see it here at all.

3. Mother Brain had a visible eye. It seems to have gone missing.

All that still doesn't take away from the fact that this is an amazing piece. Keep it up!

InsolentMinx responds:

Thanks for reviewing :D

This looks like my aesthetic to a degree -- bold lines, semi-tribal look, equally bold colours. I gravitated to this drawing (and the thumbnail for it) as soon as I saw it -- well done!

Sigh. Seriously try harder...

One of the ways in which people have told me to improve and therefore make stellar drawings is to look at proportions, and then eventually stylise them (that's how you get cartoon styles -- first understanding anatomy, and then applying it to your own drawing style).

Then comes the lighting. MY WORD is there none. Eventually we'll cover lighting and how to go about it.

Thirdly, there's no distinguishing between the foreground and the background. And lastly... Japanese characters / Chinese characters are written in strokes which are quick, and therefore will not be curved.

I'll PM you just what I'm talking about, with an explanatory picture as soon as I draw it, so that hopefully, you can take a leaf from it and improve.

NostalgicNerd94 responds:

Small talk, small talk, small talk..... so much small talk..

Magnificent, and at once dystopian. This really sends a chill down my spine, the whole "Safe Under the Watchful Eyes / Smile Always" thing. It's like you're in a land where anything other than happiness is strictly forbidden.

Great work.

It's a really shallow tympanum with lines! (If it's not a grill, that is.)

Bertn1991 responds:

Hehe that's a nice theory.

Nope, it's a drawing of a grill!

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