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This is inspiration for me to make a new song. I haven't played Airscape before, but this piece of artwork not only makes me want to do so. It also makes me want to feel like a child again, and for many good reasons.

Everything is whimsical, the background is so magical, and... that planet in the background has so much detail, and it kinda feels like something out of Super Mario Galaxy. Every child has a dream of space travel at some point, and I certainly did, and you made me revisit that childlike desire of mine.

ManuelTacoface responds:

It's really awesome to hear that I've inspired someone, seriously you don't know what that means to me, thank you so much. Message me when the song is released btw lol. Also, yeah I wasn't even thinking of Super Mario Galaxy, but now that I think about it, it's kind of like it right? I don't know, I was just aiming for a really cool yet child like piece and it appears that I've succeeded. Once again, thanks a lot dude!

The fear of death would be so well expressed not through images of murder, but also one's last agony, where it draws on and on and on (instead of being just a mere fleeting moment). The amount of iconography and religious imagery I have seen from medieval times onwards showing the last agony at death, and the emotions (anger, despair, yearning, difficulty to let go) that are so real that you don't want to succumb to them -- perhaps let us take inspiration from them for once? While we can't imagine what the fear is like....... well, until our own hour of death approaches, those icons were absolutely EFFECTIVE in showing just what the fear of death is like.

That being said, I applaud you for taking on the meaning behind this drawing. The fear of death is real, but not talked about often. The drawing itself is a bit sparse and could do with a lot more detail in the background to show just the many things that are going through the mind of the person soon to die.

Also, don't just cover beheading: cover hanging, impalement, crucifixion and all the other gruesome ways by which a person can die. Lynching and execution can be slow and painful, or quick and easy, but it doesn't matter: it ends up with the unnecessary loss of life. And I think it's about time someone brought a close to this government-sanctioned blood sacrifice.

What you did draw here, however, is quite good. The dilated pupils in that person's eyes, man.

cocolongo responds:

Thank you Troisnyx . it was a last minute choice..I did it yesterday in couple of hours or so, I agree the moments of agony ,perhaps is when you have accepted your death, right? in fact I feel is when you let go of everything,pain fades away as you die, but the instants before, when you feel the kitchen knife cutting your neck to the point of no return and you choke in your own blood and the eternal "seen your life in a flash " takes in, thinking this is it. I avoided the bloody part...( there are kids watching this) and a more gruesome depiction because it is so common in the world, call it war, envy,greed,or pure hate, that I may offend someone inadvertently. And the other deaths are not so common these days, I thought that nothing reduces someone to a complete humiliation as to deprive humanity from him, the body twitches for some minutes and the head is self aware as the blood is still in it ( a person may remain conscious for up to that period of time after decapitation ) The national laws of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, and Qatar permit beheading, but in practice, Saudi Arabia is the only country that continues to behead its offenders regularly as a punishment for crime. in Mexico still happens due to cartel fights.. etc.. humans throughout history have done it. I thought about the thoughts of a person but it may be distracting , the focal point is the eyes,to invite the viewer to reflect ,( what would you think of?)..sort of thing.. cheers!

It looks so beautiful. And a perfect representation of how bad it is for anyone to be sick in bed with a cold. Summer is coming over the northern hemisphere but those of us who have colds, the flu, hayfever or some other sort of bug can definitely relate to this.

Butzbo responds:

Yeah being in bed is generally frustrating, specially when most of your time is spent sneezing, which brings us to do things like these. I hoped to bring it to some sort of tragicomic level, heheh,
Thanks for dropping by!

Right off the bat, I've got to say, your sense of colour and composition is amazing. You have a great bit of chiaroscuro going, and it's very pleasing to look at. Definitely something I think I could learn from you.

My complaints have nothing to do with Hallow's body. I am all FOR plus-sizers. Rather, for me, what sets apart a furry piece (or any piece for that matter) from the rest is the amount of life in it. Hallow is meant to be a fox? A wolf? When canines are interested in something, their ears prick up, their eyes dilate and their tails wag, do they not? Perhaps illustrate the movement, the life, in the drawing. Try not to make it static. A soulful drawing will easily stand out from the rest.

Also a slight bit of nitpicking, but what is she sitting on? Lying on perhaps? Posture practice is something recommended to every artist, myself included, and I'd like to extend the invitation to you to try it out.

All in all, good piece, but there are still some kinks to be knocked out. Perhaps be my accountability partner of sorts when it comes to colouring, and I'll help where I can for posture. I don't so animals, but now might be my time to try out some.


Killerwolf1020 responds:

I agree that it does look off with her "leaning on nothing" (lol) but that's how I drew the pose. I did have a "table" or "box" drawn in for what she was leaning on but I wanted the picture to feature just the character and no props other than the clothes she wears.

Hallow is a werewolf (wolf). My foxes (that I don't draw often) I try to give a different face shape (rounder for artic fox and narrower for most other foxes) and a shorter narrower muzzle and a leaner build.

Hallows tail is up as to simulate a dominant posture and slightly happy. Wolves typically raise their tails to assert dominance but as she is also anthropomorphized, it could also be inferred that she is doing it to not just posture but wave it like a little red flag saying "look at me."

Thank you for your input. It means a lot and I will do my best to give my pictures more life in the future ^^

This makes me want to write a lyrical cover of the Bridge Zone. It looks simply breathtaking!

Everything looks nice, but I don't know if the font (for the type) actually fits the rest of the picture. Still though: the castle clock tower thing was what caught my eye, so kudos. ^_^

Decky responds:

Thanks for the review.

I used a san serif, fine font for "castle park" & "centre" because I wanted it to feel fun, modern and clean, the same reason why it is all in lower case. As for "arts" I wanted a different font with a little bit more artist flourish then the other text but still fairly clean.

As someone who likes Claude Debussy's music... great job. The impressionism isn't lost on this, the colours are playful (as I find a lot of his pieces to be), and it looks simply beautiful.

P-cate responds:

thank you so much!

Oh gosh yes. Very well done, but very hilarious too (Tankman holding a triangle, pfffffft XD). I am very, very much looking forward to this year's NGADM.

Artist-Lost responds:

It should be great. Last year had some amazing talent come through and the competition is only hotter this year.

Is this pen on paper, or PC-drawn? Done off memory or imagination, or traced? We need details, you know.

Until we artists know what methods you use, we're reluctant to approach. I, for one, am hesitant to give you a score any higher than 3 unless I know your methods.

It's really not bad at all -- I may not be a fan of the drawing style (me thinks it ought to be smoother). But you have amazing colours! There may not be much indication of movement apart from the guy in falling stance... but the colours are bright, they scream DANGER. I like that.

Possibly smoother lines? Or try hand-draw this, since most of us have more control over a pencil than a mouse. It'll be nice to see what you come up with.


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